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    forgive my lack of spelling abilities...i fixed the end... quite..not quiet. ... Title: Petunia By: Peachy Teaser: new student comes to Xavier s school with a
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      forgive my lack of spelling abilities...i fixed the end...
      quite..not quiet.

      Title: Petunia
      By: Peachy
      Teaser: new student comes to Xavier's school with a unique gift
      Rating: PG
      Genre: drama, comedy

      Petunia sat outside staring at the gates. She'd been there for about
      two hours already. She had no where else to go. She lived and grew
      up in an orphanage, going from home to home since she could
      remember. Finally she ran away at 13 and haven't been back since.
      She didn't know if she was a mutant of not. She heard rumors about
      this school and decided to track it down and come here. She wasn't
      positive they could help her but she thought it was worth a try at
      least. She only got as far as the gates. She didn't know what to do
      so she sat there on the stump debating.
      She was an ordinary girl, plain with long, curly mossy hair. She had
      freckles from head to toe and a small case of acne on her face. She
      was pudgy, but not overly heavy, with a round face. It was getting
      dusk and cool but she just wrapped her jacket around her tighter and
      stuck her hands in her pockets to get warm.


      Dinner inside was just being served. Scott no sooner sat down to eat
      as Xavier wheeled up to him asking a favor.
      "We have a visitor outside."
      "A young woman, she's been sitting out there for about two hours now,
      debating whether or not to come in. I thought she might come in on
      her own but she hasn't yet. Why don't you go invite her in for
      "Sure." Scott agrees and puts down his fork and heads out to the
      front gate.


      As he approached the front gate he saw the figure more clearly and it
      began to take the shape of a young girl about 16 he guessed. She was
      staring of in to oblivion.

      "Gonna sit there all night?" Scott blurted out.
      "AHHHHH!!!!!!" she was startled and not expecting anyone.
      He scared her half to death and she jumped four feet in the air in
      "Sorry…" Scott quickly apologized.
      She settled down and smiled again. Scott opened the gate and went
      out to meet her.
      "Would you like to come in?"
      "I don't know?" she said honestly.
      "Why not?"
      "It says school for the gifted and I know that means mutants."
      "If you don't mind me asking, are you a mutant?"
      "Doctors told me no but somethin' ain't right up here." Points to her
      "Well were not all bad people."
      "Oh no, I'm not anti-mutant or anything. In fact my best friend was
      a mutant and she could make herself invisible and those she touched,
      we'd get into so much trouble, you couldn't believe."
      Scott smiled; he could image what two kids with the power to be
      invisible could do.
      "You're still welcome to come in?"
      "I don't know?"
      "I got an idea. Why don't you come in, have dinner. You can talk to
      Professor Xavier and maybe he can help you. You stay the night, then
      if you want to leave in the morning you're free to go on, no one will
      stop you. It's better then spending the night out here cold and
      "Got a point there…sounds like a good plan to me."
      Scott extends his hand and Petunia takes it. "I'm Scott Summers."
      "Petunia…I know don't say it. I was named by a 96 year old nun. God
      rest her soul." She did the sign of the cross.
      He smiled at her, opened the gate for her and motioned for her to go
      Such a gentleman, Petunia though but…"Better you go first that way
      you'll be upwind. It isn't pleasant but I haven't exactly had the
      chance to shower in the past couple of days."
      "We've got gallons of hot water waiting for you too."
      "OOOOoooooo." She smiled and followed him to the mansion.


      Upon entering, she met Dr. Jean Grey and Xavier. Jean showed her to
      a room to stay in at least for the night. It was the nicest room
      Petunia had ever slept in.
      Her jaw dropped to the floor, "This is gorgeous. I feel like Queen
      Elizabeth herself! I get to stay here?!"

