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Fic: Second Chance by Fate

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  • Peachy
    not part of series but just fun fic by peachy...feel free to archive.... Title: Second Chance by Fate By: Peachy Teaser: Cody reunites with Marie Rating: PG
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2000
      not part of series but just fun fic by peachy...feel free to

      Title: Second Chance by Fate
      By: Peachy
      Teaser: Cody reunites with Marie
      Rating: PG
      Genre: drama

      The High School Fall Ball was finally approaching. David Cody, known
      to his friends as just Cody because it was more unique then David,
      found his perfect date, Jennifer. She was average height, blonde and
      reminded him of his last girlfriend in many ways, a dreamer.

      Marie. She was something different, besides the fact she nearly
      killed him. He tried to talk to Marie after the incident but his
      parents wouldn't allow him to go near her. She stopped coming to
      school. He even tried to sneak over to her house but her parents
      where no better. They weren't taking Marie's new mutant development
      very well. She finally just up and ran off. He went over one day
      and her mother was crying over a letter in her hand. She told him
      Marie had gone and she didn't expect her back, ever. Those words
      screamed in Cody's ears. He had so much he wanted to talk to her.
      He wasn't sure what Marie was going through but wanted to be there.
      He felt empty that day.

      He got worried and scared for her. He prayed every night that she
      would be ok. That was a year ago.

      Now, he moved on. No word ever came from Marie but she was still in
      his thoughts every now and then. He hated the way people use to talk
      about her at school and stood up to everyone of the student's remarks
      and jokes.

      He finished putting on his suit and tie, fixing his hair in the
      mirror. He was excited about the event and couldn't wait to see
      Jennifer. She was beautiful and sweet. He grabbed the car keys and
      drove off feeling the adrenaline pumping.

      He arrived at her house and shut the car door, actually he was so
      nervous he slammed it and jumped back in surprise. He just had to
      relax. He knocked and Jennifer came down in a flowing red party
      dress. Cody thought she could be an angel.

      He took her hand and kissed it and escorted her to the car. She
      leaned over and whispered, "You don't have to grip so hard…I'm
      goin' anywhere." She smiled and got in the car as he opened the door
      for her and slammed it shut.
      He has to get himself under control here, he thought.

      Finally they arrived. The theme this year was Down Home Country
      Livin', with hay and a scarecrow and cheesy decorations. Everyone
      was having fun thought as music pumped through ten or twelve speakers
      around the dance floor. The food was so-so but you were there for
      social aspects, not to eat. They dropped their stuff off at their
      friend's table and he went to go grab some drinks.

      He reached for two cups, his hands shook and he crushed them. He
      didn't know what was getting into him. He cleaned up the mess and
      tried it again with success. He went back to the table and took a
      few deep breaths to calm himself down.

      Half the night went by and a slow dance came on, Lady in Red. Cody
      felt that it was appropriate and escorted Jennifer to the floor and
      held her close. They danced with their eyes locked and he leaned in
      to kiss her. One hand was entwined with hers and the other cradling
      her face. It was wonderful except she was trying to pull away. He
      let go and she was in tears. Jack and Carol and Steven came over to
      see what was going on.
      "What did you do?!" Steve shouted.
      "What?" Cody was confused and then he looked at Jennifer a huge red
      mark starting to bruise on her face and her hand was swollen; he
      broke it. He didn't know what to say but stared.

      Finally he mumbled, "I'm sorry, so sorry," and he ran to leave.

      Everything he touched just was thrown back with the lightest touch or
      broken to pieces; people, tables, chairs, and doors.
      Everyone ran to get out of his way and a few girls screamed. The
      music went dead and everyone watched him flee the dance.
      He didn't know was happening to him. He pushed open the door and it
      flew off it's hinges.

      One of his friends came to help him.
      "Just stay away from me!" Cody yelled and ran to get out of there.
      He went to the bathroom first to try and get away and clear his
      head. He only wound up destroying it; doors, sinks, handles, water
      spraying everywhere. He left.

      He couldn't drive, he destroyed his dad's car; the doors and the
      steering wheel. This was terrible. He couldn't touch anything
      without breaking it.

      He just leaned against a pole thinking about Jennifer and what he
      did. Then he thought of Marie. This is must have been how she
      felt. Touch anything and she hurt it, including someone she cared

      He walked home. It was difficult trying to get back inside the house
      and to bed without destroying everything. It didn't work and he had
      a long talk with his parent that night.


      Over the weekend he went to see a doctor about what might be wrong
      with him. He knew, but his parents were in denial.

      He pushed his mom on accident sending her flying and caused a bruised
      hip. Dad was not too happy but Cody didn't mean to do it. She was
      fussing with his hair like normal and he went to brush her hand
      away. He destroyed the house with his touch and ripped several
      shirts and pants trying to put them on.

      He was scared to touch and wondered if this is what Marie felt like;
      what she went through. AH! He wanted to talk to her so bad right now.

      The results came back from the lab, he was mutant. He carried the X-
      gene mutation. He knew. His parents thought it must have been
      caught from Marie when he kissed her. The doctor said the X-gene was
      not a contagious disease. His parents didn't understand why it took
      so long to manifest. The doctor just said it did it at different
      times, depending upon the individuals. His parents were acting so
      stupid to the situation.


