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FF: Maybe Someday -- Chapter 1

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  • Hecubis's Gal
    TITLE : Maybe Someday AUTHOR : CD EMAIL : hecubis21@yahoo.com GENRE : Eventually Rogue/Logan Romance RATING : this chapter is probably PG DISCLAIMER : The
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      TITLE : Maybe Someday
      AUTHOR : CD
      EMAIL : hecubis21@...
      GENRE : Eventually Rogue/Logan Romance
      RATING : this chapter is probably PG
      DISCLAIMER : The X-Men aren't mine, they belong to
      ARCHIVING: If you have the prologue, you can archive
      this. If not, you can archive it but make sure you
      let me know, and also that you get the prologue.
      SUMMARY: Only one person can help Rogue contain her
      AUTHOR'S NOTES: By the way, Rogue is 21 in this
      fanfiction, Logan has been gone for 4 years. Feedback
      is greatly appreciated, good or bad, as long as you're
      nice about it.

      It was early in the morning and Rogue was walking
      through a hallway of the school that she now thought
      of as home. She thought about how she'd spent all
      of last night feeling sorry for herself, and it made
      her angry. She hated when people gave her pity and
      yet, she was guilty of the same crime.

      "Great, now I'm a hypocrite," she grumbled.

      Suddenly, all the thoughts quickly flooded out of
      Rogue's head as a strange feeling came over her.

      "Oh my God...no it can't be, not now!!!"

      Rogue doubled over, not from physical pain,
      but from millions of insufferable emotions flooding
      through her. She wasn't even sure that all of them
      belonged to her.

      "Logan is back," she said in shock.

      If you asked her how she knew, Rogue wouldn't be
      able to tell you. Somehow, she just *felt* it, and
      with that feeling came many others. First, there was
      fear. She panicked when thinking that he would get
      close to her again, yet at the same time she was
      afraid that he wouldn't want to. Could she handle the
      proximity that would come as a result of their
      friendship? On the other hand, could she handle it if
      he decided not to even try and get close to her again?
      As far as she was concerned, it was a lose-lose

      After all, she was falling in love with Logan, or
      at least she had been. That emotion was the next to
      come back to her. Rogue was angry with herself. She
      had stored that one tightly at the back of her mind,
      never forgetting it but constantly trying to ignore
      it. She'd been doing a decent job, too.

      "Four years of hard work, all down the drain
      because I can't control myself from acting like some
      giddy teenager," she muttered.

      Rogue always knew that whenever Logan came back
      her feelings would be difficult to deal with, but
      this was just ridiculous. For God sakes, she hadn't
      even *seen* him yet!

      However, the worst of the things that she felt was
      a raw, emotional pain and sadness; the reason being
      that the pain wasn't coming from her, it was coming
      from Logan! The connection between them after the
      absorption of his powers by her touch must have been
      stronger than she thought. Rogue knew that Logan had
      left Xavier's school to get some answers about his
      past, and obviously, he hadn't found comforting ones.
      She remembered when he'd had those terrible
      nightmares, and she had tried to wake him up to
      relieve him of the torment. Her actions had almost
      cost them both their lives. Damn her powers, and damn
      whoever was responsible for haunting Logan! Neither
      of them deserved this.

      Realizing she was still on her knees in the middle
      of the hallway, Rogue stopped her current thoughts and
      looked around. Luckily, it was class-time, so nobody
      had witnessed her little scene, or at least that was
      what she had hoped. She quickly got up and went
      walking around, determined to find Logan. He wouldn't
      turn her life upside-down, at least not if she had
      anything to do with it.


      The man pulled up to the professor's school on his
      motorcycle. He carefully placed it in the garage
      where Cyclops' bike used to be. Logan winced at the
      thought of having to tell Cyclops that he had ruined
      his precious bike while on his little "vacation."
      Then again, he could almost laugh at imagining the
      expression on Cyclops' face. It would definitely be
      worth it. The jerk would learn to deal with it, and if
      he didn't, who cares?