      Jean saw how just a simple room made this girl excited and smile,
      "Yes, you can stay here to night."
      She ran like a six year old and jumped on the bed. It was so soft
      and fluffy. Petunia sank right into it. Storm came bringing her all
      the necessary toiletry items: shampoo, soap, toothbrush, tooth paste,
      saving gel, razor, towels, deodorant, etc.
      "This should be everything you need," Storm smiled at the new comer.
      Petunia still did not see Storm yet but mumble from inside the
      bathroom as she was checking the place out. "Thanks a bunch. Always
      important to make a good first impression."

      She finally came out and saw Storm's white hair.
      "Might I say that is the purest white I have ever seen, like
      untouched snow. I love it! It's better then this mousy dirt brown
      "Thank you for saying so." Storm said. "My name is Storm."
      "Petunia. Named by a 96 year old nun, God rest her sole." She did
      the station of the cross again.
      Clothes were even given to her to change into.
      "Wow, you guys are really too much."

      Jean smiled at Petunia. Jean only met her a few minutes ago and she
      was already a breath of fresh air around here.
      "It's ok. You can wash up and I'll be back and take you to dinner."
      "Can I ask what's for grub?"
      "Fried chicken, potatoes, corn, stuffing and a few other things."
      "My mouth is already watering." She grabbed the stuff and headed for
      the shower. "I'll be done in ten!"


      Word buzzed around the dinning hall that a new girl was on campus.
      Rumors of her mutant powers flowed; from being laser eyes like
      Scott's to superman strength. Some even said she had green hair with
      antennas. Scott quickly quelled all the rumors. They didn't even
      know if she was a mutant or if she was staying here at all.


      Petunia finally came in with Jean into the dinning hall. Scott
      looked over at the clean-up version of Petunia. All that dirt he saw
      was still there but he recognized it now as hundreds of freckles all
      Rogue was eager to meet the new student and motioned for her to come
      sit with them after she got her food.
      "Hey, my names Rogue." Everyone went around and introduced
      "What's yours?" Bobby asked.
      "Petunia." She got weird looks and explained as usual, "I was named
      by a 96 year old nun. God rest her soul." She did the stations of
      the cross again.
      She turned toward Rogue, "Rogue, that's kind of a different name too"
      Jubilee explained that they all had other names that relate to their
      mutations like Iceman, Cyclopes, Wolverine, Storm, etc.

      "Oh, I always wanted a nick name… someone said Pat, but Pat really
      sucks just as bad as Petunia and then I thought about Patti, like
      Peppermint Patti my favorite Peanut's character, but when I say Patti
      no one thinks of Peppermint Patti, but if I used Peppermint Patti
      it's longer then my real name and shouldn't a nick name be smaller
      then your real name or else what's the point? So I'm stuck with
      Petunia, thank a lot Sister Mary, God rest her soul." Crossing
      herself again.
      She almost said that all in one breath.

      They talked a bit about how they each came to the school and how
      Petunia got here. She explained her life in the orphanage and about
      all her parents. She changed from one set to another about every
      year. Usually going back to the orphanage, to a home, to the
      orphanage. Finally she left. She kept being shifted and she never
      knew why no one wanted her for that long.

      Everyone then explained their powers, except Rogue.
      "What about you?" Jubilee wondered if the new chick was a mutant.
      "Oh, doctors say I'm not a mutant but I know somthin' ain't right, I
      just don't know how to explain it."

      St. John and Gambit finally finished up their lab assignment and came
      in for dinner and sat down with the gang.
      They introduced themselves.
      "You guys have weird names too, but better then Petunia. I got stuck
      being named by a 96 year old nun, God rest her soul," and crosses
      herself again.
      "Why do you do that every time you talk about Sister Mary?"
      "Well I hate the name Petunia, if you couldn't tell. I was just
      bitter at Sister Mary when I was growing up for naming me that, (God
      rest her soul) and she finally kicked the bucket at 108, I thought
      well deserved. I apparently was a devil child in thinking that and
      Sister Bernedette told me all the wonderful things Sister Mary did
      during her life to help others and how self sacrificing she was,
      loving God. It made me feel guilty but not too guilty because my
      permanent name scarred me for life. So every time I say her name I
      always try to over come my bitterness by saying God rest her soul and
      trying to remember all the good things Sister Bernedette told me
      about her. It's not easy."
      "You're certifiable weird." St. John blurted out.
      Katherine smacked him, "St. John that was not nice!"
      Petunia just laughed.
      "I meant it in a good way!" St. John tried apologizing.


