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  • Devil Doll
    Jan 1, 2007
      The XMMFF archive is kicking off the new year by moving to an eFiction
      format. What this means for you guys is you are now able to upload,
      edit and delete your stories all on your own, rather than waiting for
      us to get to them.

      While we were setting up the new archive, we created accounts for many
      of the authors already in the old archive, and started moving stories.

      If you wish to have control over your own account at the new XMMFF,
      please go over and sign up. You will be responsible for adding,
      deleting or editing any stories in the new XMMFF from this point
      forward. If I did already create an account for you and you wish to
      have control over it, email me at devildollmail at yahoo dot com for a

      XMMFF administrators will not be updating the eFiction archive with new
      stories. If you want your new stories in the archive, you must add
      them yourself.

      Please make sure you read the Terms of Service and Submission
      Guidelines before you begin. Registering for an account at XMMFF means
      you acknowledge you've read them and will abide by them.



      Obviously, we are now dropping the "no works in progress" rule. If you
      want to archive one chapter and then disappear and never be heard from
      again, please feel free!

      The eFiction program is a little more limited than the old archive in
      what it considers an acceptable username, mostly notably in terms of
      not allowing hyphens, underscores, or apostrophes. Some of you may
      have to work around this limitation.

      What does this mean for this list? Well, not much will be different.
      You guys are still free to use it to post story announcements and
      feedback. If you would like to add a story or a new chapter to the new
      archive and then post a link to it here, that's perfectly fine. Since
      we will no longer be archiving your stories, there is no need to post
      them here in their entirety, but you are certainly free to if you think
      it will make people more likely to read them.

      What I do ask, though, is that you continue to follow the subject line
      format we've long used, in which you identify the title, rating and
      chapter of your story. This will make it easier for everyone to follow
      stories as they are updated.

      URL for the new archive:


      I'm sure there are other issues that will come up as we go along and
      all get used to this new format. I will be announcing any changes or
      edits to the TOS and the Submission Guidelines both here and in the
      "New" area on the front page of the archive.

      Have fun, and Happy New Year!