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Sounds That Move 6: Tainted Love

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  • Jaguarita J. H.
    Title: Tainted Love (1/1) Series: Sounds That Move (6/20) Author: Mac E-mail: mac_xavier@yahoo.com Disclaimer: I own Darquewalker and any original songs they
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      Title: Tainted Love (1/1)
      Series: Sounds That Move (6/20)
      Author: Mac
      E-mail: mac_xavier@...
      Disclaimer: I own Darquewalker and any original songs they perform. The song
      Tainted Love belongs to who ever owns the rights to Soft Cell's works. X-Men
      belong to Stan Lee.
      Summary: Logan reflects on his feelings for Rogue while listening to
      Darquewalker reherse.
      Rating: PG

      Treasure tapped out the beat with her foot and Smoke picked it up with the
      drums. Blueflame rolled her eyes but started strumming out the melody. Disc
      picked it up a second later.

      Treasure nodded slowly and started to sing. "Some time's I feel I've got
      to.. run away, I've got to.. get away."

      I popped the tab on another can of beer as I listened to them practice.
      Eventually Trey called a break. Mostly to scowl at the younger mutants who
      had gathered in the game room to listen and dance. She flopped down against
      the wall farthest from where Darquewalker's equipment was set up. Which is
      where I was sitting.

      "Got another?" she drawled. Her ruby colored eyebrows snapped together on
      her forehead when I just raised an eyebrow. "I'm twenty-three, caveman.
      Besides, it isn't like I can get drunk."

      "You got a point, kid," I grunted back as I handed her a can.


      We were silent for a moment as Trey watched Disc show Jubilee how to work
      the syntizer.

      "You four are pretty good." I slanted a glance at her. "That was by Soft
      Cell, right? Tainted Love?"

      "It felt apropriate," Trey said dryly. From the look she gave me I must have
      growled. She rolled her eyes. "Not for you, you moron. For me."

      I blinked. "What?"

      "I have a habit of taking up with abusive psychotic boyfriends," she said
      flatly. She jerked her head toward Disc. "Then Disc found me on the streets.
      Said he needed a front for his band. Not just someone who could sing, and
      not just someone who was obviously a mutant. He needed both."

      "How'd he know you could sing?" I asked even though my eyes had locked on
      Marie playing foosball with Bobby and two other kids.

      "Smoke heard me one night," Trey chuckled. "I used to sing to keep the dark
      away. Then I sang for the dark."

      "You don't like the kids much," I said slowly.

      Trey slanted a look at me. "Didn't say I didn't like them. Most of them have
      had it too easy."

      "Being a mutant ain't easy."

      "No. It isn't. But, look at them. They all look human," Trey said as she
      waved a hand at the kids. "Summers is the only obvious mutant and even he
      can pass for normal with his shades instead of his visor. They have their
      pretty normal faces, and their pretty normal hair, and can go for at least a
      few minutes without having the fact that they aren't normal thrown in their

      "And you can't." I looked over at Marie again.

      Trey snorted. "Not any more than you or Rogue can, short-stuff. Don't glare
      at me. First of all, it doesn't frighten me. Second, I've seen the way you
      rub your knuckles. It's like the way Rogue keeps tugging her gloves up. Oh,
      and you are short. We're three of a kind."

      "You got a death-wish or something, kid?" I snarled.

      She just smirked at me and finished off her beer. "I'm made out of rock,
      Logan. I have a nonlocalized nervous system, and anything you cut or break
      off will hurt like all hell, but it will grow back."

      I shook my head as she stood up. "You're a piece of work, Trey. A real piece
      of work."

      "Art, Logan," she said lightly. "I'm a work of art. And my name is Lisa.
      Lisa Lorenz."

      I heard her call the band back over to start up again, but my eyes were on
      Marie. Trey, Lisa was right. The three of us weren't much like the others at
      Xavier's. And maybe that's why I wanted to take care of Marie so much.
      Because she was more like me than a girl her age should be.

      But that didn't make what I feel for her right. Of course, as long as I
      didn't act on those feelings I wasn't doing anything wrong.

      Shit. Two years won't kill me.
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