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653Rogue/Magneto Story Pt 2

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  • Tara Maginnis
    Sep 2, 2000
      Title: Finding Hope Pt 2
      Author: TheCostumer
      E-mail: Tara@...
      Fandom: X-Men the Movie
      Disclaimer: All characters belong to the Marvel Entertainment Group,
      and are used without permission, for entertainment purposes only. No
      infringement upon the rights of Marvel should be inferred; nor is any
      Archiving: OK, but don't include my e-mail address, I get too much
      SPAM already.
      Characters: Rogue & all main film characters, one Mary Jane.
      Rating: PG. She thinks lewd thoughts, but nothing terribly graphic or
      violent is described. 4 swear words (assorted).
      Pairing: Rogue/Logan AND Rogue/Magneto
      Summary: Rogue reflects on the events covered by the film (with a few
      extra bits) and comes to an unusual conclusion about the way to
      control her "gift" with the help of Magneto. Won't make sense if you
      have not seen the film. (Author notes at end. )

      Finding Hope (Continued)

      Quite a bit later I woke up again. The tray was gone, and I wasn't
      sure if I had simply dreamed the whole thing. A minute later the man
      was in the room again, dressed in his gray suit that looked like a
      uniform. I decided that the earlier encounter was just a nightmare.
      Why would he have a shot silk shirt? Why would his cuffs be rolled
      up? I probably made the whole thing up while dreaming. God knows my
      dreams were an odd enough blend of the erotic and nightmares of late,
      and while the guy had to be old enough to be my grandfather, he was
      rather tasty looking. It was just my increasing amorous frustration
      coming out in another kinky nightmare.

      His "uniform" had gloves, and every inch covered up and protected from
      me but his face. I lunged at that, putting both hands on either side,
      with the fingers curled around his neck.

      He sighed and looked down at me. "We've been through this."

      I couldn't say anything. I kept touching his face. I started to cry.

      He regarded me gravely. "I expect you have been wanting to be able to
      safely touch someone since the incident with that Cody boy."

      That surprised me. He had obviously been tracking my progress for
      some time. Even the police had not connected Marie from Meridian,
      with the "Disappearing Hitchhiker" of the highway trip. He had.

      "Unfortunately, I'm the last person you'd really like to touch."

      "I'd like to kill you." I snapped, nearly sounding like Logan for a

      "Yes," he sighed again, "that's only natural, under the
      circumstances." He seemed vaguely disappointed.

      He took my wrists then, one at a time, and attached very thick,
      lightweight handcuffs. Aluminum mixed with steel I supposed. Just
      enough iron in them so he could control them---and me. He then led me
      out of the room, and the building, to a waiting boat, where I was
      chained up below. There was a coldly beautiful mutant woman with blue
      skin as pilot. There was a dead body too, of a man. It was creepy
      the way they just let him lie there, without even bothering to hide
      him, or throw him overboard.

      That will be me soon, I thought. Every part of me rebelled at the
      idea. I wanted to scream, and rage, and kill and cry all at once.
      Still, I held myself together as best I could, hoping that observing
      the two of them could give me an advantage. All I found out was that
      the old man was named Magneto, the blue woman was his girlfriend and
      her "gift" was being able to appear to be the living image of the dead
      man when the boat pulled up to shore.

      Weirdly our destination was the Statue of Liberty. I wondered if
      there was some sort of labored political point he planned to make by
      blowing it up or something.

      "Magnificent isn't she?" Magneto suddenly said to me, in an almost
      cheery conversational tone.

      "I've seen it, it's no big deal." I tried to snarl as Logan would
      have, but the fear in my voice turned it into a whine.

      "I first saw her in 1949. America was going to be the land of
      tolerance, of peace."

      "Are you going to kill me?" I asked, knowing the answer.

      "Yes." He replied in a regretful tone.

      If he was going to regret it so much, I at least wanted to know…

      "Because there is no land of peace and tolerance, not anywhere."

      He went on to explain that I was going to be used to turn a bunch of
      "world leaders" at a conference nearby into mutants themselves, which
      he seemed to think would alter their attitude towards the rest of us.
      He told me that my "sacrifice" was going to make the world safe for
      the rest of my mutant "brothers" in the world.

