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6376Prevention is better than cure (SPOILERS)

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  • alishaducool
    Aug 30 4:06 AM
      This is some angst drabble that i wrote to try and rid myself of
      writers block, and it came out better than expected.

      It is a during X3 Rogue POV fic set just before the scene where
      Rogue and Bobby hold hands.

      Name: Prevention is better than cure.
      Summary: Because letting go is easier said than done.
      Characters: Rogue (POV)
      Genre: Drabble/Angst
      Rating: PG

      Prevention is Better Than Cure
      Because letting go is easier said than done.

      I sit alone on my bed looking sadly almost longingly at the gloves
      that lay beside me. I should be happy, I can touch now, but i'm sad,
      sad for all my lost time, sad that i'm leaving tomorrow. I can't
      remeber what touch is like, nearly my whole life i've been wrapped
      in a world of fabric, no texture except the soft worn insides of my
      gloves.I'm scared that people who know me will turn me away because
      i'm not a mutant anymore, scared, still scared of touch, scared that
      it won't change anything that everyone will stil fear my bare skin.
      Only one way to be sure, i wlak out of my room, making a mental note
      to grab hold of the first person I see. It happened to be Bobby, I
      grabed hold of his hand and held his warm skin tightly, skin on
      skin, it was a feeling I liked. I cried, they say prevention is
      better than cure, sometimes that's true, sometimes its not, but I
      know one thing for sure, letting go is so much easier said than done.