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fic: champaign and french fries

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  • Peachy
    next in Seasons Change series by peachy..... after mind games.... enjoy and feel free to archive Title: Champaign and French Fries By: Peachy Teaser: Rogue s
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      next in Seasons Change series by peachy.....
      after mind games....
      enjoy and feel free to archive

      Title: Champaign and French Fries
      By: Peachy
      Teaser: Rogue's birthday surprise
      Rating: PG-13
      Genre: drama

      Logan decided to finally take Marie out…for the first time…
      on real
      date. He wanted to make it special since her birthday was coming up.
      She deserved it. He'd be a sap if he did it, but he did it for
      Marie. Before he could even raise a hand to knock…

      "Just come in Logan." Jean said. He walked in.
      "What can I do for you?" she smiled knowing what he wanted and not
      sure she approved of it but left her opinions to herself.
      "You know of any good places to eat around here. Someplace nice."
      "Sure, Lespinasse if you want something French, Citronelle for
      Italian and Richii's has just about everything."
      She didn't have to ask why and he knew she'd probably know.
      "Great, any of those places have music and such?"
      "Yes and they are all very expensive."
      "Logan, be careful. That's all I ask." Her eyes filled with
      concern. She knew they were connected and could sense their ever
      growing closeness but Rogue was so much younger then Logan. She felt
      love between them though and that made her smile. They were happy
      and that was the important thing.
      He left before she could say anything else.

      He called finding out prices and making reservations and getting
      proper dress. He was glad he saved up. This was going to be an
      expensive evening but it was worth the price for Marie. He estimated
      about 500 bucks for the night. But it was her birthday and he wanted
      to make it as special as possible.

      She would be 19. Still so young compared to himself. He didn't know,
      he could be well over 80. Because of his age difference he kept his
      distance, never pushing her for anything. Never wanted her to feel
      uncomfortable with him. He finally acknowledged all those thoughts
      he had for Marie when he saw her and didn't push them away any
      longer. He realized he like them and perhaps it was ok. Everyone
      else saw friends but he saw more. He wasn't sure how to define how he
      felt about her but he would never force anything on her, ever. She
      had an effect on him like no other woman had before.


      Rogue's birthday was this weekend. She'd be 19. She felt older and
      couldn't believe how much has changed in her life. She wanted to go
      back to 15, before her mutation to the life she had. There were no
      worries; she was planning her great trip to Anchorage in Alaska and
      had her loving family at that time. On the other hand she wanted to
      be older, to be closer to Logan.

      She knew her friends were planning a party for her. She didn't want
      a big deal made out of everything but they would anyway. They tried
      to hide it from her but the whispers… too many smiles and small

      She should have been more prepared and expecting it but fell into
      their trap. She went to a movie watching session with her friends in
      the TV room, just like any other Friday night, and

      "SURPRISE!…Happy Birthday!"
      She jumped about three feet in shock and smiled. She knew it was
      coming yet they got her good.

      The party was a lot of fun. They got her a giant ice cream cake, her
      favorite. There was music galore and dancing. It was a blast.
      Gifts then came. She didn't really want or need anything. She had
      everything she could possibly want. They chipped in to buy this and
      that for her.

      Finally Logan gave her something. She was excited and didn't know
      what he could possibly get her. She was disappointed at what he
      handed her. A card. Nothing more. He quickly avoided her eyes and
      said happy birthday. She opened it and it read; Happy Birthday
      tomorrow 7 p.m. & wear something nice. Her disappointment faded and
      she was replaced with intrigue. She looked up at him and his
      expression was blank. She didn't know how to read him. With that
      the party kick up and Logan left. Rogue guessed he was not much of a
      dancing fan. He just didn't want to ruin his image and have them all
      see him get all mushy in front of everyone.

      That night she danced almost till dawn and eventually went to bed. It
      was hard to sleep, all she could think about was tomorrow night, well
      actually now it was 3 a.m., so it would be tonight.


      The day was too long and all she could think about was Logan's
      surprise. Her stomached turned in anticipation of what might come.
      Jubilee and Katherine rubbed in all their ideas, some of Jubilee's
      were rather crude and Rogue yelled at her for it. Finally she got
      ready for the evening. Jubilee and Katherine helped her. The guys
      weren't thrilled about her going out with Logan. They thought he was
      too old for her and were just worried about her. The girls loved it,
      St. John knew why. All the girls thought Logan was so cute.

