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  • Kate Andrews
    Hey everyone, this is one of your friendly neighborhood list owners, Kate Andrews. As you all eagerly await the DVD/video release of the X-Men Movie, I just
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2000
      Hey everyone, this is one of your friendly neighborhood list owners,
      Kate Andrews. As you all eagerly await the DVD/video release of the
      X-Men Movie, I just wanted to fill you in on a few new things.

      1. Melissa and I are hard at work archiving the backlog of all your
      great stories. 17 new ones went up at the site today
      (http://www.geocities.com/xmenmoviefanfic) We also have a new banner
      exchange, so if you have a site you'd like to join, let us know.

      2. To all authors--I'm not promising immediate fixes, but if you
      could pop your head over to the site and check out the listings for
      your stories and let me know if there are any mistakes, that would be
      greatly appreciated. There might be a broken link, an inaccurate
      story summary or an inaccurate placement within story catagories. I
      don't have the time to go through each listing and check right now,
      but if you want to check your stories out at the archive and e-mail
      me (idontwannawait@...) with what you'd like changed, I'll
      get on it fairly soon.

      3. On the topic of off topic stories. Melissa and I have been
      getting more than a few e-mails about this lately. The only
      requirement for stories on this list is that they be located in the X-
      Men _movie_ universe. There are lots (and lots and lots) of lists
      available for Comic Universe based fics. If you're interested, check
      out Kielle's CFAN site.

      Stories on this list should be (reasonably) comprehensible to people
      who have only seen the movie, and not the comics or tv show. If you
      want to work in elements from those, cool, but it would be good if
      you either explained in the story who Remy/Gambit is or gave a little
      heads up in the intro to people who haven't the slightest who Marvel
      Girl is and why the Anna Paquin version of Rogue can suddenly fly.

      4. We've got a new list, xmenmoviefanficdisc. Since we try (fairly
      stringently) to keep the on list chatter to a minimum, there isn't a
      place on list for people to chat about the stories etc like they can
      on, say, the wolverineandrogue list. We would like to keep it that
      way, so that people who only want stories in their mail box can have
      that. But we recognize that some people like a more informal forum
      to discuss stories etc. You can sign up at
      http://www.egroups.com/group/xmenmoviefanficdisc and chat about the
      stories on this list to your heart's content.

      5. Just a plug for the store section of the site. Me and Melissa
      are looking into getting a domain/web hosting for the archive, but
      that costs money. If you go through the store section of the site
      when you buy the X-Men Video (or any other book or movie for that
      matter), we get a small portion of the purchase, and the price is no
      different for you. So, next time you feel like heading to Amazon.com,
      or when you buy that X-Men Video, considering going to
      http://www.geocities.com/xmenmoviefanfic first, then clicking on "the
      store" then any one of the items, you're in amazon, and we get a few
      nickels towards a shiny new site. :)

      ----Happy writing and reading,
      Kate Andrews
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