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Fanfic: Fever Dreams 17/?

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  • teufelce@aol.com
    Title: Fever Dreams (17/?) Author: Chris (Teufelce@aol.com) Genre: Character study/Action/Romance Pairing:
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      Title: Fever Dreams (17/?)
      Author: Chris (Teufelce@...)
      Genre: Character study/Action/Romance
      Pairing: Wolverine/original female character
      Rating: R profanity
      Summary: Kiara's memories are explored...
      Thanks to: "A very good friend... yeah, she knows who she is..." -
      whom I never would've written this. Thanks, Z...
      Disclaimer: The characters of X-Men (i.e. Logan, Professor Xavier, etc.)
      to Marvel Comics and Twentieth Century Fox Pictures.
      This story is
      for entertainment purposes only and no copyright
      infringement is
      Archive: Hell yes, just let me know where!

      Jean, Scott and the Professor were waiting for them in the medlab. The
      moment the doors slid open to reveal the stark, sterile lab, with all its
      shiny metal surfaces, Kiara's grip on Logan's hand tightened to the point of
      pain. The overwhelming scent of her fear in the air almost drove him to turn
      right around and drag her out of there, and to hell with the whole thing. He
      was on the verge of doing just that, when Kiara turned her head towards him
      and gave a tiny shake of her head. Almost as if she'd known what he was
      thinking. When she turned back to face the others, there was a carefully
      arranged smile on her face. And yet her fear hadn't diminished, it seemed to
      grow with every step they took. Logan's brain was screaming at him, <This is
      wrong. A mistake. Get her out of here... Now.> Again, Kiara turned to him,
      her grip on his hand bringing him to a sudden halt. She reached up with her
      free hand and tenderly brushed his cheek.

      "Logan, I may be frightened. But I need to do this. No matter what," she
      swallowed, her voice shaky, "no matter what they find, I don't regret any of
      this. Not if it means having you back..." Her voice trailed off and she
      leaned into him, her forehead resting agaist his, as he tilted his head down
      towards her. They remained like that for several minutes, just staring into
      each other's eyes, until a polite cough from the Professor gained their

      "Kiara... if this is too much for you, we can hold off until you're ready,"
      he said, his voice warm and kind. Kiara shook her head.

      "No, I'm ready now. But...." she stopped, hesitant.


      "Would it be too much to ask that Jean be the one who... who looks into my
      mind?" Jean started at Kiara's surprising request and then a smile lit up
      her face.

      "Not at all. Jean is more than advanced enough in her telepathy to
      accomplish what you ask. I will link with her, to provide any necessary
      guidance, but Jean will be the only one linked directly with you. Now, it
      would be best if you were laying down for this, so please follow Jean and
      she'll help you get settled on one of the examination tables. It may take
      some time to sift through your memories and we would'nt want you to be
      uncomfortable during that time." Kiara nodded, and slowly letting go of
      Logan's hand, followed Jean towards one corner of the medlab, where a padded
      table stood alone. As Logan moved towards them, Xavier's hand on his arm
      stopped him.

      "Logan, it would be best if you watched this from a distance," came the soft

      "What?" Instant anger threatened to overwhelm Logan and he had to struggle
      not to jerk his arm out of the older man's grasp.

      "Your emotions are very... strong. If you're too close to Kiara while Jean
      is linking with her, it may make it too difficult to tell Kiara's memories
      from yours. I'm not asking you to leave, Logan - I would never do that. I
      am only asking that you stay at least ten feet away from Kiara until it's
      over. It will make it easier on Kiara." Despite what his instincts were
      screaming at him, Logan nodded reluctantly. With one last glare at Scott,
      who'd stood silent for the whole exchange, he stalked over to the corner of
      the lab, yanked a chair over to the farthest wall from the table where Kiara
      now lay, and sat down with a sullen grunt. Jean, who sat in a matching chair
      at Kiara's head, looked over at him, a sympathetic smile on her face.

      "I won't hurt her, Logan." His eyes narrowed at her words.

      "See that you don't," was his growled response. Jean nodded once at him, and
      then looked back down at Kiara, her hands hovering at the sides of the other
      woman's head.