      After dinner Petunia went to go meet with Xavier, the principal
      figure here at this school. Xavier told her a bit about the school
      and Petunia was very impressed.
      "This place is cool!"
      "So what brings you here?"
      "I thought you might be able to help me."
      "With what?"
      "I'm not a mutant but I can do this thing, it's hard to explain. I
      can't control it, it just happens by itself when I touch people."
      "Can you elaborate any?" Jean asked.
      "This is gonna sound really stupid but I tell you by God, it is the
      Xavier to feel that she was totally sincere.
      "I make people happy."
      Scott couldn't hold back a snicker and Jean gave him an evil glare.
      "I told you it was stupid."
      "I'm sorry, " Scott apologized, "It's just you seem to make people
      happy because of who you are. You don't even have to touch them."
      She was bubbly person.
      "Thanks, but it's more then that, I can't explain it."
      "Can you show us in any way?"
      "I can't control it, it just happens."

      Xavier felt like she was telling the truth, Jean didn't see anything
      to think Petunia had any gift. Scott didn't care either way.

      Through mind communication Jean cast her doubts and Xavier asked her
      to at least to check and see if she was a mutant. Jean agreed.

      "I believe you Petunia. I think it best if we first have Jean check
      you over just to make sure you don't have that mutant gene …then we
      can take it from there… agreed?"
      "Okay. Will needles be involved in this medical procedure? I don't
      like needles."
      "I'll make it as painless as possible, I promise." Jean smiled to
      easy her fears.

      One the way down Jean couldn't help but smile while talking to this
      girl. She was so cheery and easy to talk to and listen to. He
      stories were long winded but interesting. Some were down right

      They took the elevator and Petunia commented, "Neat, this is just
      like the bat cave," and she hummed the Batman theme song.
      As they walked to t he med-lab they passed the weight room and Logan
      came out shirtless.

      Jean and Logan said hi and he glanced down and smiled at the new
      Petunia thought to her self, "Hunka hunka burnin' love. Wow!"
      Jean wasn't expecting it and heard her thoughts through her mental
      telepathy and snickered.
      "Did you just hear that?" Petunia asked.
      "I'm sorry."
      "Oh no, that's ok. Neat gift you got there, do you do anything
      "Just watch…"
      And they began the exam and Jean had to take a blood sample. She
      used her telekinesis to dance around tongue depressors to occupy
      Petunia's mind as she poked her and drew blood.
      "All done." Jean said.
      "So, What's the prognosis doc? Am I gonna live?"
      Jean thought she was unique. Always had some comment that drew a
      smile from her face.
      "You'll know by morning. Now here's your medicine." Jean wrote down
      a prescription for ice cream, three scoops minimum."
      "Woo hoo! Can you be my personal physician more often?!"


      Storm showed her to the kitchen and the ice cream stash. She gave
      her a bit of a tour around the school while they ate and they wound
      up in the TV room with everyone else watching SNL.
      Everyone was there, except the white streak hair girl…Rogue, that's
      it. Iceman/Bobby guy came in looking upset but no Rogue. Petunia
      knew they were going out, hard to miss that one.
      Petunia went in search of Rogue. She hated to see people alone.
      It's not a good thing. Finally she found her crying in the library.
      Petunia hated to see people upset and crying. There is so much joy
      in life, one can't mope around with the bad stuff for too long. She
      went in and sat beside Rogue. She had been nice to her, inviting her
      to her table for dinner. Petunia wanted to try and help if


      "I'm sorry Petunia." She looked up, "can I be alone for a while?"
      "Sure but first," she put her arm around Rogue's shoulder for a
      friendly hug, "don't you ever be afraid to talk to someone. There is
      always a friend who cares about you to turn too, you're never

      Rogue finally felt it, skin. She was shocked but felt calm and at
      ease, somehow knowing it was ok. She turned to look at where
      Petunia's hand rest. Between her glove and her sleeve, right on her
      exposed arm. She felt a tingle but it wasn't like anything else
      before. She was pulling in something but it wasn't Petunia's life or
      memories but…calm, love, peace, understanding, compassion. She lost
      her sadness and anger. The minds in her head quieted, no longer
      overwhelming, but organized and coherent. She felt love… she did
      love and was loved.

