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974FF: Goody Two Shoes [4/4] NC-17 Logan/Rogue

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  • Anita Lorenz
    Oct 3, 2000
      Goody Two Shoes
      By Nancy Lorenz

      E-mail: tosh@...
      Rating: NC-17 (Uh Rude stuff man - very rude).
      Archive: If you have the first parts, go for it.  List archives.  Otherwise - please ask.
      Classification: Rogue POV  Romance [Logan/Rogue]
      Series: This Song - The 'Dancing' Continuity.
      Spoilers: The Movie
      Synopsis:  Rogue goes off the rails as the pressure is on with Logan.
      Disclaimer: All characters copyright Marvel and Fox.
      Feedback: Kiss me, I'm Australian.  That translates to - yes please!
      Authors Note:   I don't actually condone underage drinking and bad behaviour.  And neither
      does Logan.   Really - we don't.  Wait till you're 21 (or 18 in some parts) and always wear
      a condom.  Even if you're not having sex.  I mean it.   This is NOT beta-read.
      Dedication:  I dedicate this to three people the most:  Donna, Diebiwan and Mistiec.  They
      all helped me whilst I wrote it and even helped me come up with some plot devices.  THANK YOU!!

      Despite the Professor's understanding, Jean and Scott were still very much influential in our lives, and they were a big problem in mine right now.   You know the Disco thing Jubes started?   Well it was a tad addictive, and another was planned the following week.   The Professor (he's a crazy old bastard, swear to God) kinda liked the relaxed atmosphere it created for the younger mutants, and seeing as we lacked any opportunities to hang out like this in larger society, he thought the lounge-room disco thing was kinda beneficial.

      I kinda looked forward to boogying with Logan again, just to show off how hunky he was to the bitches that had been tearin' pieces off of him behind our backs.   Okay, I know that's incredibly immature, but shit I felt like it after the hell I'd been through.

      Things had shifted somewhat amongst the swaths of girls.   See Christa and Luce are actually a year or two younger than me, Jubes an' Kitty.   Apart from being a little jealous of that, I'm pretty sure either Christa or Luce had a crush on Logan.  Shit, who didn't - the guy had the most awesome bod in the building (it was MINE all MINE!!  Sorry, still not over that.  Miiine!).   Christa had been a little obvious though.   The usual - staring, smiling, drooling, tripping over at completely inopportune moments.   The kinda thing I'd be doing if Logan wasn't such a good friend to me.   Of course, I had been the target of their ostricization, and it obviously hadn't worked.

      Logan was still in love with me, I him, Jean and Scott were still figuring things out and Kitty and Jubes had become my twenty-four hour body-guards.  Rather odd, I know, but they made sure I was okay, that I wasn't picked on or nuthin'.   God, I love those girls.   I guess it helped that my new boyfriend snuck them the odd can of beer.

      He's such a softie.

      Anyways, I noticed that Christa and Luce had changed their tack when I walked past the rec-room one morning, Christa leaning over in front of Logan and exposing the round ridiculous basketballs attached to her chest that she called breasts.  This was a girl who'd lived most of her life in LA, and Jubes was from that kinda place, she wasn't so bad.  No - Christa had been cheerleader stock.   Her life was oh-so-shattered by the mutant thing, till it became fashionable.   I wanted to slap her when she walked out of the house paradin' in a X-Men sweater.

      So she's there pressing these - basketball boobs - to the table and smilin' all pretty with her dewberry scented lip gloss.  I think it was annoying Logan a bit cause his nostril kept ticking.  God he had the most beautiful nose... Anyway.  Lord knows what he was thinking.   Actually I *know* what he was thinking, it was mainly him picturing me in the same position.   I know how his sick mind works, and I love it but I'm digressing here something feirce.

      I crept closer, just to hear what she was saying, to hear what had Logan looking so utterly pissed off.   He was looking terribly tolerant.   Then I hear it.  Blood boiled.

      "...I mean, I figured maybe you'd be interested, since you're into the younger girls and all..."

      "Not *that* interested," he growled back, not looking at her.

      "Oh come on... you like 'em young.   How young have you had 'em Logan?   I bet you get her to shave too, huh?"

