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With This Ring

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  • Jaguarita J. H.
    Title: With This Ring Author: Ephiney E-mail: ephiney@yahoo.com Disclaimer: Just Delphi and anything she may produce in the future, belong to me. Summary:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2000
      Title: With This Ring
      Author: Ephiney
      E-mail: ephiney@...
      Disclaimer: Just Delphi and anything she may produce in the future, belong
      to me.
      Summary: Somebody is getting married today.
      Rating: PG

      Delphi is so beautiful. Oh, I know that today has nothing to do with me. And
      it really isn't for her either.

      This is Scott and Jean's day.

      But seeing my Delphi up there, standing with Storm and Rogue as Jean's
      bride's maids... It makes me think of the day when I'll be the one standing
      up there where Scott is watching the woman I love walk toward me.

      But, you see, that's never going to happen, because my Delphi only has eyes
      for that blue furry freak you call Nightcrawler. She's wearing his ring on
      her finger and has a small smile that's just for him. Why can't she see how
      much better we'd be together?

      I can at least give her a normal life, better than normal. What does that
      circus reject have that I don't? He has nothing. For crying out loud, I'm
      the head of a multinational corperation. For all his religious faith, I'm
      the one who can hand her Heaven on a silver plater.

      But no. She doesn't want it. She doesn't want *me*. I can buy her a galerie
      where she can show whatever she wants, where she can support mutants in the
      arts. I can buy her anything.

      She doesn't even like me. Why?

      I know I'm not hard on the eyes. They don't call me 'Angel' just because of
      my wings.

      She's got everything it takes to survive in my world. Beauty, grace, charm,
      and she's unshakeable. Hell, I heard she even calls Logan a jackass to his
      face. She could be a queen, so why is she ignoring Prince Charming for the
      court jester?

      The wedding was beautiful but the reception is going to 'suck' as some of
      the kids would put it. I never should have gotten more involved with this
      place. Paying the tution for some of the students is one thing, hiring some
      of them on as interns is more of the same. But the day I meant Delphi Lau
      was the day I lost my mind. I actually reconsitered rejoining the team.

      When I asked her on a date, she showed me the ring Nightcrawler had given
      her. I should have taken the hint from all the pictures of them together,
      even when there were other people in the photo they were obviously together.

      I'm a first class idiot, did you know that? There has to be something I
      could do to win her, but I can't think of it.

      Let her go? You're not helping, Professor. I can't just let a woman like
      that get away from me.

      They aren't married yet.

      That long, huh? They're almost as bad as Scott and Jean.

      She actually said that? Of course she did. Again, I'm an idiot. It's just
      like Delphi to challenge Scott and Jean to finish planing their wedding
      before she finished hers.

      I wish that could be 'ours' instead.

      Love at first sight is a cruel, cruel thing, Professor.
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