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6397Days of Becoming, Chapter 7

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  • Talktooloose
    Dec 29, 2006
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      Title: Days of Becoming, Chapter 7 - "In Hiding"
      Author: Talktooloose
      'Verse: X-Men movieverse
      Warnings: Swearing. No sex this time around, though some sexual
      imaginings. (Is this the tamest slash fic around? Not for long).
      Summary: Bobby deals with a broken heart as his 16th birthday comes
      around. Things take a turn for the better when a new student arrives
      at the mansion but then bad news strikes for the mutants of America.
      Betas: kuriadalmatia and lux_apollo. I tend to bounce, hop and act
      foolish like Bobby. My brilliant betas keep me focused.
      Disclaimers: Marvel and 20th Century own this stuff but they need us
      to make sense of it.

      The Chapter can be found at:

      Earlier chapters are at the DOB homepage: http://toothdemon.net/ttl/fanfic/dob/

      A comments link can be found at the end of the chapter. Your feedback
      is appreciated.

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