      "Are you ready, Kiara?" A mute nod. "Okay, then close your eyes and try to
      relax. It may feel a little... odd, but I promise it won't hurt." Kiara
      obediently shut her eyes, and Jean placed her hands against the sides of her
      head and closed her own eyes. Time seemed to slow to a crawl in the lab, as
      the Professor sat in his wheelchair directly behind Jean, his eyes also
      closed in concentration. Scott leaned against the wall a short distance
      away, face expressionless as he periodically glanced over at where Logan sat
      hunched in the chair, eyes focused on Kiara's face. Minute after long minute
      passed in silence, turning into an hour. Then two, as the trio at the table
      remained completely motionless...

      The silence was suddenly broken by a strangled sound from Jean. As tears
      began to trickle out of her tightly closed eyes to run down her cheeks,
      Kiara's body began to shake and tremble. Logan shot out of his chair with a
      force that sent it flying. Scott pushed off the wall and intercepted him
      halfway to the table.

      "Logan, no - not while they're still both linked," the young man warned, a
      hand came up to press against Logan's chest and he stopped, staring down at

      "Get. Your. Hand. Off. Me." Each word was bitten off by a fury that
      threatened to drive him right over the edge. Only the Professor's voice kept
      him from burying his claws in the other man's chest.

      "Scott, let Logan go. They're both coming out of it now." Xavier's voice
      sounded weary and weighed down by a sadness that sent a shiver straight into
      Logan's soul. He looked over Scott's shoulder, to see Kiara sitting up on
      the table, her head bowed in her hands. Her shoulders shaking... Jean stood
      beside her, one hand on her back. Comforting... The smell of salt tears was
      so strong in the air, it stung Logan's nose... He began to walk slowly
      towards her, his legs threatening to give out underneath the unexplainable
      fear coursing through him.

      "Kiara..." Her name came out as a whisper, but her head whipped up at the
      sound of his voice. The look on her face turned his feet to cement and he
      ground to a halt. Such fear, such pain... such resentment. She mouthed the
      word 'no' at him, holding a hand out to ward him off. Ward *him* off... He
      fought to breath with lungs that didn't want to work. Jean looked from him
      to the professor, tears still streaming down her own face as she pulled Kiara
      closer to her, and closed her eyes in concentration.

      "Logan," Xavier said quietly. "It seems that Jean encountered more than just
      Kiara's memories of the experiment and of... of her miscarriage." The
      Professor's voice stopped, as if he found himself unable or unsure of how to
      continue. That frightened Logan. Frightened him badly...

      "What else did she find?" He had to force himself to speak, to ask despite a
      sudden overwhelming desire *not* to know. Not to know what had done this to
      Jean and to Kiara... not to know what had put that look in her eyes when
      she'd seen *him*... Xavier took a deep breath and then continued slowly.

      "Apparently, the men who were responsible for... what was done to you, they
      convinced Kiara to go along with them. You were evidently being too
      'difficult' for them to proceed as planned, and they needed your compliance
      to continue. They told her that you'd been injured and were in serious
      condition. Once they had her inside the lab, they showed her to you.
      They... she... was raped and sodomized in front of you and they threatened to
      kill her unless they had your full cooperation. It was only when she healed
      immediately after their.. violations, that they discovered her own healing
      powers. And made her a part of their program..." Xavier's voice trailed off
      into silence again and Logan was vaguely aware of Scott coming up to stand
      beside him.

      "Because of me..." Then his world shattered into a thousand splinters. He
      couldn't breath. His eyes stared out at them all but nothing registered.
      Only the pain. The unbearable, crushing pain inside that was tearing him
      into pieces. A part of him was dimly aware of Scott's voice, of the younger
      man's hands on his arms, trying to stop him as he spun and headed for the
      door. That same small part was able to keep the claws sheathed as he threw
      Scott against the wall with a howl of pain and ran. Ran out of that sterile,
      white room... Ran through the halls to the outside... Jumped on the
      motorcycle and tore off down the drive, voices shouting after him...

      Trees whipped past him in a blur, as the bike screamed around the curves of
      the road. His heart was thudding in his chest and he couldn't see. Couldn't
      see the road, couldn't see where the bike was even headed. Didn't care...
      When the bike skidded out from under him on a patch of damp leaves, his body
      hit the paved road and he tumbled endlessly, finally coming to a stop against
      a tree on the side of the road. Lay there staring at the sky, feeling the
      ripped and torn skin healing, feeling the broken ribs and leg knitting back
      together... Felt his body bleeding inside from a pain that wasn't physical.
      A pain that his abilities could never heal. Because of him... It had been
      because of him... what had been done to her... all because of him...

      End of Chapter 17
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