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6295Valentine's Day recs

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  • Rachel Martin
    Feb 18, 2006
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      Jim Beam is My Valentine by RocketJ (PG)

      While Scott and Jean spend Valentine�s Day in a romantic B&B, Logan and
      Ororo sit on the roof of the mansion commiserating with each other. The
      characterizations are funny as heck.

      �You wanna watch it, �Ro. If you get zits from all that chocolate then
      you�ll never get a man."


      Queer Eye For the Mutant Guy, by liyah123 (G)

      The Fab Five visit Logan just before Marie's 18th birthday. Logan's in
      character. So are the boyz. The dialog just cracked me up. I think the
      author must have listened to a lot of episodes.

      �Well, this looks like the closet of the spokesperson for the Brawny paper
      towel man."


      XTrash, by TheMerryVingian (PG)

      Welcome to Charles Xavier's Trailer Park for the Gifted. Scott and Jean are
      kissin� cousins. The portrayal of Logan will make you cry laughing.