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6434[xmmff] Days of Becoming, Chapter 13 (Pyro/Iceman fic). Rating: mature

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  • Talktooloose
    Jul 12, 2007
      Title: Days of Becoming, Chapter 13: "Raccoon Eyes"

      Author: Talktooloose

      'Verse: X-Men movieverse

      Warnings: Sexual situations, swearing, snowcones

      Series Summary: This novel focuses mainly on the paths Iceman and
      Pyro take on their way to adulthood and how they discover and deal
      with their love for each other. It is a novel about what Joni
      Mitchell calls "the dream's malfunction" and how we can learn to make
      our own dreams when our heroes fail us. Other X characters and OC's
      play prominent roles and the action begins before X1, continues
      through the events of X2 and X3 and concludes in the aftermath of
      that movie.

      Chapter Summary: Bobby and Kitty deal with their feelings in the wake
      of Lance's departure. Mike is fed up with Jubilee's new friend. What
      is Christian Turcott really up to?

      Betas: <http://www.kuria.onomatopoetry.com/>kuriadalmatia and
      <http://lux-apollo.livejournal.com/>lux_apollo whose insightful
      suggestions have made this a better chapter and me a better writer.

      Disclaimers: Marvel and 20th Century own this stuff but they need us
      to make sense of it.

      The chapter can be found at:


      For earlier chapters, visit the DOB homepage:

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