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FIC (Shattered Dreams) part 2/?

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    Shattered Dreams By Yann Part Two Disclaimers were in the first part. *~*~ Two days. For two days the teachers of Xavier Institute shifted their schedules. It
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      Shattered Dreams
      By Yann
      Part Two
      Disclaimers were in the first part.

      Two days. For two days the teachers of Xavier
      Institute shifted their schedules. It was Kitty that
      noticed first that Scott wasn�t teaching. She was the
      one that pointed it out to the others. Rogue was the
      one who got volunteered to ask Jean where he was.

      �Scott has an old friend that is really sick, so
      right now she needs him.�

      Rogue had always been good at watching people. It
      used to be a game for her to watch people and see how
      they moved and acted when they talked.

      �So Scott has a sick friend that has come back,�
      Rogue informed the others.

      �I bet it is the chick from the other night,� St.
      John piped up.

      �Well is it me or has Jean seemed a little tense
      lately?� Rogue asked.

      �Of course Jean is tense,� Jubilee, piped up. �It
      Scott�s old flame that came home.�

      �What?� Rogue gasped.

      �Sure all the signs are there. Scott set everything
      aside to sit with her and Jean�s jealous.�

      The others let that sink in and then shook it off.
      Scott wouldn�t do that to Jean. Still when a rumor
      lifts its ugly head it�s so hard to stop.


      �Come on you can�t hide down here forever,� Scott
      told her. Worry seemed to dance around in those wide
      hazel eyes.

      Zoe could be as tight lipped as a clam when she
      chooses to be. Scott had tried everything that he
      could think of to make Zoe open up to him. She just
      wouldn�t talk to him. He was frustrated. The Professor
      was convinced that she would talk to him when she was

      Zoe nodded and took Scott�s hand and slid off the
      bed. She was almost as tall as he was. She had always
      been a gangly kid. Scott smiled to himself as he
      noticed that she finally seemed to grow into her long
      limbs. Her sable brown hair was shorter then he
      remembered. It teased the tops of her shoulder.

      // �That girl is impossible Professor! This morning
      she super glued all of the toilet seats and lids
      together and then glued them to the bowl.�//

      //�Did you ask her about it?�//

      //�Of course I asked her why she had done it. She
      just looked at me and said �Because I could.� //

      The sound of her voice cut through Scott.

      �I�m sorry I was gathering wool. What did you say?�

      �You and Jean seem to be a pretty tight item. Does
      she make you happy?� Zoe asked him.

      Scott could feel his shoulders relax as he thought
      about Jean. They have been together for the last three
      years. Things some times got a little rocky especially
      when that Canadian was around but never their love for
      each other. He was sure of that.

      �Yeah we�re happy. Especially when Logan isn�t
      around,� Scott chuckled. Zoe wasn�t laughing though.
      She knew Scott well enough to know when he was

      �Why don�t you go on into the dinning room and get
      something to eat. I need to let the others know that I
      will take over my classes again.

      �Yeah sure,� she told him. She watched as he walked
      down the hall. Zoe went in to grab a bit if for
      nothing else to humor him.

      St. John noticed her first and he kicked Bobby in the

      �Ow! What was that for?� He glared at St. John. Till
      he noticed that he was staring at something over his
      shoulder. He saw a tall brunette wearing a pair of
      faded blue jeans making her way to the kitchen.

      �Is that her?�

      �What are you guys doing?� Kitty asked as she set her
      book down.

      �Scott�s mystery friend just went into the kitchen.�
      Bobby told them as Jubilee and Rogue came over to join

      Zoe ignored the whispers that came from the other
      table. She took her food and sat down at her favorite
      table at the other end of the room. It felt as if
      everything and nothing had changed. The kids were new,
      but then she expected people to come and go.

      �She is sitting at the teachers table,� Bobby gasped.

      �Well, there isn�t a sign posted that she couldn�t
      sit there,� Kitty told them.

      Logan came in for a quick bit. He noticed that there
      was someone new sitting at the teachers� table as he
      sat down. It was that woman from the other night. For
      a few minutes they sat there in silence as they ate.
      He watched her out of the corner of his eye. She was a
      scrawny thing, and she still had a swollen eye where
      his fist grazed her during the struggle.

      �Sorry about that,� he gestured to her eye.

      Zoe could feel the trembling start. �It�s okay.�

      Way to go Logan, ya scared her again, he thought to

      �Logan,� he told her trying to set her at ease.

      He slid down so he wouldn�t half to speak to her from
      across the room. As he did he noticed Kitty, Jubilee,
      and Rogue watching a few tables away. He tossed them a
      wink as he sat down across from the new person.

      Logan. This was the Logan that had made Scott unhappy.
      Zoe glared at him as he re-seated himself. Then the
      bastard had the nerve to wink at her.

      �Once when I was a kid my mother let me keep a puppy
      that I had found. He had gotten stuck between a
      concrete wall and a building. It took a really long
      time and a lot of coaxing but he finally trusted me
      enough to get him out. He had been in a dark tight
      place for a very long time. The first time he walked
      into the light he was scared. My best friend and I
      talked to him and played with him. In the end my
      father wouldn�t let me keep him. The puppy had always
      loved both of us, so I gave him to my friend because
      it was what was for best. It didn�t mean that he loved
      me any less just that he loved me differently, but her
      brother couldn�t understand that and he harassed that
      poor dog till he ran away. That won�t happen again,�
      Zoe stood up with anger poring off of her.

      �I don�t�� Logan started to say.

      �You wouldn�t BROTHER.� Zoe walked away.


      Peace and Love,

      Peace and love starts with one person holding a kind hand out to another. Have you loved your nieghbor today?
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