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FIC: Logan Returns: Box of Twenty [L/R]

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  • Scary Sare
    Title: Logan Returns: Box of Twenty Author: Sare Liz, TeknoVamp@yahoo.com Rating: [L/R], PG, which is amazing considering it s first person Logan. Summary:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2000
      Title: Logan Returns: Box of Twenty
      Author: Sare Liz, TeknoVamp@...
      Rating: [L/R], PG, which is amazing considering it's first
      person Logan.
      Summary: Logan muses on life at the mansion.
      Disclaimer: They belong to Marvel and their creditors.

      Author's Note: Okay. So. Here's the thing. This was
      originally around part� ten or twelve of 'Logan Returns'.
      And then part eight happened, and pretty much everything
      after that had to be rewritten. That would be about� 15
      pages, wasted. So. Instead of crying over f*cked up fic,
      I'm making the best of it and getting a little closure on
      these last parts. If you don't like it, I don't wanna
      know, I'm fragile. If you do, I'd love to hear about it,
      thank you very much. So. The point: There's a certain
      amount of continuity between these next fics I'm posting
      and the beginning parts of 'Logan Returns', but that's
      where it ends. If you're confused, email me.


      It was weird being here. Jean, Ororo, Scott � they all
      knew why, and when September rolled around it was sort of
      understood that I�d be teaching too. I don�t know if
      that�s Xavier�s idea of cover � �No Marie, I didn�t come
      back just for you, I came back for me too. See? I�m, uh�
      teaching here.� � or if he was just doing his damnedest to
      integrate me into his little world.

      Either way, I got my theories.

      But that wasn�t the weirdest thing. There was other stuff
      and plenty of it.

      Bobby � that little friend of Marie�s � marshalling up all
      his nerve one day to come up and ask me for advice about
      women. When I looked at him for the daft child he was, he
      pointed out that I�d nabbed Rogue who was the hardest catch
      of all, so I must know something, and wouldn�t I share?
      Because he was her friend and not annoying her with
      unwanted affection, I stomped on the part of me that was
      about to tell him to wait a couple of years until he�d
      grown a pair and then try again. I settled with a shrug
      and a grunt which must have been enough for him, cause he
      was gone by the time I�d finished spearing an out of reach
      banana and two strawberries on a claw.

      Marie, deciding that one day she was going to speak only
      Japanese to me, just because she could. I thought she was
      completely insane until I realized I understood what she
      was saying. She just grinned at me and kept babbling. She
      wouldn�t respond to things I said unless I said them in
      Japanese. It was the craziest morning of my remembered
      existence. After a few stumbling attempts though, I have
      to admit it was nice. It�s amazing how many laser-brained
      insults you can come up with when you have a whole other
      language to use. Her friends thought it was �so cute�,
      though. That could ruin the image.

      And I should have realized with all the stupid names around
      this place, I mean, come on � Cyclops? I should have not
      even thought about �The Danger Room�. I mean, who would
      call a room of illusions The Danger Room? Then Xavier
      kicked it up a notch, and I got the hint. But still,
      that�d be like calling Cerebro �The Big Brain Room�. I can
      hear it now. �Professor, Professor, we can�t find Scott!
      We think he might be shaving � he could be in great danger!
      You�ve got to find him � quick, to The Big Brain Room!�
      Just doesn�t have the same effect.

      But even with all that, there was one thing that beat all.
      The box of twenty.

      I�m wandering around my room the second day back, putting
      my meager stash of clothes away in various drawers when I
      hit a few that are full already. Three hooded sweatshirts,
      matching sweatpants. Half a dozen pairs of white socks,
      running shoes. My size. Four pairs of jeans in the next
      drawer, my size, with a handful of undershirts under four

      I shut the drawer with a snap cause it had all began to wig
      me, fierce. I mean, I knew Xavier called me back, and for
      a reason, but this bespoke at least a little bit of

      Or maybe he just knew I was coming back eventually. But
      this also reeked of permanence. Not that I wasn�t now
      thinking in the long term, it just bothered me that Xavier
      knew about it before I did, psychic or not.

      All the same, I couldn�t help but wonder if there was
      anything else. All this free shit � it was like Christmas,
      and it had been a very long time since I�d had a Christmas,
      I was sure.

      The next drawer was empty, save a laundry schedule taped to
      the bottom, and I emptied the rest of my pack into it, then
      thought better and folded everything.

      Starting back at the top on the other side there were three
      t-shirts with the school logo on them, just like the
      sweatshirts, matching sweat shorts, and underwear still in
      the package. Out of the next drawer I picked a pair of
      impossibly soft, thin, black leather gloves. They seemed
      familiar somehow and when I slipped them on, I knew. I�d
      dreamed them. I dreamed of touching Marie with something
      other than my thick riding gloves, something thinner, more
      like her opera gloves, but with the soft feel of leather.
      But I didn�t have any and I�d never seen a pair. Until

      Part of me really didn�t want to think of what Xavier had
      seen. Most of me wanted to know what else was in the

      A box of latex gloves, like the kind Jean uses downstairs
      in the lab.

      A scarf, transparent, dark green, and perfect for touching
      her skin through. A black long-sleeved shirt, obviously
      for her� Not a shirt. Damn, Xavier didn�t miss anything.

      A body suit. Two, actually. One black and opaque, one
      white and as transparent as the scarf. And underneath
      everything was more of that smooth gauzy material, gads of
      it, just waiting to separate us as we sleep.

      The last drawer was empty.

      I laughed, folding everything up nice and neat and putting
      it back in the fun drawer. Xavier hadn�t said it in so
      many words at breakfast, but this� One-Eye�d shit a brick
      dog house fully formed for me to inhabit. Xavier had
      provided everything but the condoms.

      That�s when I thought to check the night table drawer.

      Bingo. Box of twenty.

      Yea, it�s weird here, but I could get used to it.


      Hmmm... Feedback? Please? I hate to beg, but Logan's been
      bugging the hell out of me lately to get back on the fic
      wagon and, ykno... I need the encouragement. -Sare

      "It's actually been a beautiful day. A lot of people who could make your life difficult decided not to." -Bono

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