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FIC: Losing Control 2/? (g)

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    Title: Losing Control Author: Tanya Miller Rating: R to NC-17 to be safe Summary: Sarah seeks out advice Disclaimer: Not mine. Except for Sarah. Marvel and
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      Title: Losing Control
      Author: Tanya Miller
      Rating: R to NC-17 to be safe
      Summary: Sarah seeks out advice
      Disclaimer: Not mine. Except for Sarah. Marvel and Fox own all recognisable


      "Jean, are you in here?"

      "Back here, Sarah."

      Sarah walked through the infirmary to the door that Jean's voice was coming
      from. When Sarah looked around the door frame she found Jean sitting in the
      middle of a huge mess. "What happened?"

      "Oh nothing much really. I was putting supplies away and was startled. I
      ended up dropping everything."

      "You shouldn't have tried to carry everything at once....how did you manage
      all that in the first place?" Sarah asked

      "I was testing how strong my telekineses is now. Wanting to see how much I
      could move at once. I guess I will have to remember to lock the door when I
      plan on doing this. That way Scott can't come in and scare the living
      daylights out of me again." Jean smiled

      Sarah joined Jean on the floor to help her pick up the supplies. "I was
      wondering if I could talk to you about something?"

      "Sure, Sarah, you can talk to me about anything? Is there something wrong?"
      Jean stopped picking up and looked at Sarah intently. "Did something

      "No, nothing happened. That's the problem..." Sarah said quietly

      "I don't understand" Jean wouldn't let herself search Sarah's mind for the
      answer. She wanted Sarah to tell her herself.

      "It's Bobby.....Everytime we get....close....he pulls away. He says he is
      scared to hurt me and I have told him that I know he wouldn't but he won't
      listen. He says that he is afraid that he would lose control and hurt me. I
      tried to tell him that I wasn't scared and that I trusted him but part of me
      thinks he is right. That he will lose control..." Sarah told Jean

      Jean looked at Sarah intently before speaking "What makes you think that he
      would lose control? Bobby has been controlling his mutation for sometime

      Sarah sighed and lowered her gaze. "When we are kissing...and it
      gets...intense....suddenly everything starts getting cold. When we pull back
      we can see our breathe and I can barely keep from shaking with the cold. He
      always panics and leaves as soon as we notice what is going on. I tried to
      tell him that it is ok, that I know that he won't hurt me but he always says
      that he already almost did and walks away. I know he is talking about the day
      that he froze Rogue. I have tried to tell him that it was an accident but he
      won't listen. He doesn't think I know, but St.John has told me that he has
      heard Bobby having nightmares at night. Talking in his sleep, saying that he
      is sorry, that he didn't mean to hurt me. St.John told me that there has been
      more then one occasion where he had to melt Bobby's bed after one of these

      Jean sat, thinking about everything that Sarah had just told her. "It sounds
      like Bobby is having trouble with his control. It isn't surprising. High
      emotions of puberty usually trigger a person's mutation and also cause a
      person's mutation to 'go off' unexpectly, so to speak. Bobby has made much
      ground in control but he is still learning. The anxiety of almost freezing
      you and instead freezing Rogue has hurt his confidence in his ability to
      control. And now with you... Well, his emotions are running high and that is
      also affecting his control. Perhaps the Professor could speak to him, help
      him regain some of his control." Jean suggested.

      "Would you? That would be great! Just don't mention that I talked to you
      though. I don't think he would like it. You know how men are." Sarah

      Jean had to laugh, thinking of Scott when she would talk about him with Storm.
      "Yes, I know how they can be. Don't worry. It will be our little secret."

      "Thanks, Jean!" Standing and giving Jean a quick hug, Sarah turned to walk
      away. Remembering something, she turned back. "How did you know it was me
      when I first came in?"

      Jean blushed slightly. "I have to admit that I cheated."

      Realising what Jean meant, Sarah smiled. "That's ok. Just as long is that is
      all you do is check to see which one I am." Quickly, she left the room before
      Jean could rope her into helping to pick up the mess.

      Jean looked around at the mess. "I'll pick it up later" and walked out of
      the infirmary on her way to speak to the professor.


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