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  • Mo
    Feb 8, 2007
      I've added a few essays to my website at http://mo.fandomnation.com/fic/

      Although it is primarily an archive for my fiction, I occasionally publish non-fiction there on slash-related topics, in a section called "Musings." The essays I've recently added are a collection of writings on lesbian and gay parenting that I'm collectively calling "Gay Parenting 101." I thought they might be useful to slash writers who want to include some real life gay parenting information in their stories, and might be of general interest to some readers.

      Topics in this series so far are:

      How Do Gay Men and Lesbians Have Children?
      What is the Legal Status of Same-Sex Parents?
      Death and Divorce
      Tools to Protect Gay and Lesbian Families
      Coming Out Isn't Talking Dirty
      Choosing a School Which Supports Gay Families

      Drop by if you get a chance. I'd also love to hear if anyone can suggest other topics that I should include.

      Mofic Website: http://mo.fandomnation.com/fic/

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