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Fic:Not Another Number in My Arm

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  • Peachy
    (This is not a part of my series....but just read and enjoy....) Title: Not Another Number in My Arm By: Peachy Teaser: Mutant registration law passed and its
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      (This is not a part of my series....but just read and enjoy....)

      Title: Not Another Number in My Arm
      By: Peachy
      Teaser: Mutant registration law passed and its effects on the X-men
      Rating: R
      Genre: drama, angst

      They came to Xavier's school that day; police, doctors, computer
      technicians. They were here to register the faculty and students in
      the nation-wide mutant registration program. Scott and Storm were
      the only ones there with the students. Xavier and Jean were still in
      Washington, DC trying to repeal what damage Senator Kelly had done.
      Scott complied with the authorities and stood helpless, watching as
      the students and himself were finger printed and logged and the
      doctors checked them over. Finally, they were issued ID cards to
      carry and placed in a database.

      It was dehumanizing. It burned anger inside of him. They were being
      treated like cattle. He tried to calm the students, he didn't want
      any troubles or have any incidents that could lead to any violent
      outbursts at this point. He only hoped this mutant registration crap
      would be ended by the pro-mutant lobby's activities very soon. He
      had a hard enough time controlling his own emotions and anger let
      alone trying to convince the older students especially to comply.

      Rogue felt angry as well. She stood in an all too familiar line,
      being prodded into a processing room. She had Magneto's memories
      burned into her own. She couldn't tell at this point where he ended
      and her own feelings began. She grew scared as her turn approached.
      She could only see Scott and Storm down the hall. She wished they
      would be closer. Needed someone to control her shaking right now.
      Why weren't they stopping them? Magneto's emotion flowed through her
      no matter how much she tried to repress them and maintain control.
      She panicked and got claustrophobic. She couldn't be here. Her arm
      started to burn from the last time she was branded, well Magneto, but
      it felt like it was in her arm too.

      Finally they came for her. Persecution, hate, fear, terror… she
      remembered it all. A man grabbed her arm to escort her forward and
      she resisted. He forced her along, dragging her into another room.
      She refused to be moved and pulled back every step of the way. The
      guard was not happy. She yelled out loud for someone to help her,
      begging for it as pure terror shone through her voice.

      Scott heard in the other room but a police office drew his gun and
      told him to remain where he was. Scott didn't want anyone hurt so he
      complied listening to Rogue's screams. He tried again to reason with
      the man but the guard shoved Scott back and pointed a gun at him to
      remain there.

      "Let go of me!" was screeched down the hall.
      Bobby, St. John and rest were forced to remain still with guns drawn
      on them. St. John tried to break through anyway but received a punch
      across the jaw landing him to the floor.
      "Now stay back and don't move!" the officer ordered.

      Scott needed to go to her, calm her down before she hurt herself of
      someone else. He knew Magneto's memories must be controlling her to
      some degree, she was calm up till them. He didn't want things to get
      out of hand. No one would listen to him.

      "No, please! Don't do this again, you won't do this to me again!"
      She was crying terribly.

      Finally one of the men grabbed her, forcing her into the chair for
      the doctor's examination of her mutant powers. She kept raging about
      and the man secured her face to hold her still. Bare hand to bare
      flesh and both screamed. The man because his life was being taken
      from him and Rogue for the flood of pain, memories, emotions into her

      The rest of the doctors fell back as the guard collapsed on the
      floor, none of them knowing what to do or what had happened. Rogue
      was stunned for just a second then she sprang up and out of the

      She ran.
      "Freeze!" was shouted behind her.
      Scott saw her run. "Rogue stop!"
      His cries were useless. Finally a guard snatched her up and she
      elbowed him. Another officer in confusion drew his gun and fired.
      Rogue stopped… stunned and she collapsed as pain, hot and
      soared through her abdomen and chest.

      Scott didn't care about the guards and ran to her. Blood flowed from
      her wound as he cradled her in his arms.
      "Call an ambulance!" he shouted. Every effort to move was stopped by
      the guards with guns.
      "It hurts," was all she said.
      He tried to stop the bleeding by pressing down.
      She cried out in pain. "Sorry…I'm so sorry." Where was Jean or
      Logan. They could help her. He could do nothing.
      "You're gonna be fine, just hold on." He turns back to the guards who
      were just staring at him, "Call an ambulance!"

      Finally Storm tried again and was faced with resistance. "Don't move!"
      "Then shoot me," she stated defiantly and went to call for a doctor.
      The guard didn't stop her.

      The blood was getting darker, not a good sign. Her breath was filled
      with blood and it trickled out the side of her mouth.
      "I don't want another number… no more numbers on my arm." Her
      was trembling.

      He brushed her hair back and he started to cry. He was losing her.
      It wasn't right. The fearless, non-emotional Scott couldn't hold
      back his anger, love and fear any more. He cried for the woman he
      held in his arms. She was dying and he could do nothing but watch
      her, her eyes, her face, just watch.

      "Please hang on Rogue, please for me…" he was begging.
      Her breath gurgled with blood. She couldn't breath, drowning in her
      own blood as the bullet hit her lung. She was crying and was in so
      much pain.
      "I'm scared. Promise me, no more numbers on my arm, please don't let
      them put one on me."
      "I promise you they won't." His one voice failing him when he wanted
      to say the right thing to take all the pain and fear away.
      Her eyes grew distant and heavy. Finally, she closed them and a few
      moments later her body went limp in his arms.

      "ROGUE!" he hugged her lifeless body so close to his chest, placing
      his lips to her forehead, her touch no longer deadly. How could this
      have gone so wrong. He tried so had to stop anything from happening,
      what did he do wrong?!

      Scott began to curse the world and the people who took her away form
      him, from the X-men, her friends, family. She was young, had so much
      to offer the world. She cared so much, gave so much love. How could
      anyone think she'd hurt another living sole? She was just scared,
      scared and so afraid. It wasn't even her so much as the people
      inside of her too that caused her panic.

      He didn't protect her. He failed as a leader. Guilt swelled within
      his heart. He was the leader. It was his job to look out the team,
      his friends and family. He let her down.

      She was no threat to anyone, why did they shoot her, why did they
      have to kill her? He was overpowered with grief and rage. The guard
      that shot her took it as nothing to care about and continued the ID
      process. The halls were silent. Scott remained on the floor with
      Rogue's body nestled in his arms, He wouldn't let go.

      When his eyes rose to meet Storms, all logic and care was gone.
      Scott was gone from those eyes. She got the signal from him that the
      war had now just begun. Then her eyes went white....
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