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965Ficlet: Awakenings

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  • Sonia Roberts
    Oct 3, 2000


      Author: Sonni (sonni@...)
      Genre: Romance
      Rating: PG for now
      Pairing:: Logan/Rogue from Logan’s POV
      Summary: Some things just creep up on you.
      Disclaimer: The characters of X-Men belong to Marvel Comics and Twentieth Century Fox Pictures. I'm
      only borrowing them and will return them in roughly the same condition in which I found them.
      Archive: Ask me nicely

      Feedback: Please make a newbie feel welcome.

      Author’s note: This is a 3S ficlet – short, sweet and sentimental. Don’t say you weren’t told.



      There’s definitely chemistry between us. I’m not sure what to do with it.

      She’s not sure what to do with it either.

      Where do we go from here?

      Logan’s hands gripped the handlebars of the motorcycle as he piloted it through the darkness. The night wrapped around him like a blanket. Like the Wolverine he was, the darkness calmed him and allowed him to hunt down some of his personal demons.

      I’ve never really considered her as anything more than a friend and this chemistry has just crept up on me out of the blue.

      Who the fuck knows? Maybe it’s always been there between us. If she ever asks me about it I’ll deny it to her face. There are just some things a guy never admits to these days - particularly when you have a reputation for being straight down the line and always in control.

      She gives as good as she gets but I know there’s another side to this feisty chick who always holds her own. The softer side she doesn’t show too often appeals to me and reminds me there’s more to life than the solitary existence I’ve known in recent months.

      I would kill anyone who tried to hurt her - not too many people inspire the protective side of me these days but in ways I can’t explain - she does.

      The night winds buffeted his face and reminded him of all the good things about being alive. He was nearly at his destination.

      He could see her there - calm, poised and elegant – as if she was waiting for him in the mansion’s garden. The garden lights played up her willowy form. Her knitted top played and stretched across her shoulders and the stripe of skin between her sleeves and long gloves beckoned to him like a siren’s call.

      Parking the bike, Logan walked across the gravel, a thoughtful look on his face. Yeah, both of them needed time to get used to the idea there could be something more than friendship between them. When she was ready, on her terms and in her own time – he would be there for her.

      "Hello Marie."

      "Logan. I wasn’t sure if you’d come back."

      "Something drew me back here." Logan smiled quietly to himself.


      Rogue looked at him as the breeze started to ruffle her hair. Logan raised an eyebrow and returned Marie’s gaze.

      "Yeah, really."

      ~ Finis ~