      With a roar I bound into the room, sent my fist flying into the girl's jaw.  She practically flipped backwards off the table and landed in a heap of pink and pastel on the floor, blonde hair fluffin' like candy-floss.

      "Why do I have to keep kickin' your ASS Christa?" I growled, "You leave him ALONE!"

      When I turned around, Logan was blushing red as a beet.


      He shook his head, "I coulda handled it."

      "She was shovin' all sorts of bullshit into your mouth Logan," I said, "She was massacring you.   I know young devious bitches like these, I went to school with them."

      He slunk off after that, pride bitterly bruised, and I didn't feel to bother him much.    I knew he wasn't angry though.  He groped my ass on the way out and kissed my hair, takin' a full breath in while he was at it.


      It was dinner time when things came to a head.   The flashing eyes and quiet stares of kids at school had been mounting, even Bobby being a little cautious of me.  That son of a bitch.   He was supposed to be my friend!  That aside, I generally didn't sit near Logan at dinner time, opting instead for sitting next to Ororo.   The Weather Goddess and I often chatted lightly.   She'd kinda taken to looking out for me since I got here.  Maybe we're sisters in naturally platinum hair, I dunno.   She liked to talk about shopping with me - of all things.

      I sat away from Logan for a very specific reason.  I'd usually have not been in his company for most of the day, and it was after dinner when most of our bonding took place, especially pre-dance-consumation.  Effectively, I starved him of my company and lured him across the table by eating rather suggestively.   Okay, it was tacky, but hey - it worked.  And I think he kinda liked it anyway.

      Tonight, Jean and Scott were next to me and in front of me chatting away like Barbie and Ken would have, if Barbie and Ken weren't 24" of combined plastic and rubber.  They were Bobby-mongering again.   Sheesus, sweet Lord above me!   I was ready to thwap somebody, it was gettin' so bad.   And Storm, she was flashin' me really sympathetic smiles.  Logan was just getting down to his meal like a gruff old tom cat - that could use cutlery.   I was running out of cute analogies and metaphores to describe him with.

      Anyway, something weird happened when I went up to the canteen to refill my serve of mashed potatoes.  Bobby was there, and inwardly, I groaned, not cause I disliked him or nothin', more cause of Jean and Scott's blathering on about him.   I think he picked up on my distaste, and kinda frowned at me.  This surprised me, cause I hadn't really said anything to indicate I had a problem with him.

      "What?" I asked him.

      He shook his head, "Nothing."


      He winced at my swearing and looked at me dead on, "You never used to swear before."

      Oh great.  I rolled my eyes, "I never had Logan in my head before."

      He shook his head again, "No, it's more than that.  You're letting that part of him in your head get to you now."

      Wow.  What a revelation.  He was right.   He said it like it was something awful, that I'd come to peace with one of the many voices in my mind.

      "Ah like him in there," I said, "I don't feel so lonely."

      "You were never alone in the first place," he said back at me, his think lips twitching in a pout.

      I had to laugh sadly at this, "Oh Bobby.  The second Wolverine walked into mah life, I didn't feel so alone anymore.  No one was surprised as I was when that feeling disappeared as he walked out that door."

      When he looked at me then, I knew he didn't understand.  He just saw rejection, not reason.  He didn't see Logan the way I did, I knew he never would.  I fucking hope he never did anyway otherwise I'd not be the one batting Bobby off with a two-by-four plank.
      He was pouting at his mashed potatoes, and the edges of the plate were looking a little fuzzy with ice-crystals.  I frowned.

      "You made your dinner all cold."

      He shrugged, "I'll just get John to warm it up for me."

      "Maybe," I wrinkled my nose, "I don't like to think where the flames came from in the first place."

      He fought a smile, and nodded.

      "Um - I know Christa and Luce - they been treatin' you pretty rough lately..."

      I felt my face hardening and I nodded.  "That's one word for it."

      "I just wanted you to know I think - I think they're going the wrong way about showing how they feel about the situation."

      Okay - see this is where my warming heart stops and does a full 180 swing and wants to impale Bobby on nonexistent claws.  Shit - I must have been coming up to a period or something cause I felt constantly pissed off these past few days.

      "How they feel?!  Bobby they're tryin' to break me and Logan up!"

      My voice rose a little and I glanced about me only a second.  Shit I didn't care.

