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FIC: Some Enchanted Evening (Sillyfic 5/5)

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    Title: Some Enchanted Evening (Sequel to Party All Night ) ***See Part I for disclaimer and rating*** Note: Livin In a Moment is by Ty Herndon. Also, my
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      Title: Some Enchanted Evening (Sequel to "Party All Night")

      ***See Part I for disclaimer and rating***

      Note: "Livin' In a Moment" is by Ty Herndon. Also, my
      apologies to
      Enrique Iglesias for the perversion of his song "Bailamos" in

      Part V: I Know This Night Won't Last Forever

      "Bailamooos, let the rhythm take you over, bailamooos!" John
      sang as
      he and Charlotte scampered out the front door and took off down the
      drive. "Yo quiero my burrito!"

      Char burst into giggles, "Weelll, we know what's on your mind
      now! Food!"

      "Sex!" John teased her, and she giggled as they walked down
      one of
      the many paths surrounding the mansion.

      Charlotte sighed suddenly, and he swung his arm around her waist.
      "That was the most awesome night I've ever had, John. I
      don't want
      it to end."

      "I know what you mean," John replied, pulling her closer.
      "It could
      only be that way here."

      "D'you ever think about what our lives would be like if
      Xavier and the X-men hadn't found us?"

      "God, yes. All the time. I'm one of the ones who can hide
      my power
      pretty well, but what about kids like Rogue, who can't control
      John grimaced. "Remember how people stared at Cyclops when we
      to town with him that one time? He can't even start to hide

      Charlotte smiled as they walked toward the edge of the woods.
      world seems so nasty to us most of the time. I never stop reminding
      myself how lucky we are to be here."

      "God, tonight I feel like I could just forget the rest of the
      exists," John said.

      Charlotte turned and smiled at him. "Then let's forget,"
      suggested as they headed for the barn.
      Allen and Jubilee slipped onto the first floor and into his room.
      "Where're your roomies?" Jubilee asked, glancing back
      down the hall
      before shutting the door.

      "I saw Andy and Kitty running up to the third floor, and Remy and
      Nadine are probably having a make-out session in her room. We're
      probably safe here for the rest of the night!"

      "This place smells like dirty socks! Open the window!"

      Allen did, then they curled up on his bed. "Didja have fun

      "I had a blast, Al," Jubilee said, cuddling up with him.

      "You looked like a million bucks. I'll have to get you to
      wear that
      dress for me again sometime."

      "You look pretty hot yourself in that tux," Jube agreed,
      toying with
      Allen's boutonniere. "I hope we can do something like this

      "We all graduate this year," Allen sighed. Then he perked
      up, "I
      know, a reunion!"

      Jubilee grimaced, "I've been trying not to think about
      No matter how you slice it, some of us will wind up leaving."

      "Guess we'd better enjoy the time we've got, then,
      huh?" Allen
      smiled, and kissed her cheek.
      "You sure nobody'll see us?" Andy whispered as he and
      Kitty tiptoed
      out onto one of the balconies.

      "Nobody who'll care," Kitty replied. "All the rest
      of the kids are
      either taking midnight strolls or hiding out somewhere so they
      have to go to bed. Ms. Monroe and Logan are probably both in bed by

      "And I'd bet anything Mr. Summers and Ms. Grey won't be
      out and
      about," Andy added, causing his date to giggle. He sat down on a
      rocking chair, then surprised Kitty by pulling her into his lap.
      "There, now I'm comfortable." They both laughed, then
      fell silent,
      gazing out at the huge full moon that bathed the entire mansion
      grounds in a silvery glow. "Could tonight have possibly been any
      more perfect, Kitty?"

      Kitty sighed, swept up by the romance of it all. "I think not.
      had so much fun. Shoot, Andy," she grinned and put her arm
      him, "I'm still having fun. I don't want to go to bed.
      I'm too

      "How `bout we don't go to bed, then? Like you said,
      it's not like
      anybody'll catch us tonight." Andy smiled shyly at her,
      "And I like
      it up here with you." Kitty smiled back at him, and the normally
      timid Andy tugged her chin towards him and kissed her softly on the

      "Sing me something," she whispered. Andy smiled, knowing she
      hearing him sing, and launched into a song that somehow seemed to fit:

      "`And when they carve my stone,
      All they need to write on it, is
      Once lived a man who got all he ever wanted
      Tell me somethin'
      Who could ask for more…
      Than to be livin' in a moment you would die for…'"

      "I saw Char sneaking out with John," Nadine said as she let
      Remy into
      her room. "They probably won't be back till morning."

      "Perfect. That leaves just the two of us, petite." Remy
      grinned and
      hopped onto Nadine's bed.

      "Remy, you know I hate that," Nadine said, trying
      unsuccessfully to
      pretend annoyance. Remy grinned winningly at her, and she laughed,
      flopping onto the bed next to him. "And you also know that I
      be annoyed with you when you're looking so cute."

      "Cute?" Remy demanded in mock-outrage. "I thought I
      devastatingly handsome!"

      "That, too." She nestled herself comfortably in her
      boyfriend's arms
      and sighed contentedly, "This beat the heck out of any high
      prom I might've gone to."

      "You didn't go to your prom?" Remy asked in surprise.
      "The boys at
      your school must have been complete dimwits not to ask you."

      Nadine snorted, "The Branson High boys preferred chesty
      to bony track girls."

