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6365FIC: "Degrees", (6/6), Iceman, [PG-13], X3

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  • cjmoren2
    Jul 3, 2006

      Based on X-men movies
      Disclaimer: Iceman and other X-men characters are owned and
      copyright of Marvel and 20th Century Fox. They are being used here
      for non-profit entertainment only.
      Part Six of Six: A New Beginning


      I am Bobby Drake, the X-man known as Iceman, but right now I'm not
      doing anything heroic. I am on a stakeout outside my parent's house.
      Some time after Creed's assassination, I received a short letter
      from my Mother. In it, she gave me the address of their new
      house, "just in case", as she put it. She did not invite me to
      visit, and it was clear that Dad's "ban on associating with Bobby"
      was still in effect. Nevertheless, I had decided that with Creed
      gone and the FOH elite behind bars, it was safe enough to pay Ronny
      a visit. I felt bad that I was not there for him during his recovery
      (which according to Mom's letter had been hard, but faster than

      I sit in my car and watch as Ronny exits the house with a basketball
      in hand. He walks a little slower than before. Most of the bruises
      and swelling are gone. He heads to a basketball court a few streets
      down. I follow him from a distance until he reaches the court. As I
      get out of the car and approach, he starts shooting some hoops.

      "Mind if I play?" I say, and he turns around.
      "Bobby?" he asks, surprised. I take a good look at him. He looks
      thinner, and older.
      "Hey, bro." I say, grabbing his shoulder. We hug for the first time
      in years.
      "How did you know where we live?"
      "Mom sent a letter."
      "She said you could come by?"
      "No, she just said it was for "in case of emergency" or something."
      "So you're supposed to stay away, like Dad said, and still came?"
      "You could get in trouble, you know. That doesn't sound like you."
      "Maybe we have more in common than you think." I say as I snatch the
      ball away from his hands. I can see Ronny smirk.
      "Thanks." He says simply.
      "You don't have to thank me. I am the one that should be thanking
      "For what?"
      "Risking your life for me and for the school. You saved many lives,
      Ronny. I'm proud of you… I'm also so sorry it had to be you. I wish
      it'd been me."
      "Nah, I think it was karma, you know? What I did to you was messed
      up, and maybe I was paying for it."
      "Don't be silly. You didn't deserve what happened."
      "Who knows? But let's talk about something else."
      "How's the "X-men" business?"
      "As good as can be expected."
      "Always something going on, huh?"
      "Oh, yes."
      "And your identity is still a secret?"
      "So far."
      Ronny seems worried for a moment.
      "Be careful out there, Bobby." He says without looking at me.

      We take turns shooting the ball and make small talk for a while. We
      talk about normal guy stuff: girls, cars, sports, the latest video
      games, etc.

      "They're just scared, Bobby." Ronny says suddenly.
      "Mom and Dad. They're scared of the whole mutant thing, the violence
      and everything. But give them time. Once things settle down a bit,
      they'll come around."
      "Well, I'm not holding my breath."
      "Hey, I came around."
      "And it only took…" I start to say jokingly, without thinking. I
      stop myself, but it was too late.
      "It only took me almost getting killed, yeah…."
      "I didn't mean to say that, Ronny. I'm an asshole."
      "And here I thought you were perfect!" he responds laughing. "Don't
      worry about it. Like I said, I did do some messed up things, and
      what I had in my head was worse."
      "We all make mistakes. Like, I'm sorry that I've not been here to
      help you." I reply.
      "You're here now."
      "Yeah, I am."
      "I'm going back to college next semester. I'm transferring to a
      different school in upstate New York. Maybe you can come by once in
      a while and visit. I won't tell Dad."
      "I'd like that, but Dad's got a point. I took the chance of visiting
      you because Creed is gone, and the FOH is disbanded. But I don't
      know if I should take the chance too often. There are villains out
      there, some that would do anything to get at one of the X-men. I
      don't want to put you in danger."
      "You're my brother! I'm not gonna let some idiots scare me away from
      seeing you. Besides, if you live afraid, life will pass you by, and
      be over before you know it."
      "Whoa, that's deep."
      "What, that doesn't sound like me? Maybe we have more in common than
      you think."
      I smile.
      "Alright, Ferris Bueller. I'd love to come by and visit you from
      time to time."
      "Cool. We'll hang out, do stuff."
      "Sounds like a plan."
      "I missed you, Bobby." He says seriously.
      "I missed you too." I say back. We stand there in the awkward
      silence after you say something very personal to someone. Ronny
      finally breaks the ice.

      "So, are we gonna play or what?"
      "You sure you're up to it?" I ask, concerned that he's not ready for
      strenuous physical exercise.
      "Please! I could kick your butt in basketball even if I was still in
      "You never kicked my butt in basketball!"
      "What? You totally suck at it!"
      "Really? That's not how I remember it."
      "Then I'll have to remind you, bro."
      "Alright, let's see you back it up."
      Ronny grabs the ball and smirks.
      "Get ready to get your ass kicked, ice boy."
      "That's Iceman, buddy."
      "Whatever. I'm still gonna win."
      I smile content, as my mind wanders. The funny thing about family is
      that it's the only relationship that all of us are forced upon, but
      it's also the only relationship that can never be truly broken. So,
      with family, it's what you make of it that matters. I don't know if
      it's too late for my brother and I to have a positive, lasting
      relationship, but I know we'll both give it a try. However, I don't
      need to worry about that right now. All I have to worry about right
      now is figuring a way to stop Ronny's jump shot…

      THE END

      Please let me know what you think of the story!!

      This was certainly a lot of fun to write. I hope you enjoyed it as
      much as I did.