      Finally the guys stopped by to give their approval of the girl's
      final product. Their jaws dropped at the sight of Rogue. She was
      like an angel. She had on her scarf and gloves with the dress that
      fit her perfectly. Bobby got an elbow in the ribs from Katherine and
      his jaw finally shut.

      "You look fabulous Rogue." St. John said. He was safe.

      Gambit whispered in Jubilee's ears…"You'd look just as good."
      And she smiled and glazed her eyes at him.

      The guys finally left because if Logan showed up; he'd kill them all
      to know they were waiting to see him.


      Finally Logan came to knock on her door, taking Jean's advice to give
      Marie plenty of time to get ready. He could hear whispering inside
      the door. Girl talk… great! Just what he didn't want. One of
      younger students passed him in the hall and stared at him in the tux
      suit. He growled and the kid ran off.

      He knocked and Marie opened the door. She stood before him in a
      frost green dress, spaghetti straps with a silk wrap to match. The
      top part was thin layers of silk binding in the back and flowing down
      her back in two drapes. She had her gloves on and a scarf that
      matched her thin silk lace top. The dress was tight at the top and
      flowed at the bottom to her ankles. Her hair was pulled back except
      for the white ringlets on her face. He realized he wasn't breathing
      and exhaled and inhaled deeply. Rogue noticed and blushed, her face
      turning flush. Logan thought it was cute but felt bad about making
      her uncomfortable.


      Rogue opened the door to find Logan but not her average Logan. He
      was dawning a tuxedo black from head to toe. What they say it true,
      every man looks good in a tux. He was gorgeous. He was clean shaven
      too; he did that for her? Makes him look a lot younger and much more
      handsome in her opinion. She thought it was sweet. Loved how his
      eyes bored into her and took her away with him.

      Jubilee and Katherine peeked out the door and were shocked at the man
      before them, which was not Wolverine but Logan on sedatives. They
      couldn't believe it.

      "Shall we go?" Was all he said and extended his arm. He didn't like
      an audience. Rogue took it and waved bye to Jubilee and Katherine,
      who ran to the guy's room to share every juicy detail.


      As they walked out to the garage Logan leaned over and whispered in
      her ear, "You look like an angel tonight Marie."

      She smiled, "thank you, you look very handsome yourself." And looked
      up at him.
      He smiled and was that a blush Rogue thought she saw?

      He took the black stick-shift sports car. Next to the motorcycle it
      was his favorite. He had to hand it to Xavier, he loved cars and had
      excellent taste.

      He was a gentleman and opened and shut her door for her.

      He turned the ignition, pushed down on the gas petal and shifted into
      gear and they were off.

      Rogue bit her lower lip during the drive and looked out the window as
      he played some tunes off of some CD. She felt like she was floating
      on air.

      "So, where are we going?" She was rather curious.
      "Sorry," he turned and gave a grin she melting into. If he had asked
      her to speak, she wouldn't be able to. "My secret." He finished. And
      looked back to driving.

      Occasionally he glanced over and they made small talk about her party
      and how the rest of the event went. She said it was ok and admitted
      to being anxious about tonight.
      Logan then hoped he could make it live up to her expectations.


      Finally the two love birds arrived at the restaurant and Rogue looked
      from the restaurant to Logan and back and back again. She was in

      "What, I can eat at a place like this too you know." He got out and
      gave the valet the keys and opened the door for her. She took his
      hand and went in.

      Their table was perfect, overlooking the dance floor below and the
      window outside to see the city lights. They had a small orchestra
      playing. She couldn't believe he did all this for her birthday. It
      was too much. She quickly wiped a tear that was forming in her eyes

      It was so elegant. Logan ordered champaign that tasted like
      strawberries. Rogue loved it and downed it. It wasn't a Logan drink
      though, so he let her enjoy it, but not too much.

      "Careful there." As she finished her first glass like it was water.
      "I like it!"
      "I don't want you to pass out on me now." He smiled.

      The dinner was fabulous, a six course meal in total over three
      hours. She didn't think she could eat that much food. In between
      they danced below to the soft symphonic music. Logan knew how to
      slow dance as he swept her out around the floor. She had to giggle,
      as no one else got to see this secret side of Wolverine but her. It
      made her feel very special.

      They got some weird looks from some people but ignored them all. It
      was just her and Logan. His hands were soft as they traced her back
      over the silk shawl she wore. Felt him close to her. She loved every
      minute of it. With his arm around her waist, he made her fell light
      as a feather as they glided. His touch was so light, gentle and
      romantic. Also something most people who meet the Wolverine wouldn't

      No matter how much or how long they talked, they always find
      something new to say and kept on talking for hours on end. Talking
      and dancing she couldn't get enough of it. Finally it was time to go
      She realized she did drink a bit too much as she tried to stand up
      but Logan was there to give her support and eyed her with an I-told-
      you-so look but she just giggled.


