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  • TheCostumer
    Sep 4, 2000
      Alright, I have been a good girl and posted some fic myself
      now (No More Spandex, Finding Hope and The Rat Trap) now I can post
      challenges without sounding like a wimp. They are:

      #1 Charles has temporarily talked Eric into the peaceful
      struggle for mutant rights, and asks him to get the Brotherhood to
      join with the X Men and others in marching with the mutant contingent
      in New York's Freedom Day Parade. While there, everyone finally meets
      Charles' twin brother Sterling (see the film "Jeffrey"
      http://us.imdb.com/Title?0113464 ) who is leading the Pink Panthers.
      Somebody asks someone for a date.

      #2 Senator Kelley was far to good a villain to kill off so
      easily. How about finding that he is a mutant who can morph from
      water, to steam to solid at will and didn't die. Is he vengeful?
      Embarrased? Inept at control? Help those poor Hollywood sequel
      writers to find a way to bring the bad guy back.

      #3 At last there is a mutant in the Senate, even if the poor
      girl is stuck in a Senator Kelley suit. How does Mystique adapt?
      Elections are coming this Fall, and she's stuck being a Republican,
      what's a girl to do?

      #4 NC 17-rated humor: Despite being the reigning North
      American Cunnilingis champion, poor Toad can't seem to get a date. He
      tries writing a personals ad, and gets interesting replies.

      #5 Magneto figures out an improved mutation machine that
      safely and successfully mutates quantities of humans without draining
      his power. He decides to test it out in a place where nobody is
      likely to immediately detect the difference (you choose location: Bar
      at closing? A Star Trek Convention? Manhattan?)