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A New Fan Fiction: Curiousity pt. One

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  • Elizabeth
    Curiosity By Elizabeth Disclaimer: So far, the only thing that belongs to me in this story is Sahra. Everything else belongs to Marvel and Stan Lee. If you
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2000
      By Elizabeth
      Disclaimer: So far, the only thing that belongs to me in this story is
      Sahra. Everything else belongs to Marvel and Stan Lee. If you want to
      borrow Sahra, feel free to ask.
      Archive: Ask first and let me know where it�s going, otherwise, yes.
      Rating: PG-13
      Series: I don't know yet, depends on feedback.
      Feedback: Please.
      Part One

      It hit just as classes started. Scott Summers felt the echoes resonate down
      his telepathic link with Jean, and even then, it almost overwhelmed him. He
      could only guess how it had felt to Jean.
      Images surged through him, waves of immobilizing pain washed over his mind,
      almost swamping him in its intensity. Using the techniques, some he had
      been taught, some he had learned through experience with telepaths, he shut
      them out. Turning to the class, he said, �Class is dismissed due to
      mitigating circumstances. Be sure to study for the test tomorrow.� They
      groaned in dismay. He grinned, though it was more of a wince. �I know, I
      know. Now get out of here.� There was a mad dash for the door.

      Outside, Ororo Munroe collapsed unconscious onto the grass in front of a
      class of horrified teenagers. Rogue leapt to her side, then stood guard
      over her prone body as if there was any doubt of her safety. The exotic
      beauty was popular around the school for her quiet understanding, but never
      had she shown any strength in any of the telepathic tests.
      Logan came charging across the lawn when he saw Ororo go down. He would
      not lose any of his �family� if he could help it. By the time he had
      skidded to a stop by storm, he already guessed that there would be a few
      fewer enemies in the Danger Room when he finished his session that
      afternoon. Right now, his claws would be no use against the unseen enemy
      that had targeted both Jean and Storm.

      Both women remained silent and still upon their beds in the med-lab.
      Professor Xavier had done a deep mind-probe to find the cause of their
      collapses. He hadn�t said a word when he had returned to reality. He had
      only muttered something unintelligible even to Logan�s enhanced hearing,
      then left with Rogue driving the Cadillac and Kitty in the back seat.
      Wherever they were going, they expected to bring somebody back with them.
      By the time he returned several hours later, the two women were awake and
      moving around, albeit stiffly and carefully. They had ensconced themselves
      on the back patio, overlooking the gardens.
      Ororo looked over as Jean laughed delightedly. �What is it?� she asked.
      �I think that the men have met our new student and they do not know what to
      make of her.�
      Ororo arched an eyebrow. �Oh really? This is going to be good. I�d get
      up and join them in Xavier�s office, but this sun feels too good right now.�
      �Why bother? Xavier almost expects me to eavesdrop on these things by now.
      There�s no reason for me to move right now. I�d rather be here in good
      company anyway than in yet another meeting.� She stretched out again on the
      lounge chair, her auburn hair gleaming in the sun.
      Ororo felt a gently tugging on the edge of her mind in the direction of the
      professor�s office. It was a strange feeling, and one that she couldn�t
      explain. She gracefully rose to her feet, her snowy hair gleaming in the
      sun. �I�m rather curious about who�s closeted in there with the Professor.
      Are you sure you won�t care to join me?�
      Jean just shook her head, and smiled. �No thanks. You know what they said
      about curiosity and the cat. Be careful with this one. She�s going to need
      a lot of help.�
      Ororo disappeared into the house. She didn�t hear Jean�s parting shot.
      �Lucky girl. I hope you know what you�re getting yourself into.�
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