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Fic: Ace's High (4/5) (PG-13)

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  • Mina-Clare Moseley
    Title: Ace s High By: Mina-Clare Moseley Universe: X-Movie Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue, Logan, Professor Charles Xavier, Scott Summers, Bobby Drake, Dr.
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      Title: Ace's High
      By: Mina-Clare Moseley
      Universe: X-Movie
      Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue, Logan, Professor Charles Xavier, Scott
      Summers, Bobby Drake, Dr. Jean Grey, Dr. Michaela St Matthews (OFC)
      Synopsis: The X-Men meet a young mutant thief
      Rating: PG-13. Language and violence.

      Disclaimer: Remy, Professor Xavier and all things X-Men belong to Marvel
      Comics. The movie was made by 20th Century Fox, so they deserve some credit
      to. Basically, I don't own 'em, never claimed to either.

      Author's Notes: This story follows "Keeping Faith". It is not necessary to
      read it before this one, but please do any way? *puppy eyes*

      Dr. St Matthews' office was warm and inviting. At least, it had the
      appearance of being such.

      It was designed to be inviting. A room where someone could spill their guts
      out to a woman they hardly knew.

      Yeah, Dr. St Matthews seemed nice enough. She was attractive, not the most
      beautiful thing in the world. That didn't mean Remy wanted to tell her

      Remy pulled a deck of playing cards from his jacket. Aiming for the
      wastebasket, he tossed the cards in one by one.

      The door opened, but Remy didn't pay attention. He knew exactly who was
      coming into the room.

      Sitting down in his chair, Michaela surveyed Remy. "Are you going to empty
      my wastebasket when you're done?"

      "If Dat be de only question you have for me, den I will."

      Michaela rolled her eyes, opening her file. "I can empty it myself later.
      Now Remy, will you tell me about where you come from?"

      "N'awlins raised. Cajun through and through."

      "Where is your family?"

      Silence plagued the room. Red eyes stared into blue. This was no a subject
      Remy was ready to tackle.

      Finally, the silence was broken. "Let's talk 'bout you, Chere."

      "What would you like to know about me?"

      A grin grew on Remy's face. "Is bein' able t' fly worth smellin' like a

      "I never thought I smelled like a chicken. Most people think I smell quite

      "You do, Chere. But behin' dat vanilla shampoo 's CHICKEN."

      Michaela's anger was being held in. The nerve of this kid, trying to goad
      her into leaving him alone. "No, it's not worth it. I smell, they get in
      the way and I'm molting. Do you want to know the worst part?"


      A small smile spread. "I'm afraid of heights. I can't fly more than a few
      feet in the air."

      The corner of Remy's mouth twitched. It then quirked up in a smile.
      Finally, he started laughing. "You're afraid of heights."

      His laughter was joined by Michaela. "I know it's stupid. I just haven't
      gotten used to the fact that falling is pretty much an impossibility for

      Remy tried to get control of himself. His breath came in gasps as he
      chuckled. He wiped a tear from his eye. "Oh sorry, Chere...."

      "I'm glad you can laugh at my misfortune."

      "Mebbe you take me flyin', get you over your fear." he licked his lips,
      visibly giving her the once over.

      Shaking her head, Michaela's grin became a small, wry smile. "Remy, you are
      about eight years younger than I am. You have no chance of ever getting
      with me."

      He narrowed his gaze. "Mebbe your tastes fall more towards de dark, animal
      brute, non?"

      Michaela bit down hard on her lower lip. "If you're referring to who I
      think you are... NO."

      "You be not de least bit interested in ol' Logan?"

      "Not in the least."

      Remy slid off the couch, slithering towards her. Like a cat, or a snake;
      whichever way she chose to look at it. He brought himself close, too close.
      No one got this close to Michaela. Last time someone had tried, he ended up
      with a sore groin and she with a broken kneecap. "I don' believe you."

      "If I was interested in Logan," Michaela breathed, "It would be because he
      is a man and not a boy like some I know."

      Pulling back angrily, Remy set is firm jaw. "A boy? You t'ink I am a BOY? I
      single-handedly broke into the--" he cut himself off.

      Michaela smiled. "Why don't you tell me about that?"


      "Lemme see."


