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Fic: Ace's High (1/5) (PG-13)

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  • Mina-Clare Moseley
    Title: Ace s High By: Mina-Clare Moseley Universe: X-Movie Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue, Logan, Professor Charles Xavier, Scott Summers, Bobby Drake, Dr.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2000
      Title: Ace's High
      By: Mina-Clare Moseley
      Universe: X-Movie
      Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue, Logan, Professor Charles Xavier, Scott
      Summers, Bobby Drake, Dr. Jean Grey, Dr. Michaela St Matthews (OFC)
      Synopsis: The X-Men meet a young mutant thief
      Rating: PG-13. Language and violence.

      Disclaimer: Remy, Professor Xavier and all things X-Men belong to Marvel
      Comics. The movie was made by 20th Century Fox, so they deserve some credit
      to. Basically, I don't own 'em, never claimed to either.

      Author's Notes: This story follows "Keeping Faith". It is not necessary to
      read it before this one, but please do any way? *puppy eyes*

      "You've GOT to be kidding me! 'Singin' in the Rain'?" Bobby Drake yelled.
      He held out the movie box, wrinkling his nose. "Who picked a lame movie
      like that?"

      Assorted teachers and students from Professor Xavier's School for the
      Gifted lay around the rec room. Movie night always drew a big crowd.

      "Doctah St Matthews and Ah," Rogue replied, brushing a white and brown lock
      off her face. "It's funny. Bettah than watching 'Scream' again."

      "But it's old and has people singing!" Bobby sat down, crossing his arms.
      He hated when the girls chose a movie. "If you don't want to watch 'Scream'
      we can watch 'The Faculty'."

      "Bobby," Scott Summers sternly said. "I told you no more horror movies. If
      you don't want to watch, you don't have to."

      Dr. Michaela St Matthews sat cross legged on the floor. "Besides, as you so
      enthusiastically agreed yesterday, humour is good for the soul. It's just
      this is more sophisticated humour than 'Dumb and Dumber'."

      The man known only as Logan groaned, burying his head in Michaela's lap.
      "Wake me when it's over."

      Michaela shrieked. "LOGAN! When did I become your personal cushion?"

      "Since Storm is away, Jeannie is with Cyke and all the other girls here are

      "Just don't drool on my pants."

      The movie started, the three leads singing the title track.

      "Hey, isn't that Princess Leia's mom?" Kitty Pryde asked, stuffing some
      popcorn into her mouth.


      Red on black eyes scanned over the room. This was a boarding school, all
      rich brats. Looking at this room, he tried to pick something worth
      stealing. It was all girl stuff; teenaged girl stuff. He looked over the
      dressers, trying to find a jewelry box, a wallet.

      There was nothing here he could hock. Nothing really worth the trouble,
      anyway. Letting out a snort, he sat on the bed. "Remy LeBeau, Master o'
      T'eves.. Right. You be gettin' sloppy."


      Professor Xavier laughed as he watched his students and faculty. Life at
      the school had been quiet in the last few months. Save for Logan's
      adventures in Canada six months ago, the X-Men had been living normal
      lives. Jean and Scott had set a date to get married finally. Ororo was
      currently off recruiting a new student, a young man named Kurt. Michaela
      had become full-fledged member of the team. Her abilities in psychotherapy
      aided many of the students. While Logan still kept to himself, he made
      himself useful. He was teaching combat classes, training a new generation
      of X-Men.

      Xavier stopped laughing suddenly. He felt a foreign presence. While he did
      not probe the minds of his students regularly, he was aware of who was
      around and who wasn't. This presence was completely new. The intent within
      the mind was not of malice, but needed to be taken care of.

      "What's wrong, Professor?" Dr. Jean Grey asked, getting up from her seat.

      Xavier's eyes were wide. "We're being broken into. Scott, Logan.... Please
      go investigate."


      Standing up, he adjusted his long auburn hair. It was in a disarray,
      covering his eyes. No matter how much he fussed with it, bangs covered his

      He wasn't going to find anything worth money here. Two years ago, he had
      been a member of the Thieves Guild. Now he was reduced to stealing cheap
      jewelry from a boarding school. This was depressing.

      "Cyke, I smell somethin'. In Rogue and Kitty's room." A rough voice called
      out. Remy's eyes went wide. He hit the floor, rolling under the bed.

      He listened to the two sets of footsteps. He shut his eyes, praying the
      wouldn't find him. Some thief he was, not even being able to rob a dorm
      room. He must have tripped a security system.

      Remy yelped as a man poked his head under the bed. "What do you think
      you're doing?"

      Rolling out from under the bed, Remy jumped up. His trenchcoat fluttered
      around his ankles. "Mon Dieu!" He made a mad dash for the door.

      The hairy man leapt over the bed, chasing after him. He was faster,
      catching up to Remy quickly. The other man, his face covered by a red
      visor, was slower.

      Remy reached into jacket. Where were they? His fingers brushed against a
      deck of cards. Tugging three out, he held them in the air. They glowed
      yellow in his gloved hand and he threw them at the hairy man. He yelped out
      as they exploded, sending him barreling backwards.

      "Adieu, mes amis," Remy called triumphantly as he ran into a dorm. A young
      Asian girl shrieked, running from her books as he ran in. "Jus' borrowin'
      de window, p'tite."

      The two men behind him ran into the room. They were just in time to see him
      jump out the window.

      Mina-Clare Moseley

      Personal Homepage:

      MOON ILLUSIONS-- The Sci-Fi/Fantasy Web Magazine
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