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Fic: Move On 2/? (Rogue, Logan, Bobby)

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  • Kate Bolin's fanfic
    TITLE: Move On AUTHOR: Kate Bolin EMAIL: dymphna@dymphna.net WEBSITE: http://www.dymphna.net/fanfic/ SUMMARY: Logan returns to Xavier s School after ,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2000
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      TITLE: Move On
      AUTHOR: Kate Bolin
      EMAIL: dymphna@...
      WEBSITE: http://www.dymphna.net/fanfic/
      SUMMARY: Logan returns to Xavier's School after , with serious
      implications for Rogue. Sequel to "Road Trippin'," which you can
      find at http://www.dymphna.net/fanfic/roadtrippin.html
      RATING: R
      WARNINGS: Mild angst, some sexual content, violence later on, but
      nothing you haven't seen on prime-time television.
      ARCHIVING: List sites, Kielle's, otherwise ask.
      DISCLAIMER: The characters and universe herein are the property of
      20th Century Fox and the Marvel Entertainment Group. This piece of
      fan-written fiction means no infringement upon any legal holdings.
      AUTHOR'S NOTE: If you missed the first section, or end up missing
      any section, or just want to read it in one big meaty chunk, the
      work-in-progress will be up at http://www.dymphna.net/moveon.txt

      Rogue stood, frozen in place save her eyes, which followed
      the man skulking around the edges of the crowd. He looked the same
      ("Of course he does," her mind replied crossly, "he has that healing
      factor thing...") as when she saw last him, four years ago in Alaska,
      when they had both agreed that they weren't ready for whatever it was
      they had -- shared memories and maybe something resembling love.
      Suddenly, like she had called out his name, his head jerked
      up, and he looked directly at her. His eyes traced over her body,
      and Rogue felt naked, as if the many layers of clothing had suddenly
      disappeared. She managed a weak half-smile, suddenly regressing to
      the scared 16 year old in the cold dirty Canadian bar she had been
      six years ago, as he walked over.
      He stopped a foot in front of her, and just continued to look
      at her. Rogue swallowed dryly, then said, in a soft and faintly
      quavering tone, "You came back..."
      He nodded. "Heard from Jean about you graduatin'...figured
      it was..." He paused for a second. "Figured it was time I..." He
      broke off, reaching in his jacket pocket. "I thought I'd replace
      those dog tags..." He gestured to her neck, and Rogue automatically
      wrapped a hand around the pieces of metal resting on her chest.
      "With somethin' a little more suitable for..." He pulled out a small
      jewelry box and held it out. "More suitable for a woman."
      Rogue frowned slightly as she took the box. She opened it
      carefully, then gasped when she saw the small carved bone pendant
      resting on a thin silver necklace inside. "Oh..." she finally said,
      looking up at Logan with shining eyes. "I..."
      "Congratulations, Marie," he said softly.
      Rogue smiled, then, almost without warning, wrapped her arms
      around him in a tight hug. "I can't believe you're back," she
      breathed against his chest.
      "I told you I'd come back..." he said, stroking her hair
      carefully, leaving "when we were both ready" unsaid and hanging in
      the air.
      She pulled away just far enough to look at his face, her lips
      curving to match the grin on his. She reached up to stroke his
      cheek, then pulled away in surprise as she saw her pale uncovered
      fingers close to his. "Oh!"
      Logan stepped back, his eyebrows raised. "Marie...?"
      She looked around, searching. "I must've..."
      "Here," a chilly voice said behind her. Rogue turned around
      and saw Bobby holding out her single black glove. As she took it, he
      continued. "I pulled it off of your hand when you stopped...it fell
      on the ground by accident, but I think it's all right."
      Rogue put the glove back on. "Thank you, Bobby," she said
      cheerfully. She looked back at Logan for a second, then turned back
      to Bobby. "I...um..." She blushed slightly. "Can we go for that
      drink later? I--"
      "Oh, sure..." Bobby said, his voice attempting to be as
      nonchalant as the hand he was waving. "I'll take a rain check. I
      know you two have a lot of..." He paused for a second, smiling
      weakly. "Catching up to do."
      Rogue frowned slightly. "Bobby..." she said, her voice
      half-pleading and half-annoyed.
      Bobby waved his hand again. "Just go, all right?"
      Rogue looked at him, her anger rising, then sighed
      resignedly. "All right...I'll talk to you later, okay?" She patted
      his arm, then ran back to Logan, taking his arm and laughing as they
      walked towards the house.

      "We thought you was a toad."
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