      Rogue smiled and looked at Petunia. She was touching her, healing
      her broken heart. She took off her glove and placed Petunia's hand
      in her own, staring at it in awe, there was contact.

      Logan and Jean passed by the library and the door was open. They
      both started mouths gaping open at what they witnessed, both too
      stunned to speak.

      "How are you doing this?"
      "I don't know, it just happens."
      Rogue hugged Petunia, "thank you." Rogue now cried for a different
      reason, she was filled with joy.
      "Don't mention it. You want to catch SNL and Conan?"
      Rogue smiled, "yeah."
      She put her glove back on and they went out of the room, just walking
      passes Logan and Jean as if nothing happened.
      The two stared looking at each other for confirmation of what they
      just saw.
      They turned and followed the two back to the TV room.


      Rogue went in an apologized to Bobby. He was still mad but couldn't
      be angry forever at Rogue. It still hurt and you could see it in his
      eyes, he wanted to make up but what ever happened hung over him.
      Petunia put a hand on his arm and smiled.
      "Listen, I've only been here for a few hours and I already know you
      guys are too cute together to argue over something stupid. Forgive
      and forget. What they say is true, love beats all odds. So what do
      you say?" she eyes Bobby.

      He felt tingly all over and what ever bothered him melted away. He
      looked at Petunia and his anger calmed and felt happiness shower over
      him. He took Rogue and gave her a hug, telling her he was sorry
      And then he turned back to Petunia, "thank you."

      Katherine finally butted in, "Finally someone knocked some sense into
      you two! I've been trying to do that for months and Petunia did it in
      ten minutes!"
      Bobby apologized and both Rogue and Bobby turned to Petunia in
      amazement. Rogue went on to explain how Petunia touched her. Jean
      and Logan watched and listened.
      "…and nothing happened."
      Petunia was confused, "so…what was suppose to happen?"
      Rogue never explained her powers to her.
      "Well when people touch my skin, I take their memories and basically
      suck their life away. Not a pretty thing."
      Jubilee thought what Petunia did was amazing, "can you do that again."
      "Why not."
      "It' gone. I can feel it and then I use it but if it's gone, most
      likely she'd kill me then." She turned looking at Rogue. "It comes
      and goes, I can't explain it. But it's there when needed."

      After everyone went to bed, Logan and Jean talked some more to Bobby
      and Rogue about what happened and then sent them off to bed. This
      was truly a puzzle.


      The next day after breakfast there was a group meeting to discuss
      Petunia. Everyone showed up to listen in and solve the mystery.
      No solution came but Xavier was interested in this young girl.
      "Well I can see that you are very gifted young lady…"
      "But," Jean had her results, "you're not a mutant."
      "I would like it still if you'd like to stay with us here at the
      school." Xavier added.

      Boy did she ever. She had in one evening more friends and fun and a
      sense of home then she ever felt.
      "You'd have to attend classes and study while you're here." Scott
      "Well, I haven't been to school since I was 13, guess there might be
      more to learn."
      There was a pause.
      "How much is somethin' like this gonna cost, cause I'll have to get a
      job. I don't have any money."
      "Nothing…we try to help those kids who need it," Storm added.
      "Then, I'd love to enroll!"'


      Everyone else was happy she was staying on as well. She'd have to
      take classes with the 13 year olds to catch up, but the gang said
      that if she needed any help, they'd be there for her.

      She loved everyone as well, they were wonderful to her.

