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Fic: Ace's High (3/5) (PG-13)

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  • Mina-Clare Moseley
    Title: Ace s High By: Mina-Clare Moseley Universe: X-Movie Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue, Logan, Professor Charles Xavier, Scott Summers, Bobby Drake, Dr.
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      Title: Ace's High
      By: Mina-Clare Moseley
      Universe: X-Movie
      Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue, Logan, Professor Charles Xavier, Scott
      Summers, Bobby Drake, Dr. Jean Grey, Dr. Michaela St Matthews (OFC)
      Synopsis: The X-Men meet a young mutant thief
      Rating: PG-13. Language and violence.

      Disclaimer: Remy, Professor Xavier and all things X-Men belong to Marvel
      Comics. The movie was made by 20th Century Fox, so they deserve some credit
      to. Basically, I don't own 'em, never claimed to either.

      Author's Notes: This story follows "Keeping Faith". It is not necessary to
      read it before this one, but please do any way? *puppy eyes*

      The ride to the school had not been fun. Rogue had to stop Bobby from
      punching Remy. Rogue herself was rather angry, as was her roommate, Kitty.
      Well, how was Remy to know he broke into their room? He was remembered also
      by Jubilee, the young woman he had startled during his escape.

      The only one the least bit compassionate was Dr. St Matthews. Remy made a
      mental note to try the pitiful kid routine on her. There was a soft touch
      if ever was one. Her boyfriend didn't seem so friendly.

      "I be really sorry 'bout de break-in, and de wallet.... Can you please let
      me go?"

      Logan grunted, turning the car into the drive of Xavier's School. "Nope."

      Dr. St Matthews turned in her seat to look at him. "Don't worry, Remy.
      We're not going to hurt you. Professor Xavier would like to talk to you
      about your powers."

      Remy raised an eyebrow. Many people were interested in seeing his power.
      But no one dragged him off the street. Except.... "Lemme go!"

      "Calm down, Kid!" Logan barked.

      Remy reached for the handle of the car. Logan slapped the child lock on.
      "You're not getting out."

      Concentrating his power, Remy prepared to charge the door. He'd be able to
      escape then.

      "Mika, give it t' 'em." Logan said.

      Two soft hands covered Remy's face. A piercing scream escaped his lips as
      he felt emotions flow through him.

      These were not people to fear. They were here to help him. Nothing like....

      Remy sat back down in his seat. He felt a hand touch his arm. Rogue smiled
      softly. "The Professor will help ya, Remy."

      "If you be dere, Chere, mebbe it be worth it."


      Logan and Michaela hauled the young thief down the hall of Xavier's school.
      To be more precise, LOGAN hauled the young thief down the hall. Michaela
      was next to him, trying to get Logan to be gentler. Remy dangled like a
      worm on a hook. He had tried hitting the man, but nearly broke his hand. It
      felt like there was concrete in his chest.

      A elder man in a wheelchair rolled to meet them. "Well, Remy... Welcome to
      my school."

      "It would be nice t' know why you want me, homme." Remy grunted as Logan
      let go of his collar.

      Nodding his head, Xavier gestured for Michaela and Logan to leave. The pair
      turned, walking back down the hall. Remy couldn't help but look back,
      watching Michaela sway her hips.

      Being drawn back to Xavier, Remy listened to the gentleman. "Remy, you are
      aware of your gifts?"

      Remy shrugged. "My gifts... Oui. I be a mutant."

      Grasping the wheels of his chair, Xavier rolled towards an oak door. "Come
      with me, Remy. There is still much you need to learn."


      Remy shifted uncomfortably in the chair across from Xavier. It wasn't that
      the chair was uncomfortable. It was one of the most comfortable things Remy
      had ever sat him. Xavier's presence was too overpowering, intimidating. Yet
      the gentleman kept a smile on his face.

      "Remy, how long have you been on your own?"


      Shutting his eyes, Xavier attempted to break through the barrier in Remy's
      mind. Wincing, Xavier met with a mental brick wall.

      Little splinters of information peeked through. Most others completely
      surrendered to his mind probes. Those with abilities like his, telepaths
      and empaths, were often able to block his manipulation. There might be
      powers deep inside Remy he did not know about.

      "Sorry 'bout Rober's wallet an' de break-in. Dat be de importan' par', non?"

      "No, it isn't, Remy." Professor Xavier folded his hands in his lap. "Remy,
      everyone here has special powers, much like yours. The students here learn
      to harness their powers. Let them grow strong. We then use them to benefit

      "Everyone be a mutant?"

      Nodding, Professor Xavier moved towards Remy. "We have all been given
      extraordinary gifts. It is our job to harness them. If you wish, you may
      stay here at my school. You can learn about your powers, all of them."

      "What do I do for you?" Remy asked cautiously. This trap had been set for
      him before. He was not about to fall for it.

      "You don't need to do anything." Xavier replied. "Just accept your powers,
      and use them to benefit the world."

      "You have belle femme, homme. I stay for a while."


