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FIC: Losing Control 1/? (PG for this part)

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  • marie/ rogue
    Ok. Here is what I remember of the start. Hopefully I will have another part for you soon. Let me know what you think. I know this one is short but I
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 2000
      Ok. Here is what I remember of the start. Hopefully I will have another part
      for you soon. Let me know what you think. I know this one is short but I
      can't help it. I know that it was longer in the original that I lost but this
      is all that I can remember. Damn! I am going to cut off Emily's fingers to
      keep her away from my computer! Let me know what you think.

      Title: Losing Control
      Author: Tanya Miller
      Rating: R to NC-17 to be safe
      Summary: Bobby and Sarah talk about their relationship
      Disclaimer: Not mine. Except for Sarah. Marvel and Fox own all recognisable


      Sarah smiled as she watched her sister and Logan walking in the garden. She
      was glad that everything had worked out so well. Marie was happy and Logan
      was actually smiling for a change! Sarah nearly jumped out of her skin at the
      feel of a pair of arms wrapping around her from behind. She relaxed when she
      heard the owner of the arms speak softly in her ear.

      "Do you have any idea how beautiful you look today?"

      Turning in the arms that held her, Sarah lifted her own arms to wrap them
      around Bobby's neck. "I am sure that you are going to tell me." she said

      Bobby lowered his head to kiss Sarah gently on her lips. Pulling back
      reluctantly, he rest his forehead against her's. "I love you, Sarah. More
      then I have words to discribe. It's getting harder to stop...."

      "Who says you have to Bobby?" Sarah interrupted softly. "I know that I never
      did. I love you too, Bobby and I want to be with you."

      Bobby closed his eyes at the look of unguarded love in Sarah's eyes. "I know
      you never said that we had to...I am the one that said we do. I don't want to
      hurt you Sarah."

      "You would never hurt me Bobby. I know that." Sarah protested.

      Pulling back, Bobby couldn't meet her gaze. "I almost did once." The memory
      of almost freezing Sarah still haunted him. He never told her but he still
      had nightmares that he would hurt her, that he would freeze her. He found it
      hard to maintain control when he was around her. Once when they were kissing,
      he had pulled back and noticed that she was shaking and that their breaths
      were visible. He had pulled away quickly and made an excuse so that he could
      leave. He knew that he would never be able to forgive himself if he ever lost
      control and hurt her.

      "Bobby, that was an accident...." Sarah said quietly as she reached out a hand
      to him. The moment her hand made contact with his arm she flinched at the
      cold that was radiating from him. She felt her hand chill at the contact.

      Seeing Sarah flinch, and noticing that the air was chilling, Bobby pulled away
      quickly. He was too upset right now to maintain control. "I should go." he
      said as he turned and started to run away.

      "Bobby! Wait!" Sarah called after him. "Please Bobby, wait!"

      "I can't Sarah. I don't trust myself right now. I don't want to hurt you."
      he called back as he disappeared into the house.

      Sarah felt the tears burning her eyes. She knew that Bobby loved her just as
      much as she loved him, but he was so afraid of hurting her that he was
      holding back. She just wished that she could show him that it was ok. That
      she trusted him. Sitting down on one of the garden benches, she let the tears
      fall. "Oh Bobby. How can I show you that I don't care about the dangers?
      That I want to take that chance, if only to be loved by you?"


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