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65Re: New poll for xmenmoviefanfic

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  • Hecubis's Gal
    Jul 25, 2000
      Hey all out there, i'm new to the list. Chenin, I
      might like to try your idea (below)...I'm not sure
      though if I will have the time, or the talent hehe, to
      do it though...so if anyone else wanted to do a fic
      with this plotline, please let me know...or then maybe
      it could be a challenge? Writing was never my strong
      suite, but I have just been in the mood to do one...so
      if no one else claims this, and i write it, and it
      sucks, don't say I didn't warn you, Lol :)

      >SugarHi679@... wrote
      >I've been thinking about this, maybe a little too
      ?>much<g>. In the movie
      >Professor X, while showing Logan around, talked about
      >how the school was
      >there to help the mutants learn to control their
      >powers. Maybe with a lot
      >of work, eventually Rogue will be able to harness her
      >power so she decides
      >when she does and doesn't use it. As it is now, it's
      >more of a curse than a
      >power in my opinion. If she could control it then it
      >would definitely be a
      >cool gift. Just think of how amazing it would be for
      >her, after years of
      >isolation, to be able to touch without hurting
      >anyone. If I had writing
      >talent I'd write a story about it, but as it is I'll
      >just have to hope
      >someone with said talent will write it eventually.

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