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6389DAYS OF BECOMING, chpt. 5, Bobby/John [US rating: NC-17]

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  • Talktooloose
    Oct 11, 2006
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      Title: Days of Becoming, Chapter 5: A Sort of Homecoming
      Author: Talktooloose (talktooloose AT livejournal DOT com)
      Warnings: Sexual content, pungent language, psychobabble
      Disclaimer: There is a tide in the affairs of men, but Warner and Marvel
      have it copyrighted. My characters are mine. *nyah nyah nyah*

      The link takes you to my website, but the comment button at the end of the
      chapter brings you to my Livejournal. Please comment!

      CHAPTER 5: http://www.toothdemon.net/ttl/fanfic/dob/chapter05.html

      Or go to the DOB HOMEPAGE: http://www.toothdemon.net/ttl/fanfic/dob