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I Watch Her

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  • Jaguarita J. H.
    Title: I Watch Her Author: Ephiney E-mail: ephiney@yahoo.com Disclaimer: Almost everyone belongs to Marvel Comics and Fox. Delphi is mine! Even if she and
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 2, 2000
      Title: I Watch Her
      Author: Ephiney
      E-mail: ephiney@...
      Disclaimer: Almost everyone belongs to Marvel Comics and Fox. Delphi is
      mine! Even if she and Nightcrawler keep bickering about it.
      Summary: Kurt Wagner watches the woman he loves sleep.
      Rating: PG

      I get up sometimes in the middle of the night.

      There really isn't any reason. I just want to watch her sleep. She looks so
      peaceful curled up on her side with her hair fanned across the pillow like
      so much dark silk. She rolls over sometimes and reaches for me. Those times
      I go back to bed just so that I can hold her and feel her head come to rest
      in its place over my heart.

      Sometimes I try and remember what my life was like before she came into my
      life. Before this quiet woman with a Gypsy smile laid claim to my soul with
      a soft look and an unbending sence of self. I try and remember only to
      discover that I don't want to remember after all.

      At least I am not alone in my nightly activities. I know that Scott watches
      Jean, just as Logan watches Rogue. And I think, if he could get into the
      girls side of the dorms, Everett would watch his Jubilee sleeping.

      Hush, libchen. I am here.

      I will come to bed soon. Ich libe dich. Go to sleep.

      I wonder if she knows how much she means to me? How much I need her smiles,
      her laughter? How much I need her love?

      I do not think I could do this. I do not think I could fight to protect
      people who fear me because I am different if I did not have Delphi to come
      home too.

      No. I am not fighting to protect them, and I am not fighting to protect
      myself. I am fighting to protect her.

      She was disapointed when her art show was rejected because she was a mutant.
      Can you imagine how much it hurt her? Any idiot can see how much talent she
      has. After hiding what she is for so long is must hurt even more.

      I do not want her to hurt.

      I asked her once how she could love me the way she does. I have to admit, I
      was surprised by her answer. She shrugged and smiled at me, saying only that
      she knew who her heart belonged to the first time she looked in my eyes.

      I gave her a ring yesterday. Logan and Scott came with me to buy it. And
      teased me endlessly when I went to pick it out.

      I can see it catching the faint light of the moon and glittering.

      When I asked her to marry me she smile and kissed me. She said yes.

      She also said that if I even thought about wearing an image inducer at the
      wedding she would kick my ass into the next week.

      Mein Gott, how I love that woman. Did you know that her eyes flash like
      saphires in sunlight when she is angry? Or that her smile could light up the
      entire world?

      Or that her skin feels like the finest silk under my hands?

      Have you ever loved someone so much that they became your entire world?

      I need her like I need to draw breath.

      So I watch her sleep and try not to imagine what my life would be like
      without her in it.

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