      He sighed, "He's too old for you Rogue."

      "Oh for CHRIST'S sake Bobby!" I snorted, "You really think that's why they're bein' the little sluts they are? Huh?!"

      He went a bit pale at my language and I hissed under my breath, pointing at him sharply.

      "They just want Logan all nice and single for them you half-WIT!"

      His face grew hard and he jutted his chin out defiantly, "Well, at least he wouldn't be sleazin' on you anymore."

      My eyes flicked wide, then narrowed, my teeth clenching.  Two punch outs in one day wouldn't do, not in front of the Professor.  I just growled at him very quietly.

      "Run, Bobby.  Right now."

      He sighed one last time and turned back towards his seat, and I glared death in his direction.   Presumptuous little shit.  Logan - a sleaze!  The very fucking idea!   I sat back down again, Logan checkin' on me with a few long stares.   I just smiled at him sweetly, leant on a hand and sucked mashed potato off my fork whilst gazing at his lips.   That seemed to content him that it was all okay.

      Jean then had the gall to try to have a girly chat to me about Bobby.  She leant towards me conspiratorially.

      "So - our lovebirds are fighting huh?"

      I blinked at her, then shrugged, "No, Logan and I are doing just fine, thank you."

      She sighed long and turned to me a little.  "Marie-"

      "Rogue," I said.

      "Rogue, I think you really need to find someone closer to your own age group.   It's just not healthy for you-"

      "Oh God," I pushed my plate away and thumped my head on the table.

      "I mean, Logan is a good fighter and he's very loyal, but - I mean - "

      I clamped my eyes shut, clenching my teeth, waiting for her to say the wrong thing, just - like a springloaded toy or something.

      Her voice became low, tender.  "I know when he came here he flirted with me just a bit, and I can't help but worry that he is using you as some form of consolation.   I don't doubt that he cares deeply for you, but I don't know..."

      She trailed off cause I'd lifted my head up off the table, glaring at her with such ferocity that I felt like - well I can't say what I felt like doing cause even I have my limits.  Let's just say she wouldn't be needing her bra any more and she'd have new head ornamentation!  I think Scott had been listening cause he leant in and said to me.

      "She's just telling it how she sees it, Rogue."

      That was it.  I gripped my fork, and with an almighty 'CLACK' I slammed it onto the table.  Pushing the cutlery and glasses out of the way I jumped up, looking around me with such contempt and anger that I doubt these school halls had ever seen the like.  I leaped up onto the table, glaring at the people around me, the faces I'd come to accept as family, and like true family - I wanted to thump every single one of them.  'Cept a few - ya know - Storm, Kitt, Jubes, Xavier and Logan.   They all stared at me, mouths agape and full of meatloaf and mashed potato.

      "Awright!!" I called out, loud, so my voice boomed, "Y'all know me as quiet, little, NICE Rogue.   Well let me tell ya - I can be nice.  And quiet.  But I'm STILL Rogue!  Ah might look only fifteen, but I'm not.  I'm seventeen and NINE months.  So in three months, I'll be as legal as all hell and you can all go and kiss my ass!"

      Cyclops dropped his fork.

      "Now - about this Logan bein' a pervert BULLSHIT!  Or - Jean's warped theories that sound like they came out of a trashy romance novel -  just y'all listen.   I LOVE Logan.  No, I'm not talkin' scribbling ditties in my notepad and re-writing my signature with his name added to the end love.    I'm talkin' not carin' if he farts or if he smells a bit after gym love.  The love where I KNOW what he's doin' and thinkin', where I understand why he does things.  He's the ONLY one that has ever made me feel safe, an' special.    So he's a paedophile huh?  Well take a good long look at me!"  I ripped off the jumper I was wearing and pointed to my breasts, "Do I look like a fucking child to you?!   What red blooded man WOULDN'T wanna jump me?  I'm young, firm, got two breasts and a heartbeat!"

      A timid male voice said, "I wouldn't."

      I glared at him and kept going.

      "You'd be real mistaken if you think that's why Logan is - well - is with me right now.  Red blooded man he is but by God - ah know he loves me just as much as I love him.   I don't expect any of you to understand what the hell we have, cause it's a little unusual - I'll grant ya that.  You don't like it - just - leave us alone.  You don't have to watch us have sex."