      Logan grabbed for the notes in Michaela's lap. "C'mon. Just lemme see."

      Shrieking, she hugged them close to her body. Why did he insist on
      bothering her? He wasn't at all interested in knowing about Remy. It was
      just a matter of bugging the hell out of her. "You wouldn't understand my
      notes anyway."

      Logan growled. "Are ya implying I'm stupid?"

      Michaela slide the file down her sweater. "No. I just don't think you care
      that much about Remy."

      Letting one of his claws unsheathe, he popped the buttons on her sweater.
      "Didja really think that would stop me, Darlin'?"

      Her jaw dropped in shock. Logan triumphantly grabbed the file. "Never try
      ta keep things from me." He opened the file, but instead of reading, looked
      over at her. "Ya look a bit cold there, might want ta find something warm
      ta nuzzle with."

      Michaela shut her sweater quickly. "And I'm sure you'd just love that job!"
      Her cheeks took on a crimson hue.

      "What can I say? Yer cute when yer flustered."

      Tightening her arms around her, Michaela started to get up. Logan halted
      her. "Don't leave, Mika. I didn't mean...."

      He took off his flannel shirt. The difference in their size made it
      possible to slide it overtop of her wings and button it up. "Perfectly
      decent now."

      She had to admit, Logan's flannel was very comfortable. It was indeed warm.
      The rustling of papers was heard as Logan shut the file. He threw it back
      into Michaela's lap. He hadn't read a single word!

      "You jerk."

      "It's just too easy ta get a rise outta you." Logan grabbed her, pulling
      her close. "Ya know ya love me, Darlin'."

      He then stopped, going still. He ran a thumb over Michaela's cheek. A small
      squeaked escaped someone coming into the TV room. Michaela turned her head
      to see Rogue. She was wide-eyed, mouth agape. "Am ah interuptin' something?"

      Logan's arms left Michaela's waist and he returned to his side of the
      couch. Rogue's crush on him was obvious to everyone. He didn't want to hurt
      her by making her think he and Michaela were involved. "I was just teasin'
      Dr. Mika."

      "I have work to do. I'll see you two later." Michaela got up. Why was she
      so bothered by this situation? Was it because Rogue had feelings for Logan?
      Or was it because they were interrupted?

      Glancing down at Logan's shirt, Michaela blushed. "I'll return this later.
      I'll wash it too."

      A large grin crossed Logan's face. She looked good in his clothing. "Good.
      I'd rather not smell like chickens."

      Rolling her eyes, Michaela left. "Take a load off, Kid." Logan said,
      clearing off the space Michaela had just been in. She had left a trail of
      loose feathers. "Ya can always tell where Mika's been sittin'."

      Rogue sat down. Her body was stiff, filled with nervousness. Logan's
      flirtations with Dr. Grey were bad enough. At least with Dr. Grey there was
      no chance of them getting together. "Ya get along well with Doctah St.

      "You implyin' what I think ya are, kid?" Sure, Michaela was cute. He had
      wanted to get her when they first met. Now, he just flirted with her for

      "Maybe ah am."

      "She's fun ta rile.... But can ya picture me with THAT? She molts."

      "So? You shed." Rogue giggled.

      "Yer askin' fer it, Kid." He picked up one of the stray feathers. Bringing
      it to Rogue's face, he started to tickle her with it.

      Shrieking, she attempted to get away. The thought of Logan accidentally
      touching her face crossed her mind. She pushed it away. Her life would be
      devoid of any enjoyment if she had to stop every activity because of the
      threat of contact.

      "What 'bout ya with that Remy?" Logan challenged.

      "What 'bout Remy?" Rogue giggled once more as Logan drew back the feather.

      "You two seem friendly with each other."

      "He's nice, definitely chahmin'...." The blush crept into Rogue's cheeks.
      Logan had a nose for these things.

      A low growl escaped Logan. This new guy was sniffing around Rogue. It
      wasn't that Logan wanted Rogue for himself. That idea was completely
      ridiculous, though he knew several people had fancied the notion. He just
      didn't want some little punk messing with her head. Especially with her
      restrictions due to her powers. "Ya know, he's been charmin' Mika, Jeannie
      and every girl he comes across."

