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FF "Lonely 1.3" (1/1) PG-13 [Scott/other, Logan/Jean]

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  • Elizabeth Wilde
    Author: Elizabeth Wilde Title: Lonely 1.3 Series: Driving Force Distribution: Anyone who has my fic, anyone who asks for it,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2000
      Author: Elizabeth Wilde
      Title: Lonely 1.3
      Series: Driving Force
      Distribution: Anyone who has my fic, anyone who asks
      for it, http://www.geocities.com/aloysiusj/xfic.html
      [my site]
      Disclaimer: I don't own the X-Men or the song "Violet"
      by Savage Garden
      'Ship: Scott/other, mention of Logan/Jean
      Classification: general
      Summary: Scott finally finds someone who could help
      him move on.
      Rating: PG-13
      Spoilers: none
      Feedback: to wilde_moon@...
      Notes: The graphic for this story can be found at

      If there's a way to infiltrate you
      Sway your mind and complicate you
      I'm gonna crash into your world
      And that's no lie

      Contemplate jealousy intermixed with urgency
      A million things take a damned good shot at you and me

      In a way, we're the same two people looking out to sea
      For a wave that would carry all our fantasies

      Scott stared at the pictures in his hands with tears
      in his eyes. The first showed Jean holding a young
      girl. Both were smiling, and the girl--Sarah--was
      waving at the camera. She had dark hair and her
      mother's eyes. The next again showed Jean holding the
      little girl and Logan crouched beside her, one arm
      around Jean's shoulder and one holding a young
      boy--Nathaniel. The images blurred in Scott's vision
      until he finally closed his eyes and took a deep

      "Friends of yours?" Scott's eyes flew open and he
      looked up to see the bookstore's newest clerk standing
      over him, smiling. She pushed a strand of long brown
      hair behind one ear and cocked her head to one side.
      "You still with us, Scott? Can't expect us to
      function without our fearless manager, can you?"

      He allowed himself a smile and put the pictures back
      in his wallet. "No, sure can't. Especially not you.
      You'd probably burn the store down."

      Violet laughed and then pretended to give Scott a
      dirty look. "Hey, I'm not //that// bad. Most of the


      "You can't tell me you haven't shorted out a computer
      or two in your time."

      Holding his hands up in mock surrender, Scott allowed,
      "Alright, maybe a couple. But they started it."

      "Sure they did." Violet glanced at the wallet Scott
      had yet to return to his pocket but didn't ask again
      about the pictures. "You know it's time to close now,
      right? And do I get overtime for making you smile?
      You're probably the hardest sell I've had all day."

      "Hey, I'm not //that// bad," Scott echoed, rising to
      close down the computers and ready the store for
      another night of dormancy.

      "Yes you are. You lack fun in your life, mister."

      "That so?"

      Violet nodded firmly. "Absolutely."

      "I take it you have some idea as to how I can redeem

      A smile crept across her delicate features and her
      pale blue eyes sparkled. "Now that you mention it...
      You could agree to go out with me sometime."

      "That probably wouldn't be appropriate. I mean, I'm
      your manag-"

      "Live a little. Besides, //I// asked you. That
      should take the weight off, right?"

      Scott smiled. "I suppose so. And you're not going to
      let me off the hook until I say yes either, are you?"

      "Nope, not a chance, boss-man."

      "In that case... it sounds like fun," Scott agreed.

      "After work tomorrow, then. And we're not going
      anyplace nice," Violet called over her shoulder as she
      exited the shop. "Wear jeans."



      Violet's smile was infectious, and Scott found himself
      grinning back. //When was the last time you smiled
      and really meant it?// "Ready."

      "Good." Violet grabbed his hand and all but pulled
      him away from the desk and out of the door, waiting
      while he locked the door. "You're going to enjoy
      yourself. You need it." She laced her arm through
      his. "You have too nice a smile to go around frowning
      so much."

