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6493OT: A new writing comm

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  • Water-Soter
    Dec 30, 2010
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      Hey guys! I have started a new LJ comm for writers. It's geared up more toward a
      workshop where you'll be able to post parts of your stories that you need help
      with and receive comments, suggestions, advice and critiques. It's still in it's
      early stages so any suggestions you may have for it will be greatly appreciated.
      This is not like the Writer's Lair, here we'll deal with your actual story and
      whatever needs as a writer you might have. The comm can also serve as a sound
      board if you need to discuss your plot, characters, world building, etc. Your
      story can be either fanfiction or original work. So if you're interested come
      and join up at:


      And feel free to pimp this comm!


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