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661random newbie introduction

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  • Victoria P.
    Sep 2, 2000
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      Hi all.

      Just wanted to say hello. I hope that's okay.

      I've been reading a lot of the stuff here [and on Kielle's website]
      and enjoying it very much, and may soon be adding to it myself.

      I've never successfully written fanfic before - tried with Buffy, but
      everyone always sounded like Cordelia [and how wrong is that? even
      *Giles* sounded like Cordelia ::shudder::], but somehow, some way,
      the X-Men movie has managed to get me off my ass and writing, for the
      first time in years.

      I used to watch the cartoon, though I'm a comics illiterate, and I've
      seen the movie three times. I've even bought action figures [maybe
      it's too early in my time here to mention that? ;)] and I can't get
      Logan and Rogue out of my head.

      Anyhow, thanks for writing fab stories and giving me the L/R romance
      I crave.