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FF: Teacher's Pet 1/? S/R (First Fic, Be Gentle!!)

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  • RubyAnn00@aol.com
    Author: RubyAnn Title: Teacher s Pet 1/? Archiving: Don t mind much since this is my first fic, but ask first, Please! Disclaimer: I don t own any of these
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 27, 2000
      Author: RubyAnn
      Title: Teacher's Pet 1/?
      Archiving: Don't mind much since this is my first fic, but ask first, Please!
      Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters. I am using them without
      but I mean NO harm.
      Shipper: Mostly S/R and L/J, but also R/L, S/J
      Classification: PG-13, but eventually some R and NC-17
      Summary: Scott and Rogue try and find comfort with each other after their
      are turned upside down.
      Spoilers: After the movie, mention of Logan having returned, etc.
      Feedback: It's very welcome since this is my first fic, but I would like to
      thank my beta reader which deserves some of the credit also. After reading
      this, tell me was it
      worth it????!!!!!

      Two months had passed since Jean had left Scott for Logan and one month since
      they had left for a two-month trip to nowhere. They had decided not to tell
      anyone where they were going, only the professor.
          Scott couldn't do more than just throw himself into his work and figure
      out how he would continue living without the woman of his dreams.
          Rogue couldn't do a single thing right these days. Her mind along with
      her heart had left with Logan or at least that seemed as the only logical
      solution to her clumsiness and boredom. Her life had turned topsy-turvy since
      that fateful day when Logan had told her of his adoring love for Dr. Jean
      Grey. Life had seemed so dismal and plain since that day. Logan had promised
      that their friendship would be forever and that he would always protect her.
      She hadn't had the guts to tell him that her crush on him had blossomed to
      unrequited love. School was no longer fun and Rogue didn't want to behave
      like a teenager anymore. Her life sucked and her studies were suffering. She
      wanted to ask Mr. Summers for help, but he had suffered through this ordeal
      right by her side. Jean Grey had up and left him for Logan. She thought that
      maybe she could offer some comfort to her teacher and friend, but Scott
      wouldn't hear of it. He had decided that by taking more responsibilities and
      just plain working harder would solve every thing and take his mind off his
          Her courses were getting harder and she had Scott as her teacher for two
      classes. He was substituting Jean's Biology class and then he was teaching
      his history class. She had finished her homework for Biology, but still
      didn't have a clue what the difference was between mitosis and meiosis. As
      she walked to class she noticed that the hall was empty and saw Scott leaving
      the room.
          "Hey Scott, where is everybody?"
          "Rogue, I forgot to tell you that since I still have to grade the essays
      on The Scarlet Letter and I have to take the kids to town, I canceled Biology
      class, but you still have a quiz on Chapter 7 on Monday. I decided that the
      weekend would be enough time to study."
      "OK, but well I kind of needed the review and truly I am finding it hard
      to concentrate."
          "Rogue, do you need help? I would be more than happy to tutor you, I mean
      who better than the teacher to help out."
          "Yeah, but are you sure it wouldn't be to much trouble? I mean you did
      say you had a lot of work."
          "True, but I can still help out a damsel in distress, so I'm being a
      gentleman, how about it?"
          "Thanks Scott, you're a doll, sugar," As she walked back to her room, she
      couldn't help but wonder where in the hell the "Doll" comment had come from.
      Scott knew Rogue had the tendency to use nicknames, but had she just called
      him a "Doll". As he walked to his empty room, he couldn't help but smile at
      how the endearment had rolled off her tongue and into his aching heart.
      The students had finally decided on a movie rather than the mall for their
      night out on the city. Rogue couldn't decide if she should go with her
      friends or stay to write her fiction essays for her Literature class. As she
      settled into her favorite chair to start her writing, she heard a knock.
          "Come in."
          "Hey, we're waiting for you downstairs, aren't you coming?"
          "Naw, I've got stories to write and books to read, you all go without
      me," Scott visibly stiffened as she sank further into her chair and her
          "Marie, please come with me, I-I mean us, please?" She knew her face had
      turned a rosy pink, she had felt the blush as it appeared. Scott couldn't
      help but grin as she appeared quite flustered from his teasing.
          "So you going to hurry up? The movie starts in 30 minutes, see you
      downstairs," Scott couldn't help, but wonder what had made him want to tease
      Rogue. She was a pretty girl, but he was in no position to be teasing her at
      all. They had just lost the love of their lives, what was wrong with him?
      Could they possibly help one another?

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