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Curiousity Part Two

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  • Elizabeth
    Curiosity Author: Elizabeth Disclaimer: So far, the only thing that belongs to me in this story is Sahra. Everything else belongs to Marvel and Stan Lee. If
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 2000
      Author: Elizabeth
      Disclaimer: So far, the only thing that belongs to me in this story is
      Sahra. Everything else belongs to Marvel and Stan Lee. If you want to
      borrow Sahra, feel free to ask. In this section, I refer to "exotic"
      mutants. These are the ones that either can't pass as human or have
      extremely specialized mutations that are so different that they require
      extra attention. I don't mean to cause any trouble.
      Archive: Ask first and let me know where it�s going, otherwise, yes.
      Rating: PG-13
      Series: I don't know yet, depends on feedback.
      Feedback: Please. You can reach me at ithica6@...

      Part Two
      �Just the person I was looking for,� Professor Xavier said with a smile.
      He waved a nervous Storm into the room. �Ororo Munroe, this is our new
      student, Sahra. Sahra, Miss Munroe will help you get accustomed to our
      That was an odd way to phrase it, Ororo thought as she extended a hand to
      the cloaked figure hunched in a chair. It brought back memories of Rogue�s
      arrival at the School. Both girls, and somehow she knew it was a young
      woman, had arrived wrapped up tighter than an Egyptian mummy.
      �Pleased to meet you,� she murmured. �Professor, would you mind if I got
      her settled now?� The professor nodded, already totally involved in his
      The shrouded figure rose fluidly to her feet and silently followed her
      guide. Storm felt nervous, feeling as if she was being tailed by a ghost.
      It was unnerving how silent the mysterious student was. She focused instead
      on who had what room. Finally, she remembered something the Professor had
      mentioned earlier.
      He had graduated a student just a few days ago. As a senior student here
      at the school, she had had a corner room to herself on the third floor, west
      wing. Most of the students in that wing were about to graduate as well as
      being some of the more . . . exotic mutants currently housed here.
      Storm pushed open the door to reveal a spacious room with a decent view of
      the forest. Windows faced both west and south. A huge oak could barely be
      seen from the western bank of windows. A desk, chair, twin bed, a bookshelf
      that also doubled as a nightstand, and an overstuffed armchair were the only
      furniture in the room.
      Nervously clearing her throat, Storm turned to the new student and said,
      �This is your new room. Feel free to furnish or arrange the furniture
      however you want, within reason. If there is anything you need, please ask
      one of the others or the teachers.� It seemed as if she should say
      something else, but she didn�t know what. There was something familiar
      about the other woman, but she didn�t know what. Maybe it was the way she
      stood, or just the way she held herself, but Storm just couldn�t place what
      it was.
      Just as she was about to leave the room, Storm turned. �Dinner is at
      6:15. You can meet everyone then if you wish.�
      �May I have a tray here in my room?� Sahra�s voice was low and smooth
      like molasses. It also had some of the Southern twang that occasionally
      still punctuated Rogue�s speech.
      �You may,� Storm said, a smile beginning to twitch at one corner of her
      mouth. �I�ll also set up a testing schedule for you, anyway, to see the
      extent of both your mutation and your knowledge.�
      �Thank you,� Sahra murmured. Storm closed the door behind her and
      smiled. Many of the new students were extremely shy about revealing their
      mutations. If her suspicions were correct, maybe Kurt would be gracious
      enough to pop up there with the required items.
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