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6391Research question okay?

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  • Sherrian
    Oct 19, 2006
      From the Mod:
      Technically, fanfic research questions should go to our sister group xmmff-discuss, but that group has been dead for well over a year now -- more like two. Furthermore, this group no longer gets a lot of traffic, so I'm letting this through as it's not likely to flood mailboxes.

      That said, until the mods come to a decision about posting research questions on THIS group, we ask members not to post more (the mods will consider it). And please answer directly to the original poster, not to the group.


      XMMFF Co-Mod

      I'm new, so I'm not entirely sure if this is the right place to ask
      a research-type question -- if it's not, please, please tell me so
      and let me know where I should take this.

      (I looked in the FAQ and didn't see a restriction on this kind of
      thing, but I've been wrong before.)

      Here goes. I'm working on several pieces set in a post-Registration
      AU; my plan is to begin with a long piece set in the first year
      after X2, and then to set subsequent pieces at increasingly long
      intervals (X2+5 years, X2+10 years, etc.)

      For the first section, timing is going to be crucial, and this
      question is driving me nuts: during what month of the year is it
      most likely that the events of X2 occurred? What would be jarring
      and what would be plausible.

      The heavy snow at Alkali Lake rules out summer, but because that's
      in the mountains and in Canada, it could be under that much snow any
      time from October to April. The Boston scene is what's throwing me.
      It's not snowing or raining there, and the leaves haven't turned.

      Would readers wince if I announced by fiat that that stuff happened
      in the early spring?

      (If this isn't the place for this, please tell me, accept my
      apologies, and know that I won't do it again.)

      Thanks lots,