      Remy sat up and glared at her, "Now listen here, Nadine Michele.
      were prettier tonight than any tight-shirted cheerleader, and you are
      NOT bony. Besides, I like your runner's legs."

      She grinned at him, "Is that why you can never keep your hands

      "Naturally. Oh, chere," Remy cuddled up against her,
      "must you keep
      teasing me in that dress?"

      "Keep your hormones in check, Rem. THAT would definitely get Ms.
      Grey's attention, and that we don't need," Nadine said
      firmly, if a
      little reluctantly.

      Remy sighed theatrically, "I suppose I'll just have to wait
      college to deflower you." She twisted around to give his face a
      slap, and he caught her hand and kissed her instead. "In the
      time, chere, let's enjoy what privacy we have, eh?"

      "Here, just…give me your hand." Rogue held onto a drain
      pipe with one
      hand and pulled Bobby up a steep step onto the roof. "There.
      wasn't so hard, even if I managed to run my tights."

      "You'd never have made it up here in heels," Bobby told
      her with a
      grin, and they found themselves a spot facing the moon. He pulled
      Marie's wrap up to cover her shoulders and neck so he could put
      arms around her. "I can see why you like it up here."

      "It's my favorite place," she murmured, leaning back
      against him

      They both sighed at the same time, and Bobby started to laugh, but
      when Rogue glanced at him, he saw tears in her eyes. "Hey!
      wrong? Aren't you happy?"

      She tucked her bare feet under the red silk of her gown and stared at
      her gloved hands, then gulped back a sob. "Ah am, ah am, Bobby!
      Ah've never had so much fun in mah entire life!"

      Bobby exclaimed in alarm, "Then what—oh. Just the same
      barrier?" Sniffling frantically, she nodded, and he said
      "Rogue…Marie…I know I'm not Logan and I can't
      heal from touching you,
      so that means I'll never be able to touch your skin, but
      care about you. And I—I don't want you to be unhappy because
      I can't

      Rogue stared at him in surprise, mascara running down her cheeks, and
      managed to stifle her sobs. "Why wouldn't I be happy here
      with you?"

      Bobby blinked at her and said bashfully, "Well, I
      figured…you'd, um,
      rather be, you know…"

      "Logan?" she said, and Bobby's slight wince at hearing
      the name
      confirmed it. Rogue wiped her eyes and said calmly, "Bobby,
      not why I was crying. I mean, it was, but it had nothing to do with
      Logan. I was crying because I wanted to kiss you and I

      "But I thought you wanted—"

      "I don't," she said firmly.

      "Oh." Bobby looked embarrassed. Then he grinned, "You
      know I'd kiss
      you all over the place if I could."

      Marie grinned back, "Well, you still can, just as long as
      covered." She giggled and kissed Bobby on the neck—through

      Bobby grinned and kissed her on the shoulder through her wrap, then
      pulled his gloves back on so he could run his hands over her hair
      while he kissed her. Marie tugged the wrap up around her face so she
      could kiss him on the lips. Soon, they were kissing each other all
      over the place.

      After having a drink from Logan's hidden stash of beer, Logan and
      Ororo took a walk down towards the lake. Although she was by no
      means as sloshed as they'd been during that wild night at
      several months before, Storm was quite relaxed. At the moment, they
      were both giggling like idiots, reminiscing about the night they had
      caught the students having a slumber party turned rock concert at
      four in the morning. "I'll never forget the look on
      Bobby's face,"
      Ororo laughed. "Do you suppose they'd ever believe we all
      laughing at breakfast?"

      "Nah, they were too busy being terrified. But even Cyke still
      that little shindig was the funniest thing that's happened around
      here in a long time. I think that's the only time I ever really
      him lose it," Logan hooted.

      "Oh, Gods, Logan, you didn't see him when we were grading
      after he gave the kids their lecture that afternoon. He was laughing
      so hard he almost fell out of his chair!" Storm was laughing so
      herself that she'd given herself a stitch. "Ooh, ow!"
      imitated a wide-eyed and terrified Bobby, she said in a high-pitched
      voice, "`Uh, hi, Mr. Summers!' Heehee! Look at us, we
      still get
      hysterical just thinking about it!"

      "Gotta love the slumber party crowd. Those ten hellraisers sure
      how to make life interesting," Logan declared, chuckling. Storm
      still beside herself, and he grinned at her, "Now you sound like
      you're drunk again."

      "Logan, I can never decide whether remarks like that are meant to
      charm or annoy me."

      "Can't both be true?" he asked slyly.

      "Knowing you? I suppose."

      She grinned at him good-naturedly, but looked slightly startled when
      he swung an arm around her waist as they walked. He grinned winningly
      at her, "So. They all had fun. Did you?"

      Ororo smiled at him, "You know I did. I didn't even know I

      "Hell, I didn't even know I COULD dance!" That remark got
      laughing again as they walked up over the hill that overlooked the
      lake. The water was perfectly calm, reflecting the dark lines of the
      surrounding trees, and the brilliant full moon perfectly. The
      moonlight also made Ororo appear twice as stunning, although a moment
      ago Logan wouldn't have thought it possible. As she noticed him
      staring intently at her, he quickly turned the old charm back on
      again and said, "So, if they do that again next year, you
      planning on
      chaperoning again?"

      "Are you?" she asked challengingly. Logan just grinned.
      grinned back, and they sat down at the water's edge. She
      didn't tell
      him, but the lakeside was her favorite spot, and she had always
      wanted to bring someone here.
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