      Even he realized how lame that had to sound to me, and said: "I'll
      understand if that seems small consolation to you."

      Oh, fuck, I thought. It was some sort of political thing, and I get
      selected to be the virgin sacrifice for mutant rights or some insane
      thing. What about my rights, damnit?

      I lost it. I cried. I tried pulling my arms off to get them out of
      the handcuffs. I could not for the life of me call up my "inner Logan"
      to even curse him out, he was just too calm and collected and in
      control. I would kill to have control like that.

      The big scary Yeti man who'd attacked me in Canada reappeared and
      bagged and carried me up so many stairs I was sure we had to be at the
      top of the monument before I even was unbagged and saw where we were.
      I tried to swat at his face with my bare hands, but he was too fast
      and too strong. He chained me into a circular steel machine and left
      me there. Alone, I got more and more terrified. My last chance to
      escape had been touching him, and I'd failed. I already knew I had no
      chance against Magneto's control, both electrical and emotional.

      Finally it occurred to me that if he was going to kill me anyway I had
      nothing to lose by screaming for help. This was a National Park or
      National Monument or something, maybe there was a stray park ranger or
      security guard who would come if I yelled and shoot off the handcuffs.
      It was a pretty unlikely scenario, but it couldn't hurt to try. So I
      shouted for help.

      Somebody came. Unfortunately it was Magneto. He came into the
      machine and bent over me like the man with the knife had. I was ten
      times as scared of him, as I had been by that lunatic. The man with
      the knife had seemed not quite all "there", and when I sucked in his
      memories, I found his own ability to remember his past was nearly
      non-existent. Logan's sketchy memories were clarity itself compared
      with the vague fogginess of that creature's personality. Magneto was
      the opposite, I knew I couldn't distract him, or confuse him, or break
      his overwhelming control. All I could do was beg, so I did.

      "Please don't do this."

      "I am sorry," is all he said. But he forced my hands up to grasp the
      conduits of the machine anyway. Then he peeled off one of his gloves
      and touched my face the way I'd touched his earlier. I held my
      breath. For a second or two nothing happened. Then he "turned the
      switch," and it was as unlike the previous times I'd felt contact as I
      could imagine. Normally, it feels like the person's energy is flowing
      into me like water flows to it's lowest point. I don't control it,
      and the victim (as I tend to think of them) certainly does not. It's
      just a natural process like gravity.

      This felt more like getting an injection. He didn't let his energy
      flow into me, it was forced in, far more rapidly and strongly than I
      was used to. He also had rather more energy to put in than a normal
      person, or even a normal mutant (if Logan is such a thing). I had the
      sensation that he was carefully holding me open long enough to rapidly
      climb into my body and control it. I screamed, but apparently he
      didn't care if I did that or not, and once I felt him completely
      inside me, wearing my body like a suit of clothes, he still didn't
      bother to waste energy trying to force me to stop. He just broke
      physical contact, and left his duplicate self in me to finish the job.

      No one had ever been able to do that before either. Only I could
      break the contact, or so I had thought. He was going to be able to
      walk away from this and live. I felt more envious of his mastery of
      that skill; than I was resentful he would live even as I died. Even
      then, with him no longer touching me, his second self had complete
      control of my body. It clutched the conduits of the machine; it shot
      electromagnetic energy through them. All I could do was scream and
      watch helplessly as the machine sucked the life out of me the way I
      had sucked the life out of others.

      Then, who should appear but Logan. I had no idea how he'd got there
      but I was never so glad to see anyone in my life. Out snicked his
      claws, and I was sure the old man would be sushi in seconds with all
      his powers sucked away. Amazingly, he still had yet more to draw
      from, and soon he was torqueing Logan's claws just like in the train.
      The machine kept draining my strength away till I passed out, and I
      didn't come to till I found Logan touching me and bleeding all over.
      I broke contact at once, afraid I'd kill him, and it was just in time.
      Dr. Gray and the other teachers found us and took us to the infirmary
      at the school for him to be treated, and even then he was in a coma
      for a week.

      Despite this I was in a very cheerful frame of mind once it was clear
      he was not going to die. Now why, you wonder, would that be?

      Three things.