      Jubilee glared and pouted, "You had sex and you didn't tell me?"

      I waved at her to shush and continued, "You don't have to deal with us.  Just let us be.  Christa - get your own fuckin' life will you?  You too Luce.  And Jean - "

      Jean looked up, her face a little pale.

      "I love you, man but can you just trust me to make a decision about my own feelings?   I know, you're my Guardian now, you and Xavier and Scott and Storm.   Well act like it, Jean, Scott.  Support me!  Make sure that the decision I made works out for the best instead of shootin' me down or tryin' to hook me up with someone I don't care for in a romantic way!"

      Jean let out a long sigh, smiling genuinly for the first time in ages, "Sorry."

      "Right - I think that's all Ah got to say - oh.  Girls - eyes off Logan's ass God-dammit!"

      The timid voice spoke up once more, "Can I still look at it?"

      Logan promptly choked on his silver beet.   I frowned, shaking my head thoroughly.

      "No.  I'm done."

      I climbed down, and glancing to Xavier at the end of the table, I saw him with his hand over his mouth, his eyes squinted and welling with tears and his shoulders jiggling up and down.    Wow - the dude was pissing himself laughing.

      Well I wasn't hungry after that.  In fact I strode out of there, walking tall, with a slice of meatloaf, chomping on it on the way out.   I don't know what it was about meat-goods that gave me an attitude, but I liked the statement it made.  Maybe I'd been zapped longer than I should have my Magneto's electro-whatsit.  What the hell was that thing called anyways?


      I was halfway down the main hall when the smell of old spicy cologne bombarded me as two strong but supple hands wrapped around me tight.

      "You are the craziest damned dame I have ever met, you know that?"

      His voice was a rumble and I laughed, curling around in the embrace and cradling his face with a glove.

      "Well I got a message across, and hopefully they'll leave us alone now."

      He cocked a brow, "If that little speech of yours didn't entice them to mind their own fucking business, I dunno what would."

      "A smack in the face," I said, running the tips of my fingers through his side-burns.  He just sighed, gazing at my mouth.

      "Didn't stop tits-for-brains."

      "Oh," I nodded, "Christa."

      He nodded back at me, just looking at me, taking me in, looking like he was looking at a really pretty flower or something.  It always blew my mind how I felt when he did that.  I looked down, running my fingers over his collar.

      "Jean said - that you flirted with her.   I knew that.   But she said that I was a consolation for you.  That's bullshit isn't it?"

      His face was hard, but he calmed a little, tilting my head up to meet his.

      "Is that what that was all about?  About what Jean told you?"

      "Yeah," I said, "It hurt."

      He pulled me into an embrace, an unhappy sigh leaving him, "I think of all the people around, Jean's the scared one."

      I tilted my head, "How so?"

      "Well, she knows what's going on better than anyone.  We're in love Marie, just like you said.  And for once in my Goddamned life I'm ready for it.   I know you're young, I'm ready to wait for your commitment.   But I know you're content like this cause I know you.  And Jean's just worried you'll be like her - in love and bound to a man she can't stand to lose.   We're in a tough game, this hero shit.  I guess she's actin' on knee-jerk impulses."

      I sighed, shaking my head in amazement, "You're a lot more insightful than you let on, sugah."

      "Yeah well, I got an image to keep."

      "Yeah," I agreed, wrapping my arms around his neck.   We spent one of those long lovey dovey moments again, his eyes starin' into me, his hands tight around me.  I leant my head on his chest, letting an arms lip down over his muscled shoulder, falling at his waist.   And then I let it drop further.   My hand chanced upon hot, nicely heavy groin, and I gave it a light squeeze.


      I smiled contentedly, rubbing at it.  Oh it felt beautiful.  "Mmm?"

      "I know."

      He seemed to shift uncomfortably, "Mar- I can't-"

      I ran my fingertips along the hard swell in the pants, my heart thumping madly at the incredible sensations washing over me.

      "Let me," I breathed, up into his ear. My hand pressed against him, rubbing a little more sensually, "Pleeaase?"

