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If Things Were Different (2/?)

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  • Jaguarita J. H.
    Title: If Things Were Different Author: Jaguarita E-mail: wild_jaguarita@yahoo.com or jaguarita@hotmail.com Disclaimer: Own nothing, sue not! Summary: How
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2000
      Title: If Things Were Different
      Author: Jaguarita
      E-mail: wild_jaguarita@... or jaguarita@...
      Disclaimer: Own nothing, sue not!
      Summary: How would Logan's life have been different if one tiny little thing
      had been different?
      Rating: PG/PG13

      Vicky slowly opened her eyes only to be greeted by slick metallic walls and
      a cold metal platform supporting her weight.

      "Easy, babe," Logan rumbled as he moved into her line of sight. "Ya took the
      brunt o' that blast. Pretty stupid with ya knowing I heal faster than ya

      "Shaddup," she grumbled as she carefully sat up to scowl at the people
      standing behind Logan. "Where are we?"

      "This is Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youth," said the redhead woman
      in the tight sweater and knee length skirt.

      Vicky's eyes darted from the faint bruises on her neck to Logan then back to
      the redhead. "Oh, yeah, frail. That helps. Where's the kid?"

      "Rogue is in class right now," a bald man in a wheel chair said. "I am
      Professor Charles Xavier. You're safe here, Ms. Creed."

      Everyone but Logan blinked at her sharp bark of laughter. "Safe's relative,
      Cueball." Vicky bounced off the bed and even barefoot towered over the
      others by at least six inches. "Let's get Rogue and get out of here."

      "What no thank you for saving you?" drawled the man with the funny looking

      "Who's the dickhead?" Vicky asked Logan. The young man colored up and she
      could smell the anger coming off of him as easily as she could see the
      little vein throbbing in his forehead. "He's kinda cute when he's pissed."

      Logan growled, and so did the redhead.


      "Okay, so we can't take off," Vicky said slowly, "because this Magneto
      pisser wants Logan's metal bones for something?"

      "In essence, yes," Professor Xavier admitted as he watched his rather
      imposing guest watch his newest student through one of the arboretum's glass

      "Ya know what for?"

      Xavier shook his head slowly. "Magneto has somehow found a way to block my
      telepathic powers."

      "So ya don't even really know if it was the fuzzbucket yer buddy was after,"
      Vicky grumbled as she turned away from the window. "This yer best guess or

      "I don't see any other posiblity," Xavier said with a frown.

      Vicky shook her head and walked away. "Then yer a bleeding idiot, Wheels."

      Xavier could only stare at the woman as she stalked off.


      "We should get outta here."

      The words echoed in his ears as he watched his own claws slide slowly out of
      the girl's body.

      "We should get outta here." The words almost drowned out Rogue's whispered
      appology and his loud deniles.

      "We should get outta here." The words rolled through both minds as Rogue's
      bare fingers found Logan's cheek.

      "FUCK!" The word rolled out clear and strong as Vicky yanked the no longer
      bleeding Rogue away, and was the last thing Logan heard before everything
      faded to black.


      "What do ya mean she's gone?" Logan nearly howled. Rogue's brief touch had
      only put him down for a day with the healing ability she'd had to borrow
      after waking him up from a nightmare. Vicky only snarled at the news and
      slammed her fist into the wall, leaving a very large hole leading into the

      "I *knew* I shoulda stayed with the kid," Vicky snarled. "I'm gonna go look
      for her."

      "How are you going to find her?" the woman called Storm asked the much
      taller blonde.

      Vicky smiled wide enough to show her sharply pointed side teeth. "I got a
      better nose than a blood hound and you wanna know how I'm gonna find the

      Logan shook his head as Vicky stalked out of the room already searching for
      Rogue's scent. "Now, ya've just gone and pissed her off."

      The X-men stared after him. The seemingly ageless man glared over his
      shoulder at them. "You morons gonna look for Rogue or not?"


      Vicky sniffed the air slightly and tracked the familiar scent onto the
      boarding platform then into the passenger cars. Finally she dropped into the
      seat next to Rogue, only to find Logan dropping into the seat facing them.

      "Hey, ladies," Logan drawled with a small smile. "So, where we going?"

      Rogue blinked. "But, but, Ah..."

      "Relax, kid," Vicky chuckled. "If ya wanted to get outta there all ya had ta
      do was say something."

      "Bobby said the Professor was mad at me," Rogue whispered.

      Vicky wraped an arm around her shoulders and pulled the girl into a firm
      hug. "Darlin, that wasn't Bobby, and if ya wanna go back. Well, we'll go
      with ya."

      "Even if they are a buncha geeks," Logan rumbled. "You wanna give them an
      other shot, kid?"

      Rogue could only stare from one to the other in shock.

      "We'll take care a ya," Vicky whispered.

      The metal structure of the passanger car stared to move back like an orange
      being peeled.

      "How charming," drawled a faintly European accented voice from behind Vicky
      and Rogue.

      Logan stood up and popped his claws ready to gut the guy in the stupid
      looking black suit.

      "Tell me something," the man asked curiously, "does that amazing metal go
      all the way through your body?"

      Vicky snarled when her lover was hurled to the other end of the train car
      with a wave of the stranger's hand. She stood up, putting herself between
      him and the only two people she managed to care about.

      "Ah, Sabertooth isn't it? Your brother is very interested in seeing you

      "I don't remember having a brother, bub," she growled. "But I'm thinking yer
      Magneto. Yer getting Logan over my dead body."

      "As you wish," Magneto said with a slight bow of his head. "Although I have
      no need of your friend."

      A large spar of metal hurled toward Vicky's chest. She slammed her palms
      together, catching it and holding it several inches from her body. Then
      Magneto started to push.

      Vicky's howl of agony echoed through the train station, catching the
      attention of Storm and Cyclops near the ticket counter.

      Storm turned to call out to her friend when a large, clawed hand closed over
      her throat and slammed her into the glass. Somewhere over the massive blonde
      man's shoulder Cyclops lost his visor and blasted a hole in the station's

      "I want to hear you scream," the man snarled quietly in her face.

      Her eyes went white as the moist heat of his breath swept over her. "Hear
      this," she whispered as she pulled lightening from the clear skys.

      The brute was hurled away from her by the force of the blast, expanding the
      gaping hole down into the wall.

      Storm let herself slide limply down the ticket counter for a moment, gasping
      for air before collecting herself to help Cyclops.

      They found Logan magnatized to the floor of the passanger car and Vicky
      impaled to the wall above him.

      The nearly feral woman was stubornly clinging to concousness, but her eyes
      had gone completely black, eirily reminding Storm of the man who had only
      shortly before tried to kill her.

      "Get us out a here," Vicky snarled. Blood bubbled up between her lips.
      "Xavier was wrong."


      "I don't know what Magneto could want with Rogue," Xavier said softly. He
      hadn't tried to use Cerebro to locate the girl when she had run away,
      knowing that the two beastal mutants would indeed track her down before he
      could if she hadn't gone far.

      "How'd you find us?" Vicky growled as she stalked the room, opening and
      closing her fists as if she wanted to rip into something.

      "Cerebro," Xavier said slowly. "It is a device that can inhance a telepath's
      natural abilities."

      "Let's go then," Logan snarled. His fingers were rubbing over the knuckles
      of his opposite hand as if he too wanted to put his claws to deadly use.

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