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6300Re: [xmmff] looking for a fic

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  • Minisinoo
    Mar 1, 2006
      That's Jane St. Clair's "Imaging the X-Men."


      I'm posting this to the list at large because anyone who's *not* seen
      this piece really should. It isn't, technically, movieverse, and it
      references a lot of (comics) characters who don't show up in the
      films. Nor are the images used those of the actors in the movies.
      But it's perhaps one of the most *unique* pieces of 'fanfic' that
      I've seen.

      (Be aware that the images DO include frank nudity, including
      full-frontal, but it's not pornography any more than Michaelangelo's


      --- Carrie <raggedyredd@...> wrote:
      > Well its kinda a fic. Its a fic done in photographs, tasteful nudes
      > with bios and interviews of the Xmen, and a few other mutants ex.
      > cable, northstar and others..
      > I really, really would like to find this fic, so if anyone could
      > help
      > out I'd appreciate either the author or the site where it may be
      > housed.
      > Thanks.

      The Medicine Wheel: X-Men Fanfic

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