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Smoke Rings

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  • Jaguarita J. H.
    Title: Smoke Rings Author: Ephiney E-mail: ephiney@yahoo.com Note: Part of the Delphi stories. :) Disclaimer: Delphi is mine. That s it. But I m willing to
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      Title: Smoke Rings
      Author: Ephiney
      E-mail: ephiney@...
      Note: Part of the Delphi stories. :)
      Disclaimer: Delphi is mine. That's it. But I'm willing to loan her out for
      stories with plots. Or without plots. She's complaining that she never gets
      any action on screen. But you guys know she and Kurt are going at it like
      rabbits, don't you?
      Disclaimer Part 2: I'm writing this buzzed off of clove cigaretts and
      Halloween Candy. And unlike Logan I may eventually get lung cancer, so don't
      smoke kiddies.
      Summary: Delphi and Logan share a similar bad habit that has driven them out
      of the mansion for a few minutes.
      Rating: PG

      And what, pray tell, have the theatrical three bitched to you about now?

      Nothing, hmmm? Well that's new.

      Now don't start on me, Fuzzball. Today has been a close second to my first
      day here.

      Don't be a jerk. At least not anymore of one than you normally are anyway.

      I smoke. There, are you happy now? God, you didn't think I was a total
      goodie-two-shoes did you?

      Ah, get off my porch, Logan.

      Yes, it is. I was here first. Besides, shouldn't you be stalking around
      inside with your shirt off? In front of a bunch of teenage girls maybe?


      I am an adult, buster, so don't you dare talk to me like I'm one of the
      kids. Besides, I can blow a better smoke ring than that sorry thing.

      Can too.

      Can too.

      And you think I'm childish? I'll prove it if you're going to be so stubborn
      about it.

      There you go. A double donut with a bull's-eye.

      Admit defeat, old man.

      Gak! I told you you were a jackass. Thank you for once again proving my

      At least my cigarettes don't smell like month old sweat socks.

      Of course they smell funny, moron. They don't have any tobacco in them.
      They're ginsing and clove. Do I look stupid? I'm only out here because Storm
      doesn't want smoke in the house.

      In case you haven't noticed, Logan, I'm not exactly shy. And I wasn't when I
      got here.

      There is a difference between seriously anti-social and shy. Jackass. Want
      to keep in mind that the last time we went head to head in the Danger Room
      *you* were paralized for six hours?

      Lily Page's? Sure. I'll tell Kurt and we'll meet the rest of you down there.

      And you're *still* a jackass!
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