      It wasn't that Logan hated the guy, at least not
      anymore. Before, he had just been jealous that
      Cyclops had Jean. He no longer felt the stinging
      jealousy, though. While on his trip, Logan had done a
      lot of thinking, and realized his feelings for Jean
      ran no deeper than infatuation. Jean was a friend to
      him, and he cared for her, but he had never really
      loved her. If he did, she would have crowded his
      thoughts while he was away. But surprisingly, she
      didn't, at least not for more than a week. No, it
      wasn't love, he was sure of it. At least not anything
      more than a love between friends.

      Shaking Jean from his mind, Logan stepped into the
      school. "Home sweet home," he said, knowing that this
      was the only place that could ever feel like home to
      him. After all, it's where Rogue was.

      "Whoa there, where did that thought come from?" he
      wondered, though it didn't really surprise him.

      He had missed Rogue greatly throughout the four
      years he'd been gone, though he would probably never
      admit it to anyone. No one had to know how much that
      girl had come to mean to him. Logan thought about her
      constantly while he was away, and often worried about
      what it would be like when he saw her again. She
      probably hated him by now.

      "Are you all right?" asked a concerned voice
      coming from behind him.

      Logan immediately recognized the voice, with its
      sweet Southern drawl. He also knew the familiar smell
      that belonged to its owner. That didn't make him any
      less shocked to realize that Rogue was talking
      to him. Well, at least it seemed like she didn't hate

      While waiting for his response, Rogue berated
      herself for the words that came out of her mouth. She
      had come to find him, hell-bent on making sure they
      had no chance of reconnecting, when she had seen him
      looking lost in thought. She remembered feeling his
      pain before and wondered if he was thinking about his
      past. Then, without even meaning to, she had asked
      the question.

      "What, no hello?" he asked her and finally turned
      around to see her.

      What he saw was not one bit what he expected.
      Logan had expected the same awkward teenager he left
      behind. It never occurred to him that she would
      change at all. However, standing before him was a
      beautiful woman. She had grown-up. Not that she
      wasn't pretty before, but her facial and bodily
      features had matured greatly, and her eyes...her eyes
      made her look much older, as if she had aged from
      an agony that someone of twenty-one shouldn't have to
      bear. 'It looks like I'll have to stop calling her
      kid,' he thought to himself. She was definitely not a
      kid anymore.

      "Hello," Rogue said cautiously. "I'm sorry, you
      just looked so...sad. Now, are you all right?" she
      asked him again.

      Logan had greeted her as "kid." That's all she
      ever was to him, and that's all she ever would be.
      She'd just have to accept it and move on. 'Easier
      said than done,' she presumed.

      "I'm fine," he said harsher than he meant to, and
      immediately regretted it when he saw the look of pain
      in her eyes. "Sorry," he muttered.

      'Dammit, this isn't going like I planned it,' he
      realized. Not that he had ever known what he would
      say to her when he saw her again. He had figured that
      something would just come to him once he saw her, but
      he was wrong. Truthfully, he just wanted to hold her
      in his arms again. It had been so long since the last
      time, and nothing had felt so right to him since.

      "Don't be. I'm just glad you're okay." There was
      a long pause. "Well, if you'll excuse me..." Rogue
      trailed off as she started to leave. She didn't think
      she could take this much longer.

      "Not so fast," Logan growled, and then he
      enveloped her in a careful embrace. He hoped his
      actions would tell her what he just couldn't seem to
      express in words.

      Rogue understood. "I missed you too, Logan," she
      told him after making sure he was in no danger of
      touching her skin. She knew she shouldn't be hugging
      him...her plan had been to make him want to stay as
      far away from her as possible. 'After this,' she
      promised herself. 'I'll just consider this a good-bye

      The two pulled apart after the bell rang and
      students started flowing through the hallway. Hearing
      somebody call out his name, Logan turned around to see
      Jean, Cyclops, and Storm heading toward him.

      "Here comes the cavalry," he groaned while turning
      back toward Rogue. Logan's eyes widened in shock.
      She was gone!

      'We *are* going to talk, I won't let her hide from
      me forever,' he vowed to himself. But for now, Logan
      put his thoughts on hold and prepared to face the
      three approaching X-men.

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