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FIC: Some Enchanted Evening (Sillyfic Epilogue)

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    Title: Some Enchanted Evening (Sequel to Party All Night ) ***See Part I for disclaimer and story info*** Epilogue: All Good Things Must Come To An End As
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      Title: Some Enchanted Evening (Sequel to "Party All Night")

      ***See Part I for disclaimer and story info***

      Epilogue: All Good Things Must Come To An End

      As dawn arrived, Professor Xavier was kind enough to give mental
      warning of his return with the rest of the student body, forcing the
      nighttime liaisons of the promgoers to draw to a reluctant close.
      Allen walked Jubilee back to her room, "I had a blast, Jube."

      "Me, too. And I promise to wear the dress again for you

      "See you this afternoon?"

      "Count on it." Jubilee leaned forward and kissed her date
      "Bye, Al. I had a great time."

      Nadine and Remy paused outside his door, "You were the belle of
      ball tonight, chere. Don't forget it."

      "Thanks, Remy."

      "Here, in a proper prom farewell…" Remy dipped his
      girlfriend to the
      floor and kissed her for a long second. "It was fun,

      "I…me, too…bye!" Nadine started to run back down the
      hall, then
      turned back, threw her arms around his neck, and kissed him soundly.
      He pinched her chin and she grinned, "Night, Remy."

      Kitty and Andy scampered down the hall to her door. "Mr. Summers
      swore he'd give us KP and stable duty for a month if we did this
      again," Kitty giggled. "At least we got to watch the sun

      "And no prom night is complete without a kiss at the front
      Andy informed her before planting one on her mouth. They grinned at
      each other, then Andy headed back down the hall humming the melody of
      "Livin' In A Moment." Kitty waved vigorously after him
      until he
      reached his room.

      "Did you have as much fun as I did?" Charlotte asked John as
      dropped her at her room.

      "I'm going to hang our picture over my bed when we get
      it," John

      "Ditto. You looked great in a tux, my man. G'night!"

      "Night, Char. Don't forget to brush that straw out of your
      John teased her, before heading to his room.

      Bobby and Rogue carefully made their way back off the roof, then
      walked arm in arm back to Rogue's room. "What a night,
      huh?" Bobby
      said with a smile.

      "I had a great time, Bobby," Marie told him wholeheartedly.
      rather been with you than anyone."

      "You know I'd kiss you on the lips if I could, but…"
      Bobby raised her
      silk gloved hand to his lips and kissed it instead. Then he
      whispered, "You totally knocked me dead tonight, Marie. Can we
      out sometime?"

      "How `bout tomorrow?" she said immediately.

      Bobby gaped, then grinned and nodded eagerly. He paused to produce
      an ice rose for her, "Kiss it for me," he whispered, then
      headed back
      to his own room.

      Marie waited until his door closed, then walked into her room and
      flopped onto the bed. Jubilee and Kitty were still in their gowns
      too. "I don't want to take my gown off," Kitty sighed,
      herself. "That'll mean it's all really over."

      Jubilee was no less starry-eyed. "I'm still too excited to
      go to
      sleep, and the sun's practically up!"

      Rogue didn't say anything, just grinned at them and took off her
      gloves. Then she held the ice rose to her cheek with her bare hands
      until it melted, letting the water drip down her skin.

      One naughty little prom couple hadn't made it back to bed after
      sun came up. That was because Professor Xavier hadn't considered
      necessary to warn the teachers of his return. As the rising sun
      bathed the scenery around the lake in shades of red and gold, Logan
      and Ororo were still sitting by the water's edge in comfortable
      silence. "You know," he said softly, "we ought to be
      getting back
      inside sometime along here."

      "Mm." Storm had her head on his shoulder, lulled by the
      rising sun's
      warmth. "That's true."

      There was a long pause. "You're not moving."

      "Neither are you."

      "Well, so long as we both agree, let's stay here."


      Jean brush-kissed Scott's chin as she lay with her head on his
      chest. She felt rather than saw him smile as he continued stroking
      her hair. "Good thing today's Sunday," he murmured.

      They'd been up all night too, although unlike their fellow
      and the students, they had at least made it into bed. Their mind
      link was more open than it had ever been, and with Jean's mind so
      completely connected to his, Scott felt more secure and calm than he
      had in his entire life. Feeling from her what he did, there was no
      way he could ever question the depth of his fiancée's feelings
      him, or that he returned them with equal intensity.

      The first rays of sunlight were starting to creep in the window.
      "That was a night to remember," Jean sighed, putting her arms
      him and holding him tighter. *To think that I was afraid of you
      facing another prom.* Of course, he heard her thought, but Scott
      just smiled and squeezed her back.

      *We've been engaged for eight months. How soon do you want to
      married?* he asked her.

      *Whenever you're ready. I've certainly been ready.*

      *Why didn't you say so?! How about May 15?*

      Jean sighed melodramatically, *I suppose I can handle waiting one
      more month. But what to do in the mean time?*

      *Well, for starters, what say we stay in bed for at least half the

      *And then what?*

      *Jump on my bike and spend the other half on a hillside somewhere.*

      *Sounds good to me.*

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