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A Time To Panic

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  • Jaguarita J. H.
    Title: A Time To Panic Author: Mac E-mail: mac_xavier@yahoo.com Disclaimer: Duh! If I owned them Storm and Jean would be in the middle of a torrid lesbian
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 28, 2000
      Title: A Time To Panic
      Author: Mac
      E-mail: mac_xavier@...
      Disclaimer: Duh! If I owned them Storm and Jean would be in the middle of a
      torrid lesbian love-fest. Scott would be dating someone named Raul or
      something and Wolverine would have found away around Rogue's mutation! Now
      Warning!!: Blatant Author and Siblings Insertion! Run NOW!!
      Summary: Wolverine returns to the mansion to find the X-men in a panic over
      three mutant sisters.
      Type: Sillyfic
      Rating: PG (Logan calls Scott a dickhead.)

      "Hi, Logan," Jean said as she ran past him with an arm load of wrapping
      paper. "Welcome home!"

      Logan blinked. Okay, so he hadn't expected the hot looking redhead to throw
      herself in his arms and declare that she was leaving the dickhead for him,
      but he hadn't expected to be half run down by her either. The wrapping paper
      implied that people were getting gifts, but for the life of him Logan
      couldn't remember if there was a holiday coming up other than Halloween.

      "What the hell is going on here?" he grumbled to himself as he made his way
      through the halls toward Xavier's office.

      The Professor looked up at him blankly when Logan opened the door. "Oh,
      Logan. I was unaware that you had returned."

      "What's the problem, Wheels? Jean nearly ran me down and there was this dick
      in the hall that I *think* was Scooter mumbling something about blonde,
      redhead, and streaks." Logan's eyes narrowed at the mess on Xavier's desk.
      "And you look like the gift wrap counter of Macys's on Christmas Eve. What

      "The blonde, redhead and streaks, I'm afraid," Xavier sighed. "They are our
      newest students here and today is their birthday. If you wouldn't mind
      lending me a hand, Logan? Or rather, a claw? Kitty ran off with my scissors
      a moment ago."

      Logan grunted and ran one slightly extended claw across the sheet of
      wrapping paper. "So?"

      "The girls have never had a proper birthday party," Xavier explained as he
      neatly folded the paper around a small flat box. "We discovered them in an
      institution for the insane in Oklahoma only a few months ago."

      "What made you think they were mutants?" Logan asked as he cut another swath
      of paper for Xavier.

      "The one with the streaks in her hair is the most obvious. Her mutant
      ability is to change into a rather large feline creature that resembles a
      jaguar. The streaks manifest as golden markings on a dark pelt." Xavier
      reached for a piece of tape and secured the paper to the second box. "The
      blonde can generate and control a field of negative energy at will. It
      manifests as a black and red nimbus around her in the shape of some sort of
      bird. The redhead as yet to display any type of mutation, but has a rather
      disturbing affinity for sharp objects."

      "How long were they locked up?"

      "Most of their lives," Xavier sighed. "According to their files, they never
      spoke a word until they arrived here."

      "So what's the panic? If they've never had a party before won't this kind of
      shock them?" Logan frowned at the thought of keeping three little kids
      locked up.

      "Perhaps you'll understand once you meet them." Xavier smiled slightly.
      "They're in the garden with Rogue."

      Logan grunted again and cut one more piece of paper for the Professor before
      going off to track down Rogue. He didn't know what he was expecting to find
      with her, three wide eyed little kids maybe. He was most certainly not
      expecting to be knocked on his ass by the redhead. He really didn't expect
      to not be able to move her from where she was perched on his chest with one
      knee on his windpipe and an ice cold look in her eyes.

      "Ephie! No! Don't hurt him!" Rogue was shouting as she ran toward them.
      "That's Logan!"

      'Ephie' blinked down at Logan and quickly took the pressure off his throat.
      "Oh. Sorry."

      "Get off o'me," Logan managed to rasp. He scrambled to his feet with a wary
      expression as soon as the redhead rolled away. He eyed the three new
      students weren't kids. They were full grown damned near identical triplets.
      "Well, this is a surprise."

      Rogue just grinned at him. "Logan, these are Ephie, Jag, and Mac."

      The girls nodded simultaneously.

      "I'm Mac," grumbled the blonde with a sour look in Logan's direction.

      The one with the streaks in her hair looked away and mumbled, "I'm Jag."

      "And I'm Ephie," said the redhead. She blushed faintly. "Sorry about the
      flying tackle."

      Logan grunted. "It was a good hit. Where'd you learn it?"

      Ephie shrugged. "Dunno." Her eyes drifted off to follow the flight of a leaf
      then her body rapidly followed to bury itself in a brightly colored pile of
      dried leaves.

      "Easily distracted by bright colors," Mac explained dryly.

      Ephie's response was a hard and accurately thrown dirt clod. Mac snarled and
      leapt for her sister. Without using any mutant powers. Jag only rolled her
      eyes and sat down to watch her sisters wrestle in the leaves. Rogue chuckled
      and pulled me over to sit with her on a bench.

      "They've been doing that all day," she confided. "If I didn't know better
      I'd say they were about ten years old instead of twenty three."

      "I still don't get it," Logan muttered back. "What's everyone in there
      making a fuss over?"

      "It was Jean's idea. They've never had a chance to be normal," Rogue
      whispered. "So they're getting their very first birthday party. I guess
      everyone wants to make up for the twenty two they missed out on."

      "Xavier didn't sound so sure that the redhead was a mutant like the other

      "She is," Jag said clearly without turning around.

      Logan was about to ask how she knew what they were saying when the other two
      stopped fooling around and stood up. All three girls turned to face Storm.

      "It is time to come in," the Weather Goddess said calmly.

      They all followed her inside. The triplets froze at the door to the Rec Room
      and stared.

      Mac ran in first with a whoop that they probably heard back in Oklahoma.
      Then Jag followed nearly as loud. Ephie only stood there blinking at all the
      brightly wrapped packages and smiling faces.

      "Oh, wow," she whispered. "Oh, wow, oh, wow, oh, wow."

      "Ephie?" Jean called with a small frown.

      "Thank you for the book, Hank," Ephie said without touching a package.
      "Jubes, I love that sweater. It's a beautiful coat, Professor. Thank you for
      the paint set, Jean, you and Scott shouldn't have. Bobby, I can't believe
      that you and St. John made that treasure box for me. It's lovely."

      Jubilee nudged her roommate, Kitty, "Now we know what her mutant power is!"

      "Yeah, she knows everything!" Kitty giggled.

      The End
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