      The blush quickly left Rogue. Anger now welled within her. Logan had no
      interest in her, yet he guarded against her going out with Bobby, now Remy.
      "It's ma business, Logan. If ah want ta be chahmed by Remy, then ah will."

      "Ya know I just worry 'bout ya, Rogue." He brushed a hand over her gloved
      hand. "Yer like--"

      "-- Like a sistah ta ya!" Rogue stood up. Her body shook with controlled
      anger. "Ah'm a big girl. Ah can watch maself." She stalked out of the rec

      "Wait! Rogue!" Logan jumped up, preparing to run after her. He stopped
      himself, realizing she needed to cool down. He slumped down on the couch.
      "Good goin'."


      Jean looked over her charts, pacing around the room. Sitting on her
      examination table shirtless was Remy. He was grinning. "So Chere, will I

      Smiling, Jean nodded. "You're in very good health, Remy. You seem to have
      an increased agility and speed."

      "All t'eves do."

      Writing a few notes on her chart, Jean laughed. "Thieves... Okay."

      "You be no' believin' ol' Remy be de Master o' t'eves?"

      "I think you got caught pretty easily here."

      Remy shrugged. "Dat be unfair, Chere. De Professor be a psychic. Remy
      LeBeau can get out of mos' places."

      He put his shirt back on, grinning from ear to ear. "An' mebbe this place
      be good enough to stay at."


      Rogue stalked down the halls. She had been waiting for that moment. It had
      been coming, she knew it. Logan thought of her as a sister, and nothing

      It was stupid of her to believe that he could ever think of her as more.
      She was a kid and he would never see her as anything more.

      What did it matter if Logan saw her as a romantic interest? It wasn't like
      she could touch anyone. Logan needed someone he could express physical love

      "Chere?" a voice called out. She turned around. Remy was running towards
      her. She sighed, stopping.

      He reached her, concern in his eyes. "What's wrong, Chere?"

      "Nothin'...." she whispered, trying to hold back her tears. "Ah just wanna
      be left alone."

      He brought his hand to her face, bringing a gloved finger across her cheek.
      Wiping her tears away gently, he tried to smile. "You be t' beautiful t'
      cry, Chere."

      "He thinks ah'm a kid," she whispered.

      "Logan." Remy was already starting to despise the name. The mysterious man
      seemed to have Rogue's heart firmly in his hands.

      "What did he do?" Bringing a hand around the back of her neck, Remy pulled
      her closer.

      Rogue trembled beneath the touch of the Cajun. His red eyes seemed to stare
      right into her soul. Her mind begged to be closer. Logan didn't want her,
      but Remy did. Now all she wanted was for Remy to touch her, kiss her.

      The still sane part of her cried no. She couldn't just touch him, bring his
      death. Not for a kiss.

      "Remy," her voice trembled.

      "Remy'll take care of you," he whispered, moving closer. She tried to pull
      away, really she did. Her body refused to make the action. Before she could
      stop him, their lips touched.

      A yelp escaped the young man. Rogue violently pulled away. Memories flooded
      her body; his memories. Staggering, Remy fell to the ground. Rogue
      screamed, backing away from him.

      The scream echoed through the hallway, alerting people to the trouble.
      Logan came running from the rec room. He knelt by Remy. "What happened?"

      "He kiss me! Ah tried ta stop him...." Tears rolled down Rogue's cheeks.
      "Really, ah did!"

      "Don't touch anything!" Logan barked while scooping Remy up in his arms.
      "Ya'll use his power if ya do. Don't wanna blow anything up." He lowered
      his voice. "Rogue, he'll be okay. Just gotta get him ta Jeannie."

      Bobby wrapped a comforting arm around Rogue. "It'll be okay, Rogue."

      Swallowing hard, Rogue tried to hold back the flow of tears. "He... he...
      kissed me. He knew what would happen."

      "Why would he do something stupid like that?" Bobby shook his head.

      Turning her head to Bobby, her eyes flashed red. "'Cause he cahes 'bout me!
      He didn't cahe that ah could've killed him... 'Cause Ah wanted him ta..."

      The dam broke and she started sobbing. With the speed of a cat, Rogue was
      off running.

      Mina-Clare Moseley

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