      "The mindprobes haven't worked at all?" Shaking his head, Scott tried to
      make sense of the situation. "But I thought he charged objects. Is he a
      telepath as well?"

      Xavier shook his head. "I do not believe so. But he does have powers he
      hasn't explored."

      "Scott, any person with strong enough will power can halt mindprobes. They
      just need to be aware of it." Michaela said, leaning against the desk.

      "Michaela is right. She herself was able to resist mindprobes due to her

      Turning to Michaela, Logan asked, "were ya able t' get anything from the kid?"

      She shrugged. "His feelings were mixed. He wants to trust us, yet part of
      him resists. I believe someone might have used him before. Tricked him into
      using his powers for their own gain."

      "I would like to do a physical on Remy," Jean said. "He seems to be in good
      health, but I would like to get a little more in depth."

      Scott watched his fiance. "Do you know anything already, Jean?"

      "He thinks he's God's gift to women." the wry response came.

      The response was seconded by Michaela. "He's a very sexually-charged young

      Xavier listened to his X-Men's responses. "Jean, you may do a physical on
      him tomorrow afternoon. Michaela, set up a session with Mr. LeBeau for
      tomorrow morning."


      Rogue had been listening intently at the door to Xavier's office. Oh, the
      Professor probably knew she was there. There was an insane curiosity in
      her. She wanted to know more about Remy LeBeau. He intrigued her. With his
      charm and good looks, Remy was quickly winning a place in Rogue's young

      "Hear anythin' interestin', Chere?" A smooth voice cooed in her ear. Rogue
      was about to shriek, when he clasped a gloved hand over her mouth. "Don't
      want t' scare 'em."

      Rogue yanked his hand off her face. "Be more careful!" She hissed. "If you
      touch ma skin... It won't be good!"

      "What do you do, Chere?"

      Throwing her arms up in the air, Rogue felt like she was about to scream.
      There was nothing more she wanted then to let Remy touch her. If she did
      that, she would kill him. "Ah would take your powah. If ah held on long
      enough, ah'd kill ya."

      "Dat be a shame, Chere...." He ran a gloved finger over her cheek. "Dat no'
      be a gift. Dat be a curse."

      "Tell me about it," she muttered. "Why are ya up?"

      "Wanted t' know what de good teachers t'ink o' me." he smiled.

      "Only Professah Xaviah an' Mistah Summahs are real teachahs. Doctah Grey is
      the physician and Doctah St Matthews is the therapist. Logan kinda just
      hangs around."

      "Oh.... LOGAN...." A grin dominated the young man's features. "You close t'

      "Kinda. He brought me here. Saved ma life." Rogue blushed deeply. She had
      kept feelings for Logan harboured deep within her.

      "He be my competition, no' Rober?" Reaching into his coat, Remy pulled out
      a deck of cards and started shuffling them. "Den dere be no challenge.
      Logan be wit' Dr. St Matthews."

      "Logan is not wit' Doctah St Matthews!" Rogue said, starting back to her
      room. She didn't want to hear any more from Remy. Persistent, he followed.
      "And ah don't want 'em! Logan's ma friend!"

      Remy grabbed her arm. "It be in your eyes, Chere. You wan' 'em.... I see it
      'n Dr. St Matthews' eyes too."

      A pit grew in Rogue's stomach. She knew what Remy said was true. Most of
      the women at Xavier's held some sort of fancy towards Logan. He seemed to
      only notice Dr. Grey. When Dr. St Matthews had entered the picture, Logan
      had flirted with her. Dr. St Matthews always rebuffed the advances though.
      She couldn't secretly desire him, could she?

      "Just go ta bed, Remy!" Rogue begged. "Ya gonna have a bunch o' tests wit'
      Doctah Grey and Doctah St Matthews."

      Slowly, Remy let go of her arm. "Den I dream o' you tonight, Chere."


      Dreams of Rogue would have been a welcome change. Unfortunately, Remy did
      not find himself dreaming of the beautiful mutant.

      Instead, he tossed and turned with the same dreams that always haunted him.


      Those eyes.... Red on black

      That skin.... bleach white.


      The images pounded into Remy's head. Memories of the past he desperately
      wanted to forget.

      He awoke in the dead of night. The room provided to him was cold, empty.
      Going to the window, he sat and looked to the moonlight. Drawing his hand
      into his jacket, he pulled out a pack of cigarettes. Letting one of the
      white cylinders rest between his lips, he struck a match. Lighting the end,
      he inhaled. Smoke filled his lungs. Remy slowly exhaled, smoke curling
      around his head. It caressed his skin, like an old friend; a lover. The
      only thing he would let close to him.

      Could Xavier help him forget all he had done? He certainly couldn't survive
      on the streets any more. He had gotten sloppier with his thievery. Like

      No, it wasn't possible. He hadn't even known this was a school for mutants.

      He would wait until morning, sitting in the window. Maybe Xavier would have
      more insight.

      Mina-Clare Moseley

      Personal Homepage:

      MOON ILLUSIONS-- The Sci-Fi/Fantasy Web Magazine
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