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FIC: Losing Control 3/? (PG-13 for Lang and stuff)

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  • marie/ rogue
    Well guys, I think this is going to be the last part for the night. I am pretty proud of getting 3 parts done tonight. Let me know what you think. Title:
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2000
      Well guys, I think this is going to be the last part for the night. I am
      pretty proud of getting 3 parts done tonight. Let me know what you think.

      Title: Losing Control
      Author: Tanya Miller
      Rating: R to NC-17 to be safe
      Summary: Sarah talks to Rogue and confronts Bobby
      Disclaimer: Not mine. Except for Sarah. Marvel and Fox own all recognisable


      Sarah sat on the garden bench, just staring at nothing. She couldn't stop
      thinking about Bobby. She knew that he was worried about losing control when
      they were together. She just had to get him to realise that she trusted him
      to be safe.

      "Sarah, what are you doin' over here all by your lonesome? Where's Bobby?"

      Sarah looked up at her sister. "Hey, Marie. I don't know where Bobby is."

      At the sound of tears in her sister's voice Rogue sat beside her and took
      Sarah's hand. "You want to talk about it?"

      "No that's ok. I already talked to Jean and she is going to talk to the

      "The Professor?! What happened?!"

      "It's Bobby. He is scared that he is going to lose control when he is with

      Rogue smiled and gave Sarah's hand a squeeze. "Is that all? Tell him losing
      control isn't that bad of a thing. Ah mean when Logan does he gets all growly

      "Not that 'lose control', Marie!" Sarah giggled. "He is scared he is going to
      lose control of his power and freeze me or something."

      Rogue blushed at her blunder. "Oh. Well, Ah am sure that the Professor can
      help." Spying Logan walking toward the woods, Rogue stood quickly. "Ah....Ah
      got to go....do...emm...." Trying to find a reason to leave so she could
      follow Logan, Rogue studdered.

      Smiling, Sarah couldn't resist teasing. "Logan. You have to go do Logan in
      the woods, right?"

      Blushing once more, Rogue ducked her head. "We don't always have sex you
      know...sometimes we talk."

      "Yeah right. Don't bother lying to me Marie. Now go on. Have fun." Sarah
      shooed her sister.

      Watching as Rogue ran toward the spot that Logan had entered the woods, Sarah
      found herself wishing that she and Bobby could be that free. Hearing someone
      coming up behind her, Sarah turned in her seat. Bobby stood just a few feet
      away. "Hi."

      "Hi. Was just talking to the Professor. He said that he thought that he
      should touch base with me and see how things were going. He said that he
      could tell that there was something bugging me." Shuffling his feet, unable
      to look at her because all he wanted to do was touch her. "I told him about
      us, about how when we kiss I lose control of it...my power. He told me that
      it was due to high emotions and that I just had to learn to control that just
      like I did when I first got my powers."

      "Makes sense. Do you want to sit down?" Sarah asked, pushing over on the
      bench to make more room for him.

      "Sure." Sitting down beside her, he clasped his hands together. "I also told
      him about some other stuff too. He said that he thought that I should tell
      you about it since it wasn't fair to you to hide what was going on since it
      involved you."

      Wanting to put him at ease, Sarah laid a hand on his. She noticed how cold
      his hands were and knew that he was struggling right now. "You can tell me
      anything, Bobby. I love you and nothing is going to change that."

      "I love you too, Sarah. More then you know. I am so scared that I will do
      something that will hurt you." Seeing Sarah about to protest, Bobby rested a
      finger on her lips. "No, let me finish. I have been having dreams lately
      where we are together and everything is so perfect. We are alone and we're
      ... " Blushing he stopped.

      "It's ok Bobby. I think I know what we're doing. I have those dreams too."
      Sarah said softly with a smile.

      "Yeah well, I doubt they end like mine do. Everything is going so great and
      then all of a sudden you are shaking and the air is cold and then you are
      screaming. Then everything just stops and you're frozen." Bobby pushes a
      hand through his hair, his aggitation obvious. "I am so scared that that will
      come true."

      Sarah reaches out and once again takes his hand. "Bobby, I'm not scared. I
      trust you. I know that you won't hurt me." Rushing on so that he can't
      protest, she continues "I know that when we are together your control slips
      and things get a bit chilly, but that is just part of loving you. I trust
      you. I know that you would never hurt me no matter what dreams you have had.
      Please, Bobby, trust that I love you and that I know that we will be ok.


      Moving quickly, Sarah leaned in and claimed his lips, silencing his protest.
      When he gasped, she took advantage of the opportunity and traced her tongue
      along his, deeping the kiss. She felt his hands come up to her shoulders as
      if to push her away but she reached up and grasped his head. Pulling back,
      she looked him right in the eye, her breath a white mist in the chill that
      surrounded them. "Don't push me away Bobby. Or I am going to have to do what
      I did to Logan and kick your ass till you realize that I am not losing you
      because you are scared of a little chill!"

      Smiling at her determination, Bobby whispered softly. "Well, since I can't
      heal like Logan, I guess I better not piss you off." Smiling he claimed her
      lips once more. Neither of them noticed the snow that fell softly around
      them. They were too busy to care.


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