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962FF "Ah Don't Feel Sexy" (1/1) PG-13 [Bobby/Rogue]

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  • Elizabeth Wilde
    Oct 2, 2000
      Author: Elizabeth Wilde
      Title: Ah Don't Feel Sexy
      Series: First Love
      Distribution: Anybody who has my fic, anyone who asks
      me for it,
      http://www.geocities.com/aloysiusj/xfic.html [my site]
      Disclaimer: I don't own Bobby or Rogue or the X-Men,
      so don't sue, please!
      'Ship: Bobby/Rogue
      Classification: romance, humor
      Summary: Bobby and Rogue get creative to bypass the
      "no touching" rule.
      Rating: PG-13
      Spoilers: none
      Feedback: Always! to wilde_moon@...

      �Ah don�t feel sexy,� Rogue protested. �Ah feel like
      an idiot.�

      Bobby stared at the bathroom and door and tried to
      suppress a laugh. �Yeah, well� you got any better
      ideas? I�m open to suggestion. You didn�t go for the
      cling wrap idea, so-�

      �Don�t you make me come out of this bathroom and
      throttle you!�

      The threat was less-than-convincing, and Bobby found
      himself once again forcing back a laugh. �Sorry!� he
      called instead, hoping his voice sounded more sincere
      to her than it did to him.

      �Uh-huh. Maybe I should just go back to my room and
      spend the night alone contemplating whether or not I
      should throw you outta this school with my bare

      This time the threat was even less convincing, but
      Bobby didn�t even feel the vaguest need to laugh.
      �Don�t you dare, Marie! Not unless you�re coming out
      after me.�

      The voice from the bathroom was softer this time.
      �Ah�m just about ready. You wearin� gloves?�


      �Alright, then.�

      Rogue stepped out of the bathroom wearing a long,
      silken black robe. Bobby could see the edges of the
      bodysuit on her legs, the place where it met the nylon
      socks on her feet, the almost see-through black gloves
      on her delicate hands, and the sheer black scarf on
      her neck. He smiled. �Ready?�

      She nodded. �Seems stupid, doesn�t it? Ah mean, most
      people just strip down and here Ah end up wearin�
      twice as much as Ah usually do!�

      �Could be worse.�

      Rogue crooked an eyebrow. �How�s that?�

      �We could both have to wear it,� he replied with a
      blinding smile.

      Rogue gave him a poisonous glare, then broke into a
      giggle. �Damned if Ah can stay mad at you! Stop
      bein� so cute and funny for just a minute so Ah can
      smack ya.�

      �Not a chance. You�d end up knocking a hole in my
      chest with those powers of yours, then you could fly
      off before the cops came! I don�t think so.�

      �Maybe not,� she assented. �Nice robe.�

      Bobby looked down and then shrugged, choosing to
      ignore her sarcasm. �It�s a little old.�

      �A little?� Rogue eyed the holes in the elbows and
      the generally threadbare appearance of the robe and
      smirked. �And my skin�s just uh little dangerous.�

      �Okay, so I�ve had it since before I came here,� Bobby
      admitted, smiling at his girlfriend. �You happy?�

      �Sure am.� Her smile became more serious. �Ah�m
      sure, ya know. About this.�

      �Me too.�

      �Alright then.� There was a moment of silence.
      �So... now what?�

      A wicked grin spread across Bobby�s face. �We
      improvise.� He reached for the tie holding her robe
      closed and leaned her back onto the bed. �I�m sure we
      can figure it all out...�


      �So, was it worth the extra layers?� Bobby asked as
      Rogue settled her head against his sheet-covered

      �Absolutely,� she replied, kissing his shoulder.

      He smiled and looked down at her. �God, you�re

      Rogue laughed. �Y�know, you�re awful sweet

      �Only sometimes?� he feigned a hurt expression.

      �Okay, all the time. Just don�t let it get around.�
      She laughed and wrapped her arms tighter around him.
      �Ah don�t wanna hafta fight off all the other girls in
      this place. Too time-consuming.�

      �Don�t worry about that. You�re the only one I want,

      �Ah know.� She sighed in contentment.

      �I love every single thing about you... except maybe
      that little piece of Logan still clunking around in
      there. That�s scary.�

      Rogue flashed him a grin. �Maybe next time I can
      growl for ya.�


      �Can�t be anymore kinky�n what we just did,� she
      reminded him, indicating her far-from-naked body.

      �At least it�s see-through.�

      Rogue swatted Bobby�s arm. �What am I gonna do with

      �I can think of a few suggestions...� he ventured,
      wagging his eyebrows suggestively.

      Rogue groaned and buried her head in his chest. �Aw,
      shuddup and go to sleep. Ah�d like to retain some
      dignity by bein� able to walk tomorrow.�

      �Fine, fine, have it your way...� He laughed and put
      his arms around her. �G�night.�


      A moment of silence. �I love you.�

      �Ah love you too.�

      THE END

      Well? I don't do smut, so this is as good as it gets

      Peace & Love,

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