      She liked St. John the best. Besides being cute, he was hysterical
      and could make her laugh always.
      Monday came and classes were to start. The alarm went off and she
      just tucked the covers up over her head and ignored it. Finally a
      hand came up and shock her, it was Jubilee.
      "Time to get up!"
      Petunia poked her head out, the sun wasn't even up yet. Was this
      girl insane?!
      She mumbled and retreated further under the security of her blankets.
      "Come on," Jubilee pulled them off of her and she was exposed to the
      harsh cold of the morning. She in turn hid her head in the pillow.
      Muffled sounds came from the bed, "why so early?"
      "We have to run."
      "Run!" she was confused as to why. She finally trudged out of bed
      and got up, tired but can't really be grumpy. She became a walking

      She came out and there was Mr. Hunky Man as the running coach. At
      least somethin' to look at in the morning. They started to stretch.
      Petunia wasn't exactly thin or in shape but she tried her best.

      "Ok, " the gruffy man said…"four miles today, lets go."

      Petunia's jaw dropped and eyes bulged out. …"Four miles! Wait I don't
      think I heard that right."
      But everyone started running,. She trotted along keeping pace for a
      bout the first mile. And then slowly fell back.

      She just mumbled as everyone passed her…"you…you guys… go on ahead…
      I'll… be right there." She clutched her side and fell to grass in a
      giant X formation, out of breath.
      She wasn't sure how much time had passed, but eventually Mr. Big
      Hunky Man was blocking the rising sun from her eyes.
      "Comfy?" he said in his low scruffy voice.
      "I'm coming Mr. Logan sir, just have to catch my breath. Didn't
      think I was joining the state militia here. It's like boot camp."
      "You'll make it, I know. Just take some time and extra practice.
      Need any help just let me know."
      "Oh yeah, sure, " she wasn't too confident about that.

      "Coming to breakfast?
      "On what?"
      "Well Mr. Logan sir, I can't move."
      He smiled and extends his hand.
      "Ok, just catch my hand as it flies by ok. I think I only have
      enough energy to do this once…ready???"

      She flung her shoulder around and her arm flapped in the air, out of
      control and he caught her hand.
      He jerked really hard and she went flying up and almost over but he
      caught her.

      "Thank you Mr. Logan sir."
      "You're welcome, but just call me Logan."
      "Don't you have a last name? Students should always say Mr. or Mrs.
      something or other. First names sound weird."
      "No I don't have a last name, and most older students at least use
      our first names. So just Logan."


      She went to go eat. Her classes were fun, despite being the oldest
      in them. She liked learning though and missed it. She couldn't
      believe what a nerd she was. Math was her favorite subject and come
      so easy to her.

      She met again with Xavier and Jean to see if they could find out what
      makes her…special.
      She allowed Jean to roam through her mind. Inside Jean found a mix
      of things.

      From loving households to those where parents were drunk and abusive,
      divorce fighting. In each one she tried to reach out but she could
      only provide love where it can grow. A way to describe is one can't
      grow a rose without first a seed of some sort of a desire to help it
      grow, with water, care, etc. If people don't want to change she
      couldn't force it. Other times she provided hope to people, love,
      forgiveness, caring. She made people feel at peace and new again.
      Jean though that her life was amazing. There was a lot of crap in
      with the good but that was how life was anyway. She fluctuated
      between homes a lot because of troubled households or because they
      were just temporary homes for orphans till a permanent adoption was
      made. No one ever permanently adopted her, so she had many moms and
      dads, loving all of them no matter what. Jean had to laugh at the
      way Petunia looked at and admired Sister Mary and the rest of the
      nuns at her orphanage. Still no sign as to how her gift came about
      except that she always had it, unlike mutations that develop at


      She left and went back to her homework, which was easy and she
      finished quickly so she could roam about the mansion. Later that
      night she couldn't sleep. She had too much excitement for one day.
      She thought she'd be tired from the morning run but was filled with
      energy. Finally she made it to the library. She liked reading and
      roamed to find a good book amongst the shelves, a story that would be
      filled with adventure and romance. She could always be the heroine
      or the damsel saved by prince charming. Her favorite story lines.