      A few month passed and his parents tried to make living at home
      easier at least. His dad removed several doors, opened up his closet
      and drawers so he didn't have to. His parents had to make his food
      and he had to eat with his hands so he didn't break mom's
      silverware. Also he had to use a straw to drink with so he didn't
      crush the cups.

      Some days he tried to pick things up and it would be okay but it was

      Finally his parents learned of this school in New York and sent away
      for information without Cody knowing about it until they had a family
      He looked over the materials and brochures. He had heard about this
      place too and it didn't sound that bad. His parents loved him and
      thought this would be the easiest for him to learn about his mutation
      and control his powers.

      He had to agree and it looked ok. He decided to go. His mom
      insisted he come home on holidays and write often. His dad would
      drive him up…it was too dangerous to fly. Who knew what he would
      to the windows and doors of the aircraft? Not exactly safe.

      He though about Marie again. She ran, but where to??? Most likely
      Alaska, her dream trip. He thought about Xavier's School for the
      Gifted. She should have gone there. Maybe she did…nah. He
      think so. She needed so much help the last time he saw her through
      the window of her room. He remembered the kiss and wondered if she
      felt like him after he saw what he did to Jenn.


      Finally they arrived after two days of travel. Classes were in
      session and they went to meet Xavier. They talked a bit and his dad
      left back for Mississippi. Xavier told Cody about the school and
      they talked about Cody's mutation. Xavier signed him up for classes,
      gave him a tour and moved him into a room. Wolverine followed to
      help open doors and fix up the kid's room to be okay for him to use
      for the time being until his mutation was under greater control.

      Rogue never talked about the kid except to Logan but he never put
      David Cody with Marie's death kiss Cody.

      Finally dinner came and Xavier showed him to the dining area to eat.

      Rogue was eating with the gang and everyone turned as the new kid
      entered the cafeteria. Cody was engrossed in a conversation with
      Storm as she helped him get food and such.

      Rogue just froze. She grew pale and tears formed in her eyes.
      Jubilee got worried and looked at her friend.
      "You okay Rogue?" but Marie didn't respond.

      Finally he came over with Storm for introductions and joined them for
      Cody said hi and before anyone introduced her…"Marie!"
      She smiled and Cody sat across from her.
      "You know each other?" Bobby asked a bit jealous.
      "We went to school together."

      They all sat and chit-chatted about their mutations, life history,
      etc. Rogue was stunned about what happened to Cody. He told them
      about the dance and everything that happened. He felt so open and
      comfortable with these other students.

      He even went on to tell them that his parents though he got it from
      "Why would they think that?" Katherine asked.
      Cody turned to Marie. She hadn't told them about it and it looked
      like she didn't want to.
      "Long story, but stupid really, by being friends and hanging out I
      Rogue breathed again.

      The rest of dinner was uneventful as they all got to know the new guy.


      Later on after dinner he came out to find Rogue by a tree drawing.
      "Marie, Can I sit?"
      Hardly anyone called her that, she loved it, especially from someone
      who knew Marie and not Rogue.
      "Yeah," she said softly.

      "I wanted to let you know…after you kissed me…and I woke
      up…I tried
      to find you. I missed you. My parents stopped me from seeing you and
      then I snuck out anyway and then your parents stopped me. I thought
      I did something to you to make you hate me."

      "I was scared you'd hate me. When I tried to see you when you were
      hurt, your mom and dad threw me out of the hospital. They wouldn't
      hear me say how sorry I was, for everything."

      "I don't blame you. You have nothing to be sorry for. It's amazing,
      some people, like my parents, now that their own kid is a mutant they
      become less prejudice. They heard of this place and thought it would
      help me gain control."
      "It is wonderful here. I like it."
      "After my own mutant discovery, I kept thinking of you, about all
      that you probably went through. I so wanted to be there to help
      you. I now understood."

      He looked at her clothes for the first time and it sunk in why she
      had on all the layers.
      "You have any luck yet?"
      "Nope…mine is a lot harder then most people's."
      "I wouldn't give up. Kind of funny, we both can't exactly touch
      right now…you'd kill and I'd crush."
      He looked at his hands that looked normal in size and shape but so
      Rogue put down her stuff and looked at him.
      "Hold up your hand." He does so and doesn't move it.
      Rogue spreads out his fingers and clasps her glove hand around his,
      his fingers are still stiff.
      "Hold my hand." She commanded him to.
      "I'll crush it."
      "Concentrate, I trust you." She said with a soft tone.

      He followed her instructions and did it very slowly, very carefully,
      concentrating and he did it. But it took great control. He hoped
      this would get easier. It was tiring.

      "See, it works." Rogue smiled at him. He finally let go of her hand.
      He didn't want to slip.

      Rogue missed Cody so much at that point. He was a friend who,
      because of his mutation, experienced emotions and feelings closer to
      her own then anyone else. She bit her lower lip and turned away.

      She wanted to kiss him again and feel the only lips she had ever
      known on her own. She wasn't sure he felt the same way and was

      He leaned over and whispered in her ear…
      "I'd love to pick up where we left off…and maybe one day…we
      can head
      out to Alaska. I want your dreams to come true."
      She turned to look into those eyes of her first crush. Her heart
      felt like it did about two years ago. She wanted to try it again.

      "I'd like that," and they sat back together, Rogue leaning against
      Cody as they watched the sunset.
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