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6456New Fiction Series - A Questionable Proposition

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  • Mo
    Nov 3, 2008
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      Series Title: A Questionable Proposition

      Author: Mo

      Scenario/Series: This is an X-Men movieverse series but it is not in any way related to my previous fiction. It takes place between the first and second movies. It was written for realpestilence as part of the livelongnmarry auction to raise money to fight against Proposition 8 in California. realpestilence gave me a few requirements for the story and I’ve endeavored to include them all. I’ll list them after the last chapter, since they do contain spoilers.

      Pairing: Scott/Logan is the main pairing. Scott and Jean are together at the beginning of the series, reflecting the situation in the movie.

      Summary: Logan left abruptly but Scott wants him back. For a mission.

      Rating: This series is intended for an adult readership. It contains graphic descriptions of sexual activity and deals with adult relationships and concerns.

      Format: A story series of 6 stories. Total length is about 15,000 words.

      Note on Character Origins: This story is out of continuity with my previous fiction and uses a different back story for Scott from the ones I’ve used before. If you’ve read my previous fiction, forget about those stories. None of that stuff happened.

      Disclaimer: The X-Men and Alpha Flight belong to Marvel. The movie belongs to Fox.

      Feedback: Oh, yes! I love feedback. Please comment on the chapters as published in my livejournal, review the stories on my website, or send me email at mogbrg@...

      Archiving: Sure, just ask. Alternative file formats available upon request.

      Acknowledgements: Thanks to my very helpful and insightful betas — kestrelsparhawk and talktooloose. Their assistance was invaluable. Mistakes are mine alone.