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662School, why now!?

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  • chaser8376@go.com
    Sep 2, 2000
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      ok, ya'll, its that time again. Where parents rejoice and kids
      grumble all year long. the dreaded (at least to the kids) school
      year. Now I have a fic coming, it'll be out there soon, i promise, (i
      better not chicken out! It took me almost all summer to get the
      courage to put it out there!?) but since school is starting, it won't
      be as fast to spit it out, if
      you know what i mean. School, then a job, then my life, then the
      lists. I'm a busy teen. just giving ya'll a heads up. i ain't lurking
      or roaming or what ever you call it. i'm here, just not HERE, here.
      did you get all that!? stupid school is already messing with my
      brain. :/ Neways, have a nice day :)


      HEY HEY wait a minute, you wouldn't leave without visiting my way
      cool webpage huh? <:( go to http://chaser8376.homepage.com and have
      the time of your life!! (well, at least to pretend to anyways :)