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6375Fic: Elemental - Part 2 [4-5 of 17] Ensemble, X-men movie post-X2 (rated mature)

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  • Katt S
    Aug 27, 2006
      TITLE: Elemental - Part II
      AUTHOR: Katt
      FANDOM: X-Men Movieverse (post-X2)
      CHARACTERS: Ensemble but mostly Scott, Remy, Alex, and Adam Summers. (As
      I've pointed out before, that will never get old)
      RATING: mature (for strong language and nudity)
      SUMMARY: Someone is after the Summers brothers. The bad news is they've
      already succeeded in taking Adam. The worse news is that Scott, Remy, and
      Alex have to work together to save him. And you thought the Brady Bunch was
      DISCLAIMER/NOTES:All the characters you can recognize belong to Marvel
      Entertainment. The movieverse verisions also belong to Fox, Brian Singer,
      David Hayter, and Zak Penn. A gazookle thanks to Mortongirl for the betas,
      bounces, and general smacks on the face when I have delusions of complexity.
      Fanfiction.net has been messing with me for the past couple weeks. Will post
      up there after influencing with large hammer.

      Past Interlude #6: San Diego, California - 2001
      --- "Hello, house!" he shouted, not really expecting a reply. The house
      hadn't been full in years.

      Chapter 12: Quite Contrary
      --- Cyclops weighed a throwing knife in his hand for a moment before passing
      it back to his brother. Remy handled the blade with ease, the edge sliding
      frighteningly close to the webbing between his fingers.

      PAST CHAPTERS AT: http://www.madweasel.com/kattsaerie/elemental.htm