      The strangest rumbling purr came from his throat, a strange twittering purr that started high and ended up as a rumbling in his chest.  I knew that sound, and it caused a spirited rush within me.  It was the sound of defeat.

      He grabbed me, swinging me over his shoulder and racing towards his bedroom door, growling like an angry tom the whole way there.  He thumped open the bedroom door with a foot, lobbing me onto the bed like a hunted deer, slamming the door behind him and swaggering to the bed whilst ripping off his clothes.  I giggled, pulling my shoes off, throwing my baby tee aside, abandoning tights and singlets and sweaters and underwear.   I lay there all twisted in sheet, covering some parts, other just hanging out as I grinned at him with a ferocity I don't think he'd ever expected to see in me.

      "Oh Marie," he growled, crawling to the bed.  I slid my gloved hands up his body and pushed him down on the bed.

      "Hmm, come to Momma," I cooed, yanking down his tented boxers, sighing breathlessly at his beautiful penis as it sprung up once free.  He seemed to look a little nervous but I don't know why - I was the damned virgin here. "God I wish I could wrap my lips around this thing..."

      After a sudden clunk of opening drawer, a condom was thrust under my nose with the tiniest of grunts.   I grinned, shaking my head and laughing.

      "Oh sugah, I love the way you think."

      Now, I remembered Sex Ed class.   Putting condoms on banana's - yep lots of fun   Of course this thing was bigger, hotter and - oh God I wanted it so bad.  My hand was shaking as I ripped open the packet, pinching the tip and rolling it down the - God it was pulsing under my hands... the shaft.  As soon as it was secure and pulled the head into my mouth, suckling on it with sincere dedication, every inch of me thrilling at his sudden soft moans.

      "Jesus Marie," he breathed, "Oh sweet Jesus..."

      With a lot of fascination I rolled my tongue about, feeling him through the rubber, enjoying the warmth and the throbbing and the sheer tactility of the action.   I found my new favourite past-time, I knew it.   I wanted to do this for him as MUCH as possible.  I pulled my mouth free a moment and sighed, letting the air from my lungs blow against him.

      "God, you feel so good in my mouth, sugah," I said, and without further ado, went back for more.

      "Feels good to-nghh! Be in there... oh God..."

      I laughed, which is pretty hard with your boyfriend's penis in your mouth, and he shuddered all over, swallowing and rolling his head back.  Oh God I was making him squirm like a baby.  I gave a sudden thrust of my tongue along the shaft, just watching all the different expressions flitter on his face as I pushed him higher.

      "You're driving me fucking crazy," he said on a ragged breath, and I ran a silky gloved hand down his chest, around his nipple and down his abdomen.  I stroked him there for a minute, letting my tongue dip up and down, around the head, letting the suction increase, decrease.   Upon a whim I began to stroke the rest of the shaft that wasn't in my mouth, the other hand cradling his balls and stroking them gently with the tips of my fingers.

      He let out a sudden moan of helplessness, and it only served to make me determined to bring out another in him.  A hunger had been ignited within me, one I don't think he ever anticipated.   The pulsing in his shaft became frantic, and I suckled just a little bit harder, lashed with my tongue a little bit faster, stroked with my hand more fervently.  I felt gloved hands run through my hair, with as much vigour and need as my lips on his latex-shrouded skin.  I wouldn't let him down, not this magnificent man, not for a moment.

      I flicked my tongue over the head, hand running over and over the shaft, thumb massaging the underside of it roughly.  And it happened - so fast.  He gave a sharp hiss that grew into a growl, the latex underneath me growing hot and feeling a little slick and full.  I think he couldn't take any more of my playing.   He grabbed my shoulders, pulling me up and settling me next to him as he adjusted the covers for safe snuggling.  He pulled me onto his chest, laying the blanket over me, sinking his hands into my hair and kissing my head firmly.

      "Christ knows why I didn't let you do that sooner..."

      I breathed lightly, "You did that to me, ya know, every time."

      He looked down at me, running his thumb along my jaw, and he pressed his cheek to my hair, his breath running through to my scalp again.   "I love you, Marie."

      I looked up, tilting my head to meet his, stroking his cheek in return, kissing him as deeply as I could with my eyes alone.  And I smiled, so brightly, cause I'd been itching to say this to him.

      "Right back atcha, Sugah."


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