      Logan walked around the halls and then into the library. Petunia
      heard he was a very private man but Rogue knew him. She said deep
      down he was a big softy but not let him know that or spread it
      around. Petunia said she'd take it too her grave and she meant it.

      "Shouldn't you be asleep?"
      "No, shouldn't you. It is late." Petunia replied.
      "No, " he retaliated, "you should go to bed, have school tomorrow."
      "Yeah, but no morning running. I 'm not very tired."

      Logan growled. This girl was stubborn.

      "Students shouldn't be roamin' around at night by themselves."
      "Ok then, I'll roam with you, that way I have adult supervision."

      Oh… she was getting annoying.

      She knew she was annoying him but did it anyway. She knew when she
      was tired, no one had to tell her when to go to bed. She only went
      to the library, why should she have to go to bed, not like she was
      going anywhere restricted.

      "Fine, you can stay up here and read."
      "Oh no Mr. Logan sir, sorry, Logan. I don't want to break any school
      rules on my first week here."

      She got up and walked over to him. She would follow him. Why… she
      didn't know, but this was fun to a point.
      He was grumpy and she would stay with him until he was un-grumpy,
      even if it meant bugging him all night.
      He knew now the only way for her to go to bed was to go to bed
      "Fine, I'll goin' to bed."
      "Ok then, I will to."

      They walked back and the first room was his. He didn't want to
      sleep, too much bothering him tonight for some reason.
      Petunia knew he didn't want to sleep. So she placed a hand on his arm
      and smiled.

      "Good nigh and don't let the bed bugs bite!" She smiled as her face
      filled with freckles lite up her eyes and her sort of white teeth.

      Logan thought to himself… who was this kid? Didn't have an opinion of
      her yet, so far, not too good.

      Then he felt the worries of his day fade away, fears of dreams vanish
      and the turmoil that usually accompanies his mind, forgotten memories
      and the urge to find the truth vaporized. He felt the things Rogue
      and Bobby had described when Petunia touched them. She knew what she
      was doing to him and he didn't know how to thank her. Maybe she
      wasn't half as bad and annoying as he first thought.

      She started to remove her hand but he placed his over it and held it
      there. He felt a sense of freedom he hadn't felt in…well forever.

      "How do you do this?"
      "I don't know?"
      "Thank you." He looked into her eyes, very sincere in his words.

      Leave it too Petunia to lighten to mood.

      "Don't mention it Mr big hunky man." She clasped her hard over her
      mouth and then leaned in and whispered…"Did I just say that out load?"

      He laughed and said, "Yes… and I told you, Logan is just fine."

      Her checks turned beat red. "Well, since I have embarrassed myself
      for one evening, I bid you adieu."

      He let her hand go and went to bed.

      He slept more soundly then he ever had before, thanks to the perky
      girl, Petunia.

      Petunia stayed on at the school and was a ray of sunshine towards
      everyone. She didn't have one enemy and no one had a bad thing to
      say about her. Sure she sometimes carried on and on with stories and
      her talking but always a cheerful sound to listen too. She made
      everyone smile, even without touching them.

      Xavier knew she had a gift.
      Jean explained it best, "She's blessed. She loves people, cares about
      them and she gives of herself constantly. God is with her. Love is
      with her."

      Then one day Bobby came in with a bloody nose and holding it with his
      hands. Petunia was right there following, apologizing profusely.

      "I'm so sorry, please, forgive me, I' sorry. It was an accident, I
      didn't mean to do it, don't be mad at me please, what can it do to
      make it up to you?" She rambled on and on.

      Logan followed her into the med-room. He explained that they had
      been playing a game and Bobby surprised Petunia who wasn't playing at
      the time and her reflex actions kicked it and she punched him in the
      face in the most girly style fashion. Pop!…right on the nose.

      Scott tried hard to contain his laughter at the visual image it
      created but it was no use…Bobby didn't look that amused though.

      Petunia…there was no one quite like her.
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