      Bobby the cute boy at school was not the one who told me to take a
      hike, it was the Blue lady in disguise, trying to get me where Magneto
      could grab me easily. Bobby still likes me, as do most of the other
      students. So I have a home and friends for now.

      This time when I got a recharge, so to speak, complete with Logan's
      memories, his feelings were unchanged towards Dr. Gray, however, he
      also has much stronger feelings for me. Some of them are not even
      brotherly! Definitely progress I think… After his recovery, he went
      off to Canada again, but I'm sure he will come back as he promised.
      And if he takes long enough, Dr. Gray will be married by then, and I
      will hopefully no longer be so young I scare him.

      However it is actually in the least likely place that I've found the
      most hope. When I sucked in Magneto's memories I'd hit the jackpot.
      David had just about the same limited set of experiences I'd had in
      life, and similar feelings on a lot of things, so there wasn't too
      much I learned from him. The man with the knife, as I've said, was so
      far out of his head there wasn't much there--- he barely remembered a
      few days of his life before I killed him. Logan had a memory loss, so
      that he could only remember the last 15 years of homelessness, no
      relationships, and nasty snatches of what ever it was that made him
      forget what came before.

      Magneto, on the other hand, is 70 years old and remembers everything.
      Forgetting seems to him a betrayal of his past. He hugs even his
      terrors close so they don't get away. And he has not exactly led a
      quiet or sheltered life as I have. For all his exterior cool, he is a
      seething pile of every emotion you could name, all kept in check with
      that iron control of his. Because of this, I now can, at leisure,
      explore all sorts of sensations, through memory, that I can't
      immediately have in my life. I can feel his pain at losing his
      parents, and his terror at being trapped in a situation so far out of
      his control as a concentration camp, without actually being endangered
      myself. I can thrill to his recollection of adventures with the
      gypsies in cold-war east Europe, without the sad consequences of those
      adventures impacting my own life. Nearly everything I ever get asked
      on a test at school now I know ahead of time, along with three extra
      languages! Plus, I can get all the benefits of remembered passion from
      the rather ardent and extremely varied attachments of his past love
      life, while my own is (unfortunately) obliged to be dormant. It's
      weird to say this but after having him live in my head for a while, I
      actually like him. I caught myself asking the Professor last week if
      I could visit Magneto in jail! (Prof. X nixed that, and seeing his
      unguarded reaction to my request flash across his face was priceless).

      Best of all, though, I think I can learn that kind of control he has
      eventually. Apparently when he got his "gift" it was even more out of
      control than mine is. He wiped out an entire town of people the first
      time it popped up. What it took him to control it was simple:
      Practice. If I can find a way to practice, I too should be able to
      shut the flow of energy on and off like a switch. And when I can do
      that, I can hope to have a normal life, or at any rate, a love life.

      There is just one small problem.

      The only person I can safely practice on is Magneto.

      It is going to take me a quite a while to get used to that idea. And
      it is going to take a while for him to get out of that giant plastic
      Habitrail the government built for him. But when I do, and he does, I
      know I can talk him into it. He owes me one for trying to kill me.
      Besides which, I now know, with absolute certainty, that for all his
      seeming coldness when I touched him that first time ---he liked it.

      Which means, when next we meet. It is I who will be in control.


      Author notes:
      My intro to X-men was the film. After seeing it I was so amused and
      interested in the concept and characters, that I went on the WWW to
      learn a bit more about them and the comics. At that time I was amazed
      to find out that in the comics Rogue was most often paired with
      Magneto of all people. (In the comics she is a bit older, he looks
      younger, and they get married and have kids. Really, I'm not making
      this up.) This was wonderfully amusing for me, since I found Anna
      Paquin and Ian McKellan to be my main favorites in a really fun
      ensemble cast. However, Hollywood, despite the age kink of pairing up
      couples like Sean Connery with Catherine Zeta-Jones, is probably never
      going to get so far "out there" that they are likely to match up the
      second youngest Oscar winner with the 60 year old, most famous Knight
      "out" in the English theatre. This fic is my attempt to reconcile the
      movie version of events, with an explanation of how and why those two
      unlikely characters might end up together at a possible future date.

      This is my first completed fiction writing, fan or otherwise. If you
      want to post a copy with text formatting like italics, etc. write to
      my e-mail.