      Scott's expression sobered a little. "There's just a

      "We've all had a lot of that, Scotty. You've just got
      to remember that no matter how bad the past is, the
      future is yours. You can make it better."

      "That so?" Scott asked, good humor returning as he
      looked at the beautiful woman at his side. It had
      been so long since he felt at all attracted to anyone
      that the sensation was almost foreign. //And why not?
      She's sweet. You need someone to talk to again.
      It's been so long...//

      "Yep. And there's a carnival in your future, so get
      ready for too much sugar and lots of tacky colors."


      "I had a great time," Scott told Violet sincerely as
      they approached her apartment.

      She grinned, hugging the large pink teddy bear he'd
      won her under one arm. "I told you you'd have fun.
      This is me," she said, pointing toward one of the
      first doors in the hallway. "So..."

      Scott could actually feel himself blushing. //God,
      Summers, how old are you anyway? It's the end of a
      date. Remember what usually happens then?// He
      smiled a bit self-consciously. "Sorry. I'm... it's
      been a long time since-"

      Before he could say anything else, Violet wrapped a
      hand around the back of his neck and pulled him toward
      her. "You think too much," she whispered before
      pressing her lips to his. Scott's brain took several
      moments to process the fact that they were kissing.
      When it finally did, his arms slid around her, fingers
      of one hand threading through her dark hair. After a
      few minutes, they slowly parted. "For someone who's
      supposed to be out of practice, you're awfully good at

      Blushing again, Scott smiled. "Not so bad yourself."

      Violet looked suddenly more serious. "Look... I know
      it's only been the one date and that it's no big deal
      in and of itself, maybe, but I've been through a lot
      of weird, sucky relationships, and I don't feel like
      getting stepped on again. So... Do I have against
      her memory?"

      Scott frowned. "Whose memory?"

      She sighed and traced the line of his jaw with one
      finger. "Whoever broke your heart. You love her a
      lot, and I'm not trying to replace her. I just like
      you. I want to give us a shot. So do we have one?"

      "Yes." The answer came without hesitation, surprising
      even Scott. He smiled at Violet, suddenly realizing
      that he was ready. "We have a shot. I've... I'll
      always love Jean, but she's not part of my life
      anymore, just my past. I held on because I was too
      scared to try again. I... thought that if I did, I'd
      just get hurt again. I never understood why Jean
      didn't want me. I just assumed that anyone else would
      get tired of me too."

      Violet nodded her understanding, dark eyes shining in
      the dimly-lit hallway. "Seems to me you have enough
      layers to take quite a while just finding them all. I
      don't see me getting tired of you anytime soon."



      I should have done this sooner, I know. It's been too
      long. Maybe you don't even want this now. I couldn't
      write sooner. I don't think my hand would have been
      able to hold the pen. I couldn't call. I wouldn't
      have been able to say anything.

      It's different now, and I guess this is going to sound
      abrupt and awkward. No getting around it. I'm
      married. She's beautiful. Not just on the outside.
      In that way, she's like you; what's inside is even
      more amazing than what's outside. If it weren't for
      her, I might not be writing. She yelled at me after I
      explained us to her. She told me I was an idiot for
      not contacting you.

      I couldn't disagree with her. I've missed you more
      than I ever thought I could miss anyone. I felt like
      a piece of me was missing. I still do, really. But
      I'm hoping we can start over as friends, be like we
      were before we were us.

      Ororo sent me pictures of the kids with you and Logan.
      They're adorable, Jean. The two of you are going to
      make amazing parents. I know it. I know how much you
      always wanted kids. I'm glad you have them now. Tell
      Logan he's a dick for me.


      THE END

      There will probably be just one more story set after
      this ending. It'll explain a bit more about Violet...

      Peace & Love,

      Catch Your Breath [my index site] ~ http://www.catchyourbreath.net

      "We've always been ready for female superheroes because women want to be them and men want to do them." -Famke Janssen

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