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fic: mind games

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  • Peachy
    comes after alive in Seasons Change series by Peachy... Title: Mind Games By: Peachy Teaser: Rogue deals with reorganizing her mind after her encounter
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2000
      comes after 'alive' in "Seasons Change" series by Peachy...

      Title: Mind Games
      By: Peachy
      Teaser: Rogue deals with reorganizing her mind after her encounter
      with Mystique
      Rating: PG-13
      Genre: drama

      Marie had lots of new dreams again. The same one over and over
      again. Jean said it would go away. Marie would just run to Logan to
      tell him every detail. He'd just take her somewhere to try and
      forget 'em.

      She figured in time it would fade like all the rest…Mystique's mind
      that is. Another emotional head case crammed into her own. While
      trying to reorganize what was up there, the flood gates opened for
      all of them to come rushing out and scream at her.

      She'd have headaches and tried to remember who's thoughts were who's
      and where they'd go. She had to find herself again and again, trying
      to remember her own life from all the rest. It was tiring and a
      scary experience. She'd be on an emotional roller coaster worse then
      any case of PMS, as she over heard Scott say once.

      Mystique's life was unique. To slowly change from being normal, to
      have your skin peal away and turn blue and then having the power to
      change into whatever you wanted was not easy. She was seen as a
      mutant, she couldn't hide it.
      Rogue thought it was worse then her own mutation.
      School was no fun, she'd often get beat up at and all her friends
      left her. Parents freaked out even more and sent her to a medical
      facility to experiment for a cure, which there was none. Marie felt
      the needles and pokes from the doctors just as clear as Mystique did
      the first time. She ran…and found Magneto, someone who took her in
      and treated her normal.

      Rogue understood why she turned to him and feared it. It is so easy
      to lure people to believe that mutants are treated as second rate and
      that mutants need to turn the tables and take total control over
      humans to save their very existence. She even found herself thinking
      similar thoughts, whether they were really her's, she didn't know.

      She felt the pain of shape shifting from Mystique's first
      experiences. It gets to be natural and hurt less each time she
      changed. The only example Rogue could think of was a new shoe. You
      first get blisters and your feet swell and they hurt until you wear
      them in. Then they're stretched out and comfy, becoming your
      favorite pair. That is why it hurt Rogue so much. Her skin wasn't
      use to it and to change so much like that, it stressed her body out.

      She cried for Mystique's life even though she aided Magneto in
      helping to try and kill her.
      Rogue never wished for hard lives on any mutant, friend or foe.

      After the last encounter, Rogue was a mix of all emotions and
      memories as she fought and fought for control. She needed to find
      herself and not let them win. Jean helped her a great deal during
      the day. Sometimes hours and hours of sessions. Jean gave her total
      support and attention, so did Logan, Bobby, Katherine and the rest of
      her friends, helping her reorganize her mind. The more people shoved
      in her head the harder it was. After a while she made great progress
      and was pretty much back to normal.

      The dream that came to her tonight was no different then the rest,
      except it was less intense and she felt now, not in the dream, but
      just an observer of sorts. Realizing that what she saw and
      experienced was not her life but another's.

      She was alone in this indescribable building with no one around but
      heard sounds of screams…she opened the door to find Mystique, her
      skin being sectioned off for tests, the doctors didn't bother with
      anesthetic. Rogue felt quick, sharp sting as well and clutched her
      own arm to find a chunk of skin missing and blood, but no real pain.

      Finally claws pierced her body. She saw the points through her chest
      and yet felt nothing. Finally they retracted dragging her backwards
      and falling into the tub of blue liquid. Instead of the panic
      feeling for oxygen she just turned and eyed Logan lying there. She
      saw metal snapping into his bone and could feel her own body becoming
      ridged with each piece being attached. Finally she got climbed out
      of the tub, completely dry and witnessed the men in Nazi uniforms
      having a party. A young kid comes running in and passed her. No one
      else sees him. She follows and then he is taken away. It was Magneto
      being pulled back into an experimental room by soldiers who finally
      caught up to him. She was lead buy some force to another room and
      she sat in a chair and guilt swelled in her as a woman began yelled
      at her for being lazy husband, alcoholic, drunkard and she smacked
      him…her…she felt that but it didn't bother her. She was more
      saddened for the woman, red eyes, puffy and crying, looking into her
      own eyes. Rogue got up and ran. She didn't know what was going on
      in this dream of hers. She ended up running into a wall and looked
      up at the sign. It was a house of mirrors. She entered and soon
      became lost in the maze. Instead of seeing herself in the
      reflections, they were a million different other people. Finally she
      stared right into one of the mirrors. Mystique stared back.

      Rogue finally understood her. Mystique was always confused about
      herself who she was…was she anyone at all or everyone? Marie knew
      those feeling.

      The only saving grace this time came from Aaron. A light flooded the
      mirror and above it was Aaron flying and stretching out his hand for
      her to take it. Her hands were uncovered, like his, but she knew it
      was ok. He wanted to take her out of this mess. This time she felt
      she had to touch him to break free. Her arm could barely reach as
      their fingertips touched. A light touch, she could feel it and he
      smiled. The room began to swirled around her, making her very dizzy
      and she'd awoke with a start.

      The screaming back to reality stopped but shudders when waking up
      from the nightmares didn't. Logan always said she could come to him
      if needed, if the dreams bothered her. She gazed at her fingers,
      which had meet Aaron's hand. He had sort of pulled her to safety,
      waking her from the dream. She smiled. He was a wonderful friend.
      She felt him inside of her, not fighting her but helping her. Rogue
      held on to that thought, knowing Aaron was watching out for her
      during the nightmares. She no longer dreamed of guilt from the shack
      in the woods…that had long since passed. He was a friend, on the
      inside where no one else could truly go.

      She laid her head back down on the pillow and slept on into the night
      in peace.
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