      While waiting for the valet to get the car she thanked him. He tried
      so hard to make it perfect. She knew he felt a bit uncomfortable in
      the penguin suit and being stuck in such a formal setting, but he
      tried so hard for her…he did it all for her. She felt so special
      made her want to cry, a good cry though.

      "Thank you Logan." She smiled and gave him a hug.
      He took her hand and placed a lingering kiss upon the palm. She felt
      his warm lips and soft fingers even through the fabric.

      "Tonight was unbelievable." She added.
      "Yeah, it was great." Logan smiled at her. He felt wonderful inside
      that she had fun and enjoyed it.
      "But it wasn't perfect."
      "What?" he was startled. What had he messed up on now?
      "What was wrong with it?"
      "Oh…Nothing! But I think I could go for a dark cigar filled smoky
      room, cheep beer, and a game of pool. How bout you?"

      She realized that statement was taken by him the wrong way as if he'd
      messed up. That wasn't possible Rogue thought. She saw he was
      uncomfortable tonight and she wanted him to be happy too. She was

      "Not if you don't want to go? This is your night," he asked. This was
      her night not his.
      "I do." She eyes him with those big brown orbs and batted her eye
      "Sounds like a plan miss." He smiled and kissed her hand again. She
      then unbuttoned his jacked, removed the tie, undid a few shirt
      buttons and scruffed up his hair.
      "How does that feel?"
      "Better." He grinned.
      The car finally pulled up and they were off again into the night.


      As they entered the bar everyone stared. Logan just drew Marie
      closer to him, staking his claim. It wasn't everyday a guy in tux
      and a lady in a formal dress came into the bar. Logan grabbed a beer
      and Pepsi for Marie. She didn't need any more to drink that night. He
      lit up a cigar and they went back to play a game or two of pool.
      Rogue had blast. They danced to the slow country tunes on the old
      jukebox and even ordered up a huge plate of greasy fries. Rogue
      could see how much more comfortable he was. She wanted him to be
      happy and she knew he was.


      Finally at about 3 or 4 am Rogue was exhausted and Logan took her
      home. They walked a bit in the garden and Logan stopped her and
      looked into her eyes. Rogue felt the mood get very serious but
      didn't fight it. She looked back into his eyes. She did know what
      he wanted from her. He smiled and looked at the lady before him.
      She knew him better then he did himself. You can hide things from
      yourself, that you deny, but others will see. You just choose not to
      believe them.

      "Close your eyes, " he said sweetly.
      "I want to kiss you." He blurted out. He didn't know if this is where
      Marie wanted their relationship to go but he had to know. He thought
      it was, he cared about her. He wanted to give her everything, even

      Her mood changed in an instant. She became scared, frightened and
      took a step back.
      "You can't." She didn't want to hurt him, or herself. She shook her
      head no.

      "Trust me," was all he said.

      She looked at him. He cared, he wouldn't hurt her. She did trust him.

      He stepped closer; she gulped and closed her eyes, slightly shaking.

      Logan went over to a rose bush and removed a petal. He placed it
      first on his own lips then on hers. She flinched back at first
      contact then realized it wasn't his skin touching her and relaxed.
      He grazed the rose petal over her top lip and then the bottom. Soft
      and smooth. Rogue loved the sensation that went though her body with
      his soft touch of something, a rose petal by what she could smell.
      It was beautiful. He moved the petal from her lips to her check
      softly grazing to her ear. Her head following his, not wanting the
      feeling to go away. He then slid the petal along her chin and back
      to her lips. He then repeated that motion with the other side.
      Finally returning to her lips he removed the petal and placed it on
      his own. He noticed a single tear fall from Rogues eyes.

      She didn't want to open her eyes; she wanted the feeling back again.
      It was wonderful and didn't know how he could do that to her. He
      finally looked at her and her eyes.

      "Happy Birthday Marie."
      "Thank you," she whispered and gave him a hug she didn't want to
      leave, warm in the cool night air.
      It was the perfect end to a perfect night.

      She reached her door and heard the whispers. Katherine and Jubilee
      waited up to hear the gossip. Well she was a lady, she'd never kiss
      and tell.

      Tonight Logan gave her something special, he helped ease the memories
      away even more of her last kisses and touches with Shadow. They
      would never go away but made her feel that touch wouldn't be all
